/Best Gaming PC Under 1000

Best Gaming PC Under 1000

For people who are really into gaming, getting the best gaming PC is essential. A well-built gaming PC allows you to make the most out of the gaming experience as you play the games of your choice. Although there is a vast variety of gaming PCs available in the market, finding the best one and that too in your budget is not an easy job.

If you have a budget of $1000 for your gaming PC, you would usually be expected to make compromises on different features of the PC. You would either have to settle for a mediocre CPU or GPU. However, thankfully this is not the case as there are several options available that offer an appealing GPU and CPU combination. They run comfortably on the maximum setting of 1080 for most AAA titles.

When buying a gaming PC, there are various features to consider, like the price, design, and specs in a gaming PC, which can lead to confusion. Therefore, with the idea of saving your investment as you buy a gaming PC, we have picked out the four best gaming PC under 1000. 

We have also covered some essential factors in the buying guide that you should consider when purchasing a gaming PC.

1. SkyTech Rampage – Gaming Computer PC Desktop


First-rate design and build:

The design of SkyTech Rampage is simple yet elegant, which shows that it has been designed specifically for gaming. The curvy front of the PC is what sets it apart from the others in this price range. 

High performance in a budget:

You certainly don’t need to compromise on performance when it comes to buying in a budget. The SkyTech Rampage delivers an unbeatable performance so that you can enjoy endless gaming sessions. The system can also handle productivity well in day to day tasks like browsing, video streaming, etc.

Speedy processor:

Performance is based on configuration when it comes to any gaming PC. The Rampage is equipped with a Ryzen  5 1600 processor. This processor may not be the fastest around, but it certainly offers an extraordinary value on productivity workloads.

Conventional layout:

With enough space, the enclosure of Rampage looks fairly impending and conventional. It has a run-of-the-mill design with two 120 mm LED intake fans, motherboard ports, Cooler Master Heatsink and a single 120 mm fan that faces rearwards. 

Decent storage options:

One of the most common issues with budget PCs is storage. SkyTech will certainly not disappoint in this regard as it comes outfitted with a 500 GB SSD. This is an increasingly common setup at this price point. 


  • Good gaming performance 
  • High brand reliability
  • High-speed Ryzen 5 processor


  • Not recommended for high-end gaming 

2. OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer


Slender design for easy placement:

Although a bit classic, the slender design of HP Omen makes it quite easy to be placed around anywhere. You can slide into your entertainment center’s chamber or simply place it on your desk. The side of the PC has tempered glass, which is quite visually appealing and allows you to have a view of the PC’s inside.

Generous storage space:

The Obelisk has a generous initial allotment. Besides the 32 GB RAM, the PC also has two DIMM slots. Besides, there is a single storage bay in case you want to add another hard drive. 

Tool-less handling:

The overall sense delivered by this PC is that it has been designed to use as it is. It provides you with handy interior access, which is nearly tool-less. For example, you can pop out the glass panel easily by pressing the button present on the rear case. 

Multiple port options:

Looking further on the upside, the HP Omen offers a reasonably wide range of ports to its users. It has two 3.5 mm audio jacks, two USB Type-A ports on the front, and four USB Type-A ports and USB Type-C ports present on the rear.

Functional interior design:

The interior of this PC is easily accessible and has plenty of space, which helps in mitigating any heat issues. The stock cooling solution with the spacious interior is quite adequate to handle your prolonged gaming sessions.


  • Packed with functional components
  • Easy upgrading due to tool-less access
  • Easy to navigate interior


  • Interior lighting is not appealing

3. Corsair One i164 Compact Gaming PC


Compact exterior:

The Corsair One i164 is quite a user-friendly gaming PC as its compactness allows you to place it anywhere you want. With a volume of 12 liters, it can fit well into any desk setup that you have. 

Quiet and noiseless functioning:

You would usually expect a system of this size to sound like a Delta fan. Still, the Corsair gaming PC is surprisingly quiet. The top fan is turned off when not in use, and the system uses a stack effect to cool down the PC hence resulting in the silent functioning. 

