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Best Projector Under 1000

With changing demands and needs, technology is drilling necessary equipment in our lives and projectors are one of them. They have widespread use in educational institutions and businesses but lately, government institutions have also resorted to projectors since they’re convenient and grant several facilities. 

However, projectors are not only used outside. You can buy a projector for your house and enjoy movies on a large scale level!

By now you must be wondering that a projector may cost you your arm and leg, but no need for concern, we’ve gathered the best projector under 1000. By the end of the article, you will be fully aware of the nook and cranny related to projectors.

What’s a projector? For those who don’t know, it is a device with lenses that projects light onto a surface or a screen.

Watching movies on a phone and on a projector is like comparing night and day. The characters, cinematic shots and the whole picture in itself are commendable. Moreover, projectors will save your expenses of going to cinemas, you can create the same conditions in your own house!

After thorough research, we’ve been able to conclude with these projectors that have numerous benefits. Read until the end of this article to find out more!

1. Anker Nebula Capsule

Product features


Have you ever heard of a portable projector? Well, you’re hearing about it now! The projector upsizes the entertainment level by ten folds. All you need to do is pop down the Capsule and your mini-cinema will be up and running.

Great Convenience

You can use HDMI & USB devices through the rear ports or if you’re not a fan of cords, simply stream anything you want via Bluetooth, Airplay or Miracast.

Remoteless Journey

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with remotes? Worry not, this capsule can be controlled with your phone. Just download the app from your App Store or Google Play “Nebula Connect” and free yourselves from remotes.

Spectacular Quality & Sound

The picture quality and clarity are commendable, it uses DLP’s advanced IntelliBright algorithms that shine remarkably (up to 100 lumens) and if you watch it in dimly lit areas, you’ll enjoy it even more. Moreover, the 360* the speaker emits sounds in every direction.


Don’t bother worrying about the durability of the capsule, it’s been manufactured with aluminium that makes it strong, yet light at the same time. Download any streaming app and if you can use them then stream all you want!


  • Portable, lightweight
  • Durable
  • 2 connections
  • Amazing sounds and picture quality


  • Dull in daylight

2. ViewSonic 3600 LUMENS Projector

Product Features


The projector we have here is a server of many purposes. It works well in educational institutes and businesses can use for their purposes as well. Its big screen goes from 30-300 inches and projects 120 inches if seen from 15-feet 8-inches and allows for several people to view at once.

Easy to use

ViewSonic’s projector has a simple setup. You only need to plug & play whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Super Long Lamp Life

The projector’s SuperEcho mode grants the lamp enough juice to stay alive for up to 15,000 hours! With resolution going to VGA (640 x 480) to FullHD (1920 x 1080).

Great Warranty

With 3-year limited parts and labour coverage, 1-year of lamp coverage and contact with the customer service team, what more do you need?

Superb Connectivity 

Supports several types of devices such as PCs, Macs and mobile phones (with HDMI, VGA etc).


  • Simple to operate
  • Large screen
  • Good warranty time
  • Connects to many devices


  • Standard speakers

3. VANKYO LED Projector

Product Features

Outstanding features

With 1080P Full HD resolution, your videos, movies and presentations will impress even the hardest. The manufacturers have focused on detail, making the V600 have 3x more details than normal 720P projectors. Your image quality will be flawless.

Bright As The Sky

Are you worried about having a dim screen? Fret not, because the projector we have here has 6000 lux of brightness, with the display going up to 300” in size. This creates an ideal quality and image for presentations and movies. 

Immortal Lamp

The HD projector can last almost 10 years! (accounting for 2-3 hours per session). You don’t have to run anywhere replacing the lamp any time soon.

Dual Ports

Vankyo’s V600 has two HDMI ports, one premium audio and this allows accurate and beautiful presentations for students, businessmen and alike. Your peers will be surprised to see how attractive the presentation looks.

