/Best Gaming Headset Under 100

Best Gaming Headset Under 100

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Or you want to hear each explosion, gunfire, and even footsteps? A YouTuber, a Twitch streamer or a podcaster don’t have to compromise on the sound quality because of low budget.

What you need here is the Best Gaming Headset that can take you to the next level in terms of sound.

It’s not necessary to buy a high-end headset, you can get a hold of one that comes with attractive features.

Let us learn about 4 best gaming headset under 100 by diving deep:

1: RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset

Multiple Compatibility

This gaming headset supports a vast range of systems. It is compatible with PlayStation 4 controller, iPad, mobile phone, PC, New Xbox One controller, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet.

Ergonomic Design

Now you can enjoy a breathable ear pad, and retractable band with a universally fit headset. They are tried and tested on real people for the comfort they claim.

Premium Materials

Gamers need their headsets for a longer time as the game is continued for hours and hours. Premium material is used to allow durability and safety as well. Now you can accompany your headset as long as you want.

Noise isolating:

A flexible design is to conveniently adjust the microphone to any angle with the noise-canceling feature.

This headset can provide high clarity sound and communication that can enhance the gaming experience. By eliminating the noise with great sensitivity, it makes the communication more effective.

User-friendly design:

RUNMUS is engineered with skin-friendly leather that not only is durable but safe as well. It eliminates the heat sweat and chances of any hearing impairment. It is comfortable and allows air to reduce sweat. The materials are human friendly to avoid the chances of any harm such as protein over-ear pads.

Volume Control:

Volume control is easy and effortless with one key. You can mute the volume to avoid any disturbance if you want.

So, it’s an effective control achievement with an anti-winding long braided cable for high-quality performance.


  • 38 dB microphone sensitivity
  • Omnidirectional pick-up pattern
  • 20Hz-20KHz frequency range
  • The driver delivers surround sound by 50MM
  • Guaranteed high quality with 12-month-warranty


  • The cable length should be increased

2: SteelSeries Arctis 3 – All-Platform Gaming Headset

Multiple Compatibility:

No matter how you play this Steel series is designed for your all gaming needs. It is easily compatible with PC, PlayStation, mobile phone, Xbox One, VR, and Nintendo Switch. Steel series is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 PCs for native surround sound.

So, you can easily switch your favorite headset to any of the devices for your fun time.

Clear sound and noise cancellation:

The Discord-certified microphone presents a crisp and clear sound. You can hear even minor details with Clear cast microphones. They offer studio-quality voice with no background noise.

The S1 speaker drivers provide the competitive results of crystal-clear sound without any distortion.

Ski Goggle Suspension Band

The exclusive ski goggle suspension headband perfectly contours across your entire head, comfortably distributing the weight and eliminating pressure points.

Audio controls and sharing:

The construction of these headsets is ergonomic and allows on-ear control. You can enjoy the easy access to control volume. Game-time or mute volume adjustments can be handled by one tap on the ear cup.

Now you can also share your game audio. A built-in sharing ability can connect you with your friends. the audio with friends. Simply plug-in any earbuds with the Arctis 3 and enjoy the shared audio.

User-friendly Design

Gamers need to choose a headset that is low in heat creation. A breathability feature is achieved by fabric Air Weave ear cushions. It will keep your ears cool and dry.

It is engineered with high-quality, ultra-lightweight but strong materials for enhanced comfort and durability.


  • 3.5-millimeter detachable cable
  • 98 dB Headphone Sensitivity
  • Spatial Sound
  • 100Hertz to 10000Hertz Microphone Frequency Response
  • Microphone Sensitivity 48 dB 


  • Not much breathable
  • Distorted sound occasionally

3: RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS4 Headset

Multiple compatibilities:

One more model from RUNMUS in the list of best gaming headset.

You can attach your gaming accessory to your most favorite device. A gaming headset can work equally well with PS4, Mac, Laptop, mobile, Pc New Xbox One, Old Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Noise isolating:

RUNMUS gaming headset is going to present a crystal-clear sound with no background noise. A 160-degree rotation noise-canceling ability can change your gaming experience.

The ergonomically designed microphone picks your voice in 360 degrees while eliminating noise. Effective communication can be continued for hours without any interruptions.

Efficient Drivers:

RUNMUS headphones will be your first pick if you are looking for a play bass headphone with top quality material and comfortable feeling. 50mm Driver Units are going to make your audio clearer and more effective.

