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Best 140mm Case Fan

Whether you spend hours on your PC doing video editing or are busy all day long in intensive gaming, the temperature of your system is likely to go up to high levels.

Although the PCs come with stock case fans, these alone are not enough to cool down the PC when it is being used for prolonged periods. 

With the burden solely being on the existing case fan, it tends to produce noise, which can be quite annoying, especially when you are deeply involved in your work or gaming. Eventually, the excessive load on the fan will lead to the wear and tear of the components of the PC. 

But hold on. You can bring the situation well under your control by getting your hands on a good quality 140 mm case fan. 

Where you spend a fair amount on other PC components, spending a few extra bucks on a case fan will be worth it.

In contrast to other PC cooling fans, the 140 mm case fans are more widely known and used as case fans having larger blades tend to be quieter and circulate more air around the system at low speeds.

With the wide variety of 140 mm case fans available in the market, it is not quite easy to make your pick. However, to make the task more straightforward for you, we have done an in-depth review of the top four 140 mm case fans available. A buying guide also follows the review so you can be sure about the choice you make for your PC. 

1. ARCTIC F14 SILENT-140 mm Standard Case Fan


Premium quality motor

To ensure an efficient airflow with the case fan operating at a low speed, the case fan needs to be equipped with a well-designed motor. The Arctic F14 silent has a well-built motor that puts together alloy or lubricant. Besides an efficient airflow, it also minimizes the noise levels and friction. 

Effective ventilation

The innovative blade design of Arctic F14 ensures that your PC is ventilated well and is well supplied with sufficient airflow. The airflow is maintained at 46 CFM while the fan works at the speed of 800 RPM, so your system’s temperature does not elevate to high levels.

Longer life span

To prevent the leakage of the lubricant, the case fan has a fluid bearing that comes with an oil capsule. This will keep you from worrying about any spillage and also increases the life span of your case fan.

Two-way installation

The Arctic F14 is featured with the two-way installation. The first one directs cool air into the case fan, while the second one involves blowing away warm air out of the case fan.

Little to no noise

The impeller of the Arctic F14 was crafted to bring down the noise levels so you can continue to use your PC without being disturbed by any screeching fan noise.


  • Two-way installation
  • Low noise cooling system
  • Low decibels


  • The cooling system works with a single fan

2. Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM High-Speed, BL083, Cooling Fan


Quiet as the name suggests

To ensure that you can have uninterrupted gaming experience, the case fan has been specially made to cool down your gaming at a much faster rate and that too without a hiss. The noise level of 15.5 levels is much lower in contrast to other single fan PC coolers.

Seven blades technology 

The seven blades of the Be quiet case fan not only makes it noiseless but also an efficient machine. The blades ensure that maximum air flows through the system and has enough pressure for cooling down the system swiftly.

Takes up little space

To allow enough space for RAM installation, the case fan can be mounted through a 4-pin system. It can be installed easily into your PC and provides maximum clearance space.

Ultra-fast RPM mode

To keep up with the pace of your gaming or work, the top-notch six-pole motor powers the blade so the system can be provided with the high-speed RPM mode at the lowest time. 


  • Good value for money
  • Noiseless operation
  • Anti-vibration mounting system


  • Can slow down at the high load

3. Noctua NF-A14 PWM, 4-Pin Premium Quiet Cooling Fan


Ergonomic design

When it comes to build and design, the Noctua case fan is one of the best 140 mm case fans. It takes the lead with the blade design marking perfection. 

Customizable to your liking

The Noctua case fan has a coating of black carbon, which can be colored and customized using the color pads in the package. This adds to the attraction and is excellent for people who like visually appealing PC gear. 

Square frame design

To let maximum air pass through the system, the case fan has a square frame, with a low-profile design and high-speed motor.

Zero RPM mode

To maintain complete silence, the case fan has a zero RPM mode, which is switched on automatically when the fan is not in use. 

SSO2 bearing adds to cutting edge design

The Noctua case fan has an SSO2 bearing, which increases the performance and adds to the levitation by replacing the bearing with a magnet.


  • Simple interface with great design
  • Seven blade cooling system
  • Light in weight


  • Not highly recommended as a primary cooler

4. uphere 140mm Case Fan 3-Pack Computer Case Fan


Cost-effective case fan

RGB fans can be quite costly and can go up to $100. However, uphere has put an end to the outrageous prices as it offers the best 140 mm case fans and that too at an affordable cost.

Wireless remote control

The uphere 140 mm case fan is easy to control using a remote instead of software. However, this reduces your control over the color of the lights.

Top-flight performance at a reasonable price

The performance specs of this case fan are way close to the case fans that fall in the high-end category.


  • Budget-friendly case fan
  • High airflow with good static pressure
  • Quieter in contrast to expensive case fans


  • The remote control gives less control over the pattern and color of lights

Comparison Chart 

ProductsDimensionsWeightBuy Now
1. ARCTIC F14 SILENT-140 mm Standard Case Fan
5.51 x 1.06 x 5.51 inches6.4 ouncesbuy now
2. Be quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM High-Speed, BL083, Cooling Fan
7.09 x 6.3 x 1.18 inches5.57 ouncesbuy now
3. Noctua NF-A14 PWM, 4-Pin Premium Quiet Cooling Fan
5.51 x 0.98 x 5.51 inches7.05 ouncesbuy now
4. uphere 140mm Case Fan 3-Pack Computer Case Fan
5.5 x 5.5 x 0.91 inches7.04 ouncesbuy now

Best 140mm case fans: Buying Guide

The best 140 mm case fans will cool down your PC system efficiently without costing you a hefty amount. Now that we have looked at the four best 140 mm case fans let’s move on to the details of factors you should put into consideration when buying a case fan.

Well-built motor

The first and foremost factor to investigate when buying a cooling case fan is that it should have a good quality motor. The motor has a strong link with the noise levels; hence a good quality motor will function quietly without breaking your tempo as you use your PC. The modern motor has smooth performance, and therefore a well-made motor will ensure that your PC is well supplied with optima airflow. 

Mounting and installation

For making the process of installation hassle-free, opt for a cooling fan that comes with either rubber fixed pins or has tool-less fixed pins. This will significantly save you on both time and effort, as you won’t have to invest hours struggling with the installation. Besides easy installation, the rubber fixed pins are also recommendable as they minimize vibration, so the fan functions quietly without producing any whirring noise.

Temperature sensors

The reliability and performance of the case fan can impair dramatically if it functions at high temperatures. Although every device comes with a temperature range, it is safe to keep the operating temperature below the upper limit of the range. 

A suitable temperature sensor protects your case fan from overheating, which adds to its lifespan and prevents the case fan from burning. The best 140 mm case fans can be paired with temperature sensors to clear away any malfunctions when the system heats up.


The case fan you choose should have a low wattage as higher wattage means the underrated performance of the system. It is good to check the wattage of the case fan you are willing to buy. The average watts of electricity is 70 watts, so a highly efficient case fan will have a wattage below this.

Remote control

If your case fan comes with a remote control, then you are in great luck as it is the most beneficial control for a cooling fan. You can use the portable remote within a particular range so you can easily place the case fan in hard to reach places of the PC and control it. 


The above article features the best four 140 mm case fans for you, which take a clear lead over others in terms of specs. To help you in making the right decision, we have thoroughly reviewed the products with features, pros, and cons for you in the above article. The product reviews, together with the buying guide, will ensure that you make a choice that you won’t regret.