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Best Monitors For PS4 Pro

A gaming system such as PS4 requires high-end equipment to provide you exceptional gaming experience. The main component of this kit apart from the gaming unit, i.e., PS4 pro, is the monitor. 

Monitors offer you various technological advancements that you have sharp and smoother visuals. Most of the monist is well-equipped with the higher refreshing rates, lower response time, anti-tearing technology, and much more. All these advantageous attributes contribute towards a real-time action without lagging or obtrusions in the display. 

Most of the monitor also provides you with the best anti-tearing feature that can synchronize the refresh rate and video feed of the game to bring you the fast live-action for online gaming.

Apart from all these, you wouldn’t love to play a game with less sharp colors and blurry visuals. 

So, the monitors are better at providing you with the HD or UHD vision with intense colors without causing the risk of computer vision syndrome. Stating all these benefits of a perfectly designed monitor for the gaming experience, we’re providing you some of the best monitors for PS4 pro along with the detailed features, pros, and cons.

1. ACER SB220Q Zero Frame Monitor:


Elegant Display:

The wide monitor provides you with the 1920 x 1080 Full HD visuals by featuring the IPS-type display and the ultra-thin functionality. Both these attributes synchronize to offer you perfect gaming experience with your PS4 pro and a high-definition entertainment in your homes.

Less Response Time:

With the AMD Radeon and much lesser response time, you’ll feel the real live action at a faster pace without any lag. The only 4ms response contributes much better during the live gaming session where you need to respond faster.

Wide View:

This ACER monitor is finished perfectly with the wide viewing angles as it features the Liquid Crystal formula that works fine for the supreme quality colorful display. You’ll experience no difference in viewing the colors from any of the angles with Horizontal viewing angle-178 degree. Vertical viewing angle-178 degree.

Very Thin Size:

You’ll get the unbelievable 0.24-inches of the sheer size, which is not only aesthetically beautiful but is much more convenient than any other ordinary monitor. The ultra-thin size saves you much of your table space and gives the gaming kit a modern touch. Not only is this, but the 21.5-inches of the display is entirely borderless and provides you with a vibrant, bright, and colorful vision from one corner to another.


Next in the list is the super-narrow bezel that can adequately increase the viewing display size of this ACER SB220Q monitor. This feature will not only help you in a gaming session but is very suitable for your Windows PC setup.


  • Strikingly thin size
  • Wide IPS display
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • 1 x HDMI & 1 x VGA ports available


  • No VESA mounting

2. HP Pavilion 22cwa LED monitor:


High Resolution:

With the fantastic wide display size of 21.5-inches and a Full HD visual, you can enjoy the sharp color with a crystal clear picture. Apart from this, you’ll not be bothered by the cut-out display as this monitor features the 16:9 aspect ratio with an LED backlight panel.

Anti-glare Vision:

The LED backlight and anti-glare are two main features of this distinctive HP Pavilion 22cwa monitor. Both of these contribute to saving your eyes from the color vision syndrome and prevent irritation of bright light in the pupil.

Wide Compatibility:

This HP pavilion monitor features the VGA and HDMI access, which lets you connect the monitor device with approximately all the operating systems, i.e., Windows, OS, Linux, and the PS4 as well. The ports for USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI adapters are also available for further convenience.

VESA mounting:

Another exceptional feature of this HP Pavilion is the VESA mounting adapter that comes along with the device. This VESA mount kit allows you to employ display on swivel arms or walls.

Adjustable Tilt:

The HP pavilion monitor device is all set to provide you with the adjustable tilt feature that lets you view the image from any of the sides. Also, you can adjust the tilt from -5° to 25° along with the 178-degrees of positional viewability.

Response Time:

Less response time (7ms) of the monitor enables you to enjoy the real gaming experience with the lag-free display.


  • Wide compatibility
  • 250 nits of brightness
  • All the cords are included
  • VESA MOUNTING included


  • Back/Grey difference problems

3. HP VH240A LED Monitor:


Full HD Resolution:

This VH240A monitor equips the 23.8 inches wide display size and an astonishingly high resolution of 1920 x 1080p at 60 Hz that will provide you a perfect entertainment experience with the natural display. LED-Backlit technology enables you to sense the vivacious colors without annoyance.

