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Best Wireless Headphones For TV

Even in this era of technological advancement, watching TV remains most people’s favorite way to relax after a long day. When you get home after working for hours every day, you want nothing more than a tasty snack and an excellent show to watch on TV. 

Be it a Masterchef season, your home team playing baseball, or your favorite movie playing in your home theatre – watching TV from the couch is one of the most therapeutic things of all.

But even an amazing show or a fantastic movie turns incredibly dull if there is a fault with the TV itself. Whether it is a bad display, off colors, or malfunctioning audio, tiny errors can make the entire experience from what is supposed to be soothing and fun to exceptionally frustrating one.

Therefore, to get the best out of your allotted hour of watching your favorite programs on TV, one needs to make sure that everything is going smoothly. A television set that is well maintained and an audio system with outstanding performance is sometimes all that you need to rejuvenate your mind. 

Getting the best wireless headphones for TV beforehand can make your favorite leisure time activity that much more satisfying.

But with all the different types of headphones available in the market, one can get confused about which ones to purchase. If you find yourself in the same boat, unable to decide what to get, then do not worry. 

Read the reviews of the most sought after products in the category below to make the process easier.

1. The Wireless TV Headphones Over Ear Headsets sold by ARTISTE

Product Features

Huge wireless range

This set of wireless headphones makes use of the newest 2.4 GHz RF technology, increasing the working range to a tremendous degree. As long as you are within a 100 feet radius from your TV set, there will be no problems of going out of range.

Matchless sound quality

With these wireless headphones, you can now enjoy music with unparalleled sound quality. Listen to each chord in its most original form and make your experience all the more worthwhile. The distortion in this set of wireless headphones will never exceed 0.5%. 

Maximum comfort

The over-ear style of these wireless headphones relieves you of the trouble that in-ear headphones can give you. Besides that, they are designed to be flexible enough to fit any head shape. You can now enjoy binge-watching your favorite TV show without having your ears or skull hurt.


  • Compatible with most devices, including iPods, laptops, tablets, cellphones, radios, CD and MP3 players, TV sets, and computers
  • Crystal clear sound over the frequency range of 25 Hz to 20 kHz
  • The long-lasting battery allows for 20 hours of uninterrupted use


  • Not the best to be used with a smart TV

2. The Wireless Over-Ear Headset with Deep Bass sold by Zihnic

Product Features


If you are on a budget, then there is no better option to go for than this set of wireless headphones by Zihnic. Priced at only $19.99, these cost a fraction of the price of its competitors.

Seamless Bluetooth Connection

Even at this astonishing price, there is no compromise on the quality of the connection. A simple on-off button on the headphones gets these beauties ready to pair seamlessly with any device.

Dual-mode option

If pausing to recharge the battery of your wireless headsets puts you off, then this pair solves all your problems. Along with the wireless connection, this set of headphones also allows you to connect it to the desired device via a cable physically. 


  • With the wireless option, you will not have to interrupt your experience even to recharge the battery
  • Great value for money
  • Stylish external appearance with attractive colors


  • The working range is minimal when compared to the other options (only 33 feet)

3. The RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System sold by Sennheiser Consumer Audio

Product Features

Compact, ergonomic design

These Sennheiser over ear headphones were designed while keeping the consumer comfort in mind. They are foldable and compact, so you do not have to worry if they will fit inside your bag. The earmuffs are comfortable to be worn for long periods so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

Perfect sound quality

The latest technology of these wireless headphones ensures that you can listen to each note and each chord in the most precise way. The signal transmission remains crisp and accurate, anywhere within the working range.

Large working range

If you like to walk around and do your chores while you listen to music, then these are the headphones you should buy. With a working range up to a hundred meters (328 feet), you will never have to worry that the music will stop as you walk into the kitchen.


  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Easy to set up with new devices
  • Works great with the entire range of frequency that is audible to humans


  • A tad bit on the expensive side

4. The HT5009 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching w/ Bluetooth Transmitter 164ft Range sold by Avantree

Product Features


These are the headphones of choice if you want the same, perfect experience whether you are watching movies or playing Call of Duty with your friends. The jack of all trades, multipurpose headphones are what most people look for.

Huge working range

The Avantree HT5009 headphones have a working range of 50 feet. Now you can stop fearing that you will lose the signal if you step into another room.

Long battery life

With these headphones, you can enjoy a fantastic audio experience for up to 40 hours. The long battery life means that you can watch season after season of your favorite show without having to stop.


  • No technology knowledge needed to pair this with a device or use it
  • Allows you to stream the sound to the headphones while those without it can listen as well
  • You can add a second pair of headphones to let your friends join in the experience as well


  • You can only add one extra set of headphones

Who Is The Winner? – Comparison Chart

Wireless Headphone ModelConnectionRangeBattery LifeBuy Now
1. The Wireless TV Headphones Over Ear Headsets sold by ARTISTE
RF100 feet20 hoursbuy now
2. The Wireless Over-Ear Headset with Deep Bass sold by Zihnic
Bluetooth33 feet14 hoursbuy now
3. The RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System sold by Sennheiser Consumer Audio
RF328 feet (100 m)No built in rechargeable battery, 2 AAA batteries requiredbuy now
4. The HT5009 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching w/ Bluetooth Transmitter 164ft Range sold by Avantree
Bluetooth164 feet40 hoursbuy now

What To Look For When Buying A Set Of Wireless Headphones To Use With Tv? – Buying Guide For Wireless Headphones

When you first walk into a shop selling wireless headsets, you might be overwhelmed by the number of models that line the shelves. There are so many types of headphones from so many different brands, and every one of them claims to be of the most excellent quality. But of course, not all of them can be the best, can they?

The truth is that there is never one single product that can be said to be the very best. Even the highest performing headphones might not be the right choice for somebody. What makes a headset the best one for you is how well it matches your expectations out of a set of wireless headphones.

In the following paragraphs, we have discussed some of the things that play a role in deciding which is the perfect wireless headphones set for you. Before you make the purchase, make sure that you have considered each of these factors and how they affect you.

Compatibility with your requirements

The first question to ask yourself before buying any headphones is the reason you are getting them. Do you want them to enjoy action movies in your home theatre? Or are you looking for a more pleasurable gaming experience?

Once you have identified the requirements you have, you can seek a pair of headphones that fulfill them in the best way possible.

The price point

It is no secret that wireless headphones can be quite an investment. But before you put the most expensive pair in your cart, ask yourself if it suits your budget. If you are spending the end of your month eating a pack of ramen noodles a day, then the purchase might not be worth it.

Customer support and warranty

We all want to buy products that will last us forever. But how can you ensure the durability and reliability of a product before you have tried it?

One tip to gauge how long-lasting an item will be is to take notice of the warranty being offered on it. Reliable and respected brands that do not sell cheap quality products are likely to provide a more extended warranty period or money-back guarantees on their products.

External appearance

Lastly, you should also consider how appealing a product appears to be before you go through the checkout. This might sound shallow and superficial, but the truth is that appearances do have a substantial impact on the overall experience. According to research, people tend to enjoy a product much better if they like how it looks!


Even though shopping from a market that is so saturated with products can be a daunting task, it becomes a piece of cake when you have done your research. Once you know exactly what features and qualities you are looking for, deciding on what to purchase and what to leave becomes easy.

Hence, we recommend that you do a thorough introspection on your expectations and then compare each potential buy with them to know how well it will deliver. Following this method, when you go to buy wireless headphones will ensure that you get the best of all deals!