Now get clear mids, deep low and trebles the way you want.

Colorful Lights

An RGB light on both earpads is added to enhance the gaming atmosphere. It can match your style and game with unique illuminating and vibrating effects. The USB plug is provided for RGB light.

User friendly: 

The high quality durable braided cable resists tangling. Enjoy your fun time without any disturbance. User-friendly control buttons for volume or mute control.


  • Superior virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • 100% high quality with 12 months warranty
  • High precision 50mm audio drivers
  • 38 3db Microphone Sensitivity
  • Colorful RGB Light


  • USB plug can’t be removed

4: BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Multiple Compatibility

Bengoo G9000 gaming headset is compatible with a vast range of your favorite PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, New Xbox One, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, and computer.

Universally fit Headband

The headband is easily adjustable to fit different sizes. In addition to it, the light-weight breathable material is comfortable for you. The metal frame is strong and durable.


Skin-friendly materials not only are durable but safe. It eliminates the heat sweat and chances of any hearing impairment. It is comfortable and allows air to reduce sweat. The materials are human friendly to avoid the chances of any harm such as protein over-ear pads.

This comfort could be enjoyed as long as a whole day.

Bass Surround Sound

The most powerful and crisper sound is achieved through the high precision drive units. The most fantastic experience with detailed sound is going to increase your fun.

In-Line Control box

Volume control is easily reachable with the In-Line control box. This box with a volume wheel or one-key mute can be adjusted according to your choice or gaming style. You can also adjust the mic while playing the game.

Now adapt your style with games like Call of Duty, Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, World of Warcraft Legion, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, etc.

Head Beam Pad and Mic

The Head beam is constructed with a memory foam pad for better breathability. Durability is not compromised by the comfort this headset is going to offer.

You can enjoy music, movies, and games with this lightweight design the whole day.

A high-quality voice is achieved through great sensitivity. The ability to update noise isolating allows you to experiment with the voice quality you desired. NO more repetitions and distortions.


  • Great humanized design
  • Effortlessly volume control
  • 120°Adjustable microphone
  • 3.5mm Audio jack
  • 50mm driver


  • In some cases, it proved less durable

Comparison Chart 

Gaming HeadsetDriver(s)Mic SensitivityCompatibilityBuy Now
1. RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset50MM3dBPC, PS4 controller, Xbox One controller
2. SteelSeries Arctis 340MM48 dB PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR and mobile
3. RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS450MM3dB PS4, Xbox One X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo new 3DS LL, Laptop, Mac, Tablet, and mobile 
4. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset40MM3dBPS4, PC, Xbox One, Laptop, Mac, Nintendo Switch

Buying Guide

The purchase of any product can depend upon the buyer’s choice but you must know some basic features of the product to choose from the best available options.

High-end brands proclaim to make the best headsets but it’s not 100% true. You can find some very durable and best-performing headsets with the greatest sensitivity on voice clarity.

Let’s discuss some most important features to help you select the right product.

Always check the compatibility of your headset to your system. It’s good to have more than one compatibility option. Most of the headsets support most of the systems like PlayStation 4 controller, iPad, mobile phone, PC, New Xbox One controller, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, etc.

Most manufacturers are trying to support their headsets to Apple products to give you more ease of use.

Comfort is the most important feature to look for while buying your headset. Passionate gamers spend hours and hours on their pc or playstation. If you are the one, go for a lightweight and soft padded headset to avoid inconvenience.

Headsets that are designed to stay breathable are best for your ears to avoid heating or sweating that can be very dangerous for your ears. Spongy ear cups are good for airflow.

Omni or uni-directional mic are accompanied to most of the gaming headsets. The omnidirectional mic picks sounds from many directions in comparison to uni-directional picks only from one direction.

Choose the first feature to have effective communication.

You can indulge in your game more deeply only when there isn’t any disturbance. These headsets are equipped with external microphones that cancel the noise and allow you to concentrate fully. So, enjoy without paying attention to your family talk in the background.

Surround sound is a part of great sound quality. Multiple drivers are added to it to pick voices from a different angle. The simulated surround sound is the most desired feature of passionate gamers.


We have made your job easy by selecting the top four headsets to enhance your fun time whether it’s gaming or listening to your favorite music.

Each detail is well highlighted to develop a good understanding of each product and its factors while buying.

So, choose the best headset for gaming under 100 with us to win the best for you and your budget.