Less Response Time:

You’ll attain the smooth display with lag-free visuals utilizing the less response time of 5ms. This feature also contributes to making the display more crisp and unsolidified without any blurriness.

Built-in Speakers:

Another extraordinary feature for this HP VH240A is the in-built speakers, which creates a perfect cinematic sound with a jolt of bass and treble in it. Gaming and entertainment sessions will have a boost experience with 2 watts per channel functionality of integrated speakers.

Four-Way Viewing:

You can adjust the tilt of the monitor’s display from -5° to 30°, which leads to an accessible viewing ability from any of the sides. Furthermore, a 178-degrees positional angle provides the best quality picture from vertical and horizontal directions.

Sturdy Mounting:

This monitor device also comes with a sturdy and robust mounting equipment which can support both the table as well as wall mounting functionality.


Not only the sides are thin, but the display is ultimately bezel-less that depicts an aesthetically pleasing sight. The frameless ultra wide screen gives you perfect gaming experience with your PS4.


  • 4-way ergonomic view display
  • VESA Mounting Kit comes along
  • Built-in speakers
  • 16.7 million Colours with 2 million pixels


  • Weak speakers

4. BenQ EL2870U Gaming Monitor:


4K HDR Support:

This BenQ monitor has an extraordinary picture quality with the extreme 4K support along with the perfect brightness and contrast combination that depicts sharper colors. Along with these features, there comes the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode that can bring the gaming experience to another level.

Exceptional Response Time:

Very much less 1ms response time enables you to have a super-fast display that eliminates the lag and obstructions to smoothen the motion. The fast-moving objects during your gaming or movie session will appear sharp, and you’ll experience the dramatic transitions in a better way.

AMD Freesync:

Gaming on PS4 or other kits has been improved much as this AMD Freesync supported monitor can minimize the tearing, broken frames, chopping display, and supports the dynamic fluid motion display.

Less Eye Strain:

The Brightness Intelligence feature of this monitor assists you in bringing the soft light into your eyes and dramatically reduces the irritation and eye-strain. Also, the monitor intelligently adjusts the color temperature to adjust accordingly.

Smart Focus:

With the Smart Focus ON, you can have a highlighted view of the minute details on your screen.

Ultra Slim design:

EL2870U provides you with an ultra-thin shape that can save the space and looks elegant as well. The ultra-thin screen has Brightness Intelligence plus Technology that can adjust the perfect ratio of brightness and contrast.


  • Ultra-slim design
  • Reduced eye strain in any light condition
  • Smart focus ability
  • AMD Freesync


  • Poor control panel

Comparison Chart:

ProductsResolutionDisplay SizeAspect RatioResponse timePortsTilt AngleBuy Now
1. ACER SB220Q Zero Frame Monitor1920 x 1080 21.5 inches 16:94ms1 x HDMI & 1 x VGA ports-5° to 15°
2. HP Pavilion 22cwa LED monitor1920 x 1080p @ 60 Hz21.5 inches16:97msUSB-C/Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI adapters-5° to 30°
3. HP VH240A LED Monitor1920 x 1080p23.8 inches16:95msVGA and HDMI with HDCP support-5° to 30°
4. BenQ EL2870U Gaming Monitor3840 x 216028″16:91msHDMIx2/DP -5° to 15°

Buying Guide:

Monitors for your PS4 or other gaming kits require a lot of attention and consideration before buying as they are loaded with several advanced functionalities and features. You must know certain things before making a perfect choice of a monitor for your PS4.

Panel Type:

Considering the budget and motion speed you want, you may choose between the TN or IPS panels. TN panels are more budget-friendly but are less active and uncommon these days. However, IPS displays have generally less response time, which means you can have fluid motion.

FreeSync and G-Sync:

You must know if your monitor has any of these as this requires a specific DisplayPort on your GPU and monitor device.

Resolution and monitor size:

Monitors come in a variety of sizes and resolutions which make use of particular features and technologies to make them HD or UHD. You must decide according to the resolution you want for your gaming or PC setup. Also, some models come in bezel-less or frame-less shape providing a wider display size. 


Monitors are the front-line devices for a perfect gaming setup for PS4 as the wide, sharp and high-resolution display are necessary. Moreover, the monitors are responsible for providing you the crystal clear visuals along with the top-notch quality. We have provided you with the best monitors for PS4 along with their features, pros, and cons to choose accordingly.