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Best Monitor Under 300

Today, we are relying heavily on technology in everything we do. With this kind of screen time, a lot of people constantly worry about the side effects the harmful rays from a screen can have on our health. And rightly so! 

Whether it is working an office job, a highschool student doing their homework, or even watching a movie with the family on a night in – we need monitor screens that are both safe and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, when one goes out to buy such a screen, he discovers that all the best ones cost thousands of dollars. And when you are a young student on a budget, you cannot really afford to cough up that amount of cash. 

This is why we decided to discuss a few options that are reasonable enough to invest in. Here’s a brief product review for 4 of the best monitor under 300 dollars available in the markets today! Let’s begin.

1. The ASUS PB277Q 27 Inch WQHD 2560×1440 75Hz 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor

Product Features

ASUS Eye Care Technology

With this monitor, ASUS really shows that it cares about its customers. For this reason, they have manufactured this device with a blue light filter, that prevents harmful rays from the monitor from entering your eyes. The flicker free technology is also great to minimize any eye strain during prolonged use.

Multipurpose Monitor

Whether you want something that allows you the best Fortnite experience with your friends, or want a monitor to work on the long spreadsheets your co-worker sent you – this is the monitor to buy. Equipped with features that let you work and play at ease, you really get the best of both worlds with this multipurpose monitor.

Great Image Detail

This monitor has an amazing resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This ensures that the images on the screen are as clear as you would see in real life.

PiP and PbP modes

Ever wanted to switch your monitor screen between working with your desktop and your cell phone? Now you can! With the built in picture in picture and picture by picture functionality, view content from multiple sources easily.


  • Can be used for a long time with no eye strain
  • Ergonomically designed stand takes up minimal space on your desk
  • Also has the option to be mounted on a wall according to your preference


  • Gamers might experience some slight ghosting during use

2. The ED323QUR Abidpx 31.5 Inches WQHD (2560 x 1440) Curved 1800R VA Gaming Monitor with AMD Radeon FREESYNC Technology by Acer

Product Features

Curved Wide Screen

If you want a fully immersive gaming or movie experience, then there is no better and affordable option for you than this Acer monitor. With a 31.5 inch curved screen, you will find yourself completely lost in the world that you see on the monitor.

Amazing Refresh Rate

This monitor by Acer has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, speeding up the frames per second. This gives you a quality of 2D images that can not be matched by any other monitor in the same price range.

Incredibly Fast Response Time

The incredibly fast response time of 4 m/s allows for a gaming experience that is out of this world. Forget about any ghosting or lagging. This monitor is able to deliver a super smooth transition with no image dragging.

AMD Radeon Freesync Technology

This innovative use of the latest technology lets you enjoy your Fortnite game to the fullest. The AMD Radeon Freesync syncs the monitor’s frames with those of the graphic card’s seamlessly.


  • Makes use of the latest FREEsync technology
  • Curved screen allows for a more mesmerizing affair
  • Quick Response rate
  • Fast refresh rate


  • The screen has a glossy finish to it rather than a more classy matte

3. The Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24.0 Inch Screen LED Monitor in Black

Product Features

Made for work

For those of you who are looking for a new monitor for their work desks, this is where your search ends. The Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24 inch Screen LED Monitor in black is all you need to boost your productivity levels to new highs.

Intelligent Design

The sturdy yet slim stand of this monitor saves you a ton of space on your work desk. It is apparent that a lot of thought went into designing this monitor. It is made to be reliable, environmentally conscious, as well as easy on the eyes.

Vivid colour display

With the superior colour display, you can enjoy each image in its fullest glory. The high performing wide screen makes for an experience that is unlike any other.

Convenient to use

This monitor can be turned from 90 degree clockwise to 90 degree anti clockwise. This really takes your viewing experience up a notch, while also being most convenient to use in work environments.


  • Exceptional screen performance
  • High resolution and crystal clear images
  • Vast color range
  • Aesthetic design


  • Not the best screen for gaming

4. The HP 27er 27 Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Frameless Bezel and VGA & HDMI (T3M88AA)

Product Features

Slim and stylish design

The HP monitor in question here is incredibly thin and lightweight. This makes for a sleek, attractive design and allows you to move it from place to place with impossible ease.

Anti glare screen

This monitor makes use of anti glare technology to cut down any strain on your eyes that results from prolonged use. Now you can work and/or play for hours at a time without having to take constant breaks!

Great value for money

At this price, this monitor offers some of the best features that you can get. With all the qualities of the expensive screens, this one lacks the impossible price tag that only the richest can afford.

Allows comfortable viewing

Now you can enjoy panoramic viewing at a fraction of the price that you would expect for it. With a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees, you can easily notice each detail at each corner of the screen.


  • 178 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angle
  • Fast response time of 7 m/s
  • Offers anti-glare feature
  • Slim body


  • Does not come with a vesa wall mount screw

Comparison Chart

Monitor ModelProduct Net WeightScreen SizeMax Screen ResolutionBuy Now
1. The ASUS PB277Q 27 Inch WQHD 2560×1440 75Hz 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor16.09 pounds27 inches2560 x 1440
2. The ED323QUR Abidpx 31.5 Inches WQHD (2560 x 1440) Curved 1800R VA Gaming Monitor with AMD Radeon 13.45 pounds31.5 inches2560 x 1440
3. The Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24.0 Inch Screen LED Monitor in Black14 pounds24 inches1920 x 1200
4. The HP 27er 27 Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor with Frameless Bezel and VGA & HDMI (T3M88AA)8.3 pounds27 inches1920 x 1080

Buying Guide

When you go out to shop for a monitor, there are hundreds that you will like and want to buy. However, most of these will be far too expensive for somebody who is trying to save themselves a few bucks. Usually, getting that same quality of screens in a budget can become quite a challenge. Even so, a good shopper will know which features you can let go of and what aspects you absolutely want in your screen.

Smart shoppers make a list of everything they prioritize in a product – especially when they are on a budget. Here are a few elements that you should keep in mind when buying a modestly priced monitor.

First and foremost, you need to know exactly the amount of cash that you can cough up for a new screen right now. It is useless to look at expensive monitors and wish you could afford them if you clearly cannot. A price filter would work great in these situations to only show you the monitors that fall within your budget.

The next thing to consider is your objective when purchasing a new monitor. Before you get into further details, ask yourself what your intended use for the device is. Are you going to be using it to do your office work? Or do you want a monitor that is best to play games on? 

Or maybe you are simply looking for a screen for your home theatre! Identifying the real purpose of the device is incredibly important.

Once you know what reasons you will be mostly using your monitor for, it is time to get into the little details. According to the unique features that each affordable monitor can offer, you can narrow down your search to the monitors that work best for your intended use. 

Use a funnel approach to make the decision as to what is going to be your final purchase.

The Final Word

Shopping for a new monitor can be stressful and anxiety inducing, but it does not have to be! Doing your research and being smart about your purchase will make sure that your hard earned money is invested in the right thing! Happy shopping!