High-performance specs:

The specifications give the most exceptional performance boost to this latest generation of Corsair One. An Intel Core i9 chip is present at the helm while the top-line spec is rounded out by the water-cooled, custom GeForce RTX. 

Practical storage options:

In the storage front, this PC is featured with a secondary mechanical 2TB HDD and a single 960 GB SSD. Looking at the internals of the chassis, 2.5in spinner and PCIe 3 options look sensible. The SSD provides enough space for you to store even the most massive AAA games.

Classic overall design:

Viewing the exterior, not many changes have been made to the Corsair One generations. The finish and fit continue to remain exceptional, and the exterior panels don’t attract fingerprints like other systems.


  • Compact size
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Streamlined graphic coprocessor


  • Monitor, keyboard, etc. need to be bought separately which adds to the cost

4. iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element MR9280


Fit for both gaming and daily operations:

Although you will be purchasing the iBUYPOWER 9260 for gaming, it is also capable of taking up other day-to-day operations like video editing. 

Capable processor:

Thanks to the high-end processor and graphics card, this PC offers features that will be quite likable for gaming enthusiasts.

GTX 1660 graphics card:

With the GTX graphics card, the iBUYPOWER allows you to enjoy endless triple-A games by delivering high frame rates per second. It’s an excellent choice to consider for gamers who want a system for modern gaming but in a budget.

Good port selection:

The port selection of this gaming PC includes a separate microphone and headphone jacks along with two USB Type-A ports. A reset button, power button, and drive activity light up are present on the same flank.


  • Outstanding graphics performance 
  • Impressive overclocking performance
  • Controllable case lighting


  • Not powerful for VR

Comparison Chart

ProductProcessor SpeedMemory sizeHard disk sizeWeightBuy Now
1. SkyTech Rampage – Gaming Computer PC Desktop3.2 GHz8 GB500 GB28 pounds
2. OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer3.6 GHz32 GB1 TB29.2 pounds
3. Corsair One i164 Compact Gaming PC3.6 GHz2 TB2 TB16.27 pounds
4. iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element MR92803.1 GHz16 GB1 TB31.9 pounds

Buying Guide  – Best Gaming Pc Under 1000

Since getting a gaming PC is quite an investment, it is crucial to take your purchase seriously and ensure that your gaming PC delivers what you need. It can be a little daunting to find the best one for yourself. Therefore, we have covered some of the significant factors you should consider when buying a gaming PC.

The size matters:

Gaming pcs are available in all shapes and sizes; they can be compact, medium-sized, or monoliths. Small-sized PCs are unobtrusive and easily fit in, where larger systems can not be placed. They are well suited for gamers who have limited space. However, going small limits your options in upgrading. 

Mid-size PCs are ideal for most people. They have the perfect size to be placed anywhere around and offer enough space that is required for cooling or upgrading. 

The larger, full tower PCs carry a slight cost premium, but they are easy to handle and are quite spacious. 

The heart of the PC, the processor:

The processor is the first technical specification to consider as it determines the performance of your system with different software. The processor core count is what matters the most. The options vary between two to sixteen cores. To avoid performance issues, you should not settle for any less than a quad-core. A six-core is entirely reasonable to aim for considering how the current prices are. In contrast, an eight-core is perfect for people who do high-powered work or intensive gaming. 

Great GPU for a great gaming PC:

If you want a PC dedicated explicitly to gaming, then you should pay close attention to the graphics card. It plays the most prominent role in defining the beauty of the game, as it adjusts the frame rates and allows high resolution to work during games. The numbers also tell the story to some extent, as higher-numbered graphic cards usually mean more performance. Memory doesn’t have an overall impact on the performance of the processor. 


Buying the best gaming pc under 1000 dollars is a balancing act. It is crucial to weigh your investment with the right specs. After intensive research, we have selected the top four gaming pc’s for you and reviewed them thoroughly in the above article so you can make the perfect selection. 

We have also highlighted the important specs that you should look upon when choosing your gaming PC.