Long Lasting Support

With VANKYO, you will find faithfulness. We ensure 3 months free return, along with a free refund along with 3-year free repair and long-life professional customer service. With these features in check, you’re in for a treat.

The projector weighs 8.3 pounds and is 15.3 x 15.3 x 5.9 inches in size.


  • Very bright
  • Detailed screen
  • Extra connectivity
  • Support in case problem arises


  • Difficult settings

4. GooDee 2020 Projector

Product Features

Increased brightness and screen

With a staggering brightness of 6000 lumens, and 3000: 1 contrast ratio your screen will be brighter and wider than normal projectors. Moreover, this projector will light up even in the most dimly lit places. 

Giant screen

Speaking of screens, the projector has a 230” massive screen that will allow everyone to view the movie, presentation or video with ease.

Efficient cooling system

The 1080P Full HD with 1280*768p native resolution screen makes the video glow like a star but won’t the system get hot with these specifications? It won’t! The latest cooling system has a fan design along with other materials that reduce its noise and create a calmer and warmer ambience.

Booming speakers

2 built-in 3W speakers will create amazing sounds. GooDee updated their HI-FI Stereo with a new sound system that provides crisp sounds even without external speakers.

Connects anywhere easily

The projector has 2*HDMI/2*USB/VGA/AV ports, giving you great convenience. Now you don’t have to run around looking for connectors and cords to connect your device with the projector.

Moreover, the projector can easily connect with TV Box, Fire Stick TV, PC, laptop, tablet, external speakers, Xbox, smartphones (Android and iPhone) and then you’re free to relax and have fun with video games, display presentations, watch movies on the giant screen with comfortable sounds. 

Extensive support

GooDee grants 5 years for their projector. Alternatively, if you’re not satisfied with the projector then GooDee will return your full refund within 2 months of the purchase. Or if you’re willing to buy another then they have a replacement option as well. With the feature of life-time professional customer service, you’re in for a win-win situation.

The projector is 5 pounds and 12 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches in size. 


  • Life-long support
  • Built-in speakers with great sound
  • Large screen
  • Clear picture quality


  • The LED lamp is sub-standard quality

Buying Guide

Buying a projector is never easy. You can easily get fooled by a salesman trying to convince you to buy a rip-off. Therefore, reading this guide is necessary.

Screen Size

Perhaps the most basic, yet the most important question is about the screen’s size. But is there an ideal size? It depends on the situation, actually. If the people are more, you have to calculate it by the person sitting the farthest. However, having a large screen is always beneficial since it gives you a mini-cinema in your own house.

Video Quality

Projectors can have varying video quality, with some having clear & sharp video quality while others may have the poor quality that just doesn’t look good in presentations or movies in front of your friends.

Therefore, you must check whether the video quality is as good as the salesman says or not. 


Watch out for consumers in the market. They purposefully play with words and make sure you end up buying their low-resolution projectors even though it’s not worth the purchase at all. A high-resolution with a decent aspect ratio will ensure that your needs are met.


The price point is probably one key point that ties everything else together. High-end projectors often have extraordinary features, however, if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to enjoy movies at your house then no need to choose the complex, expensive one. 

There are several options out there that are ideal for your desired place. If you have an office then your needs will be different, and you may probably need an expensive one. The same goes for educational institutes as well.

Comparison Chart

ProductsScreen SizeWarrantyDimensionBuy Now
1. Anker Nebula Capsule100”12 months2.68 x 2.68 x 4.72 in
2. ViewSonic 3600 LUMENS Projector
120”3-year parts4.33 x 11.57 x 8.58 in
3. VANKYO LED Projector170”Yes15.35 x 15.35 x 5.9 in
4. GooDee 2020 Projector
230”N/A12 x 9.36 x 4.68 in


Projectors used to be rare back then but lately, they have caught attention. Since projectors can be used for several purposes, there is a high chance that they will attract demand from local customers as the cost of movie cinemas is rising at an extraordinary rate.