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Best Thermal Paste

Heat is an enemy of your PC, and that’s not an overstatement. When you let your PC overheat, you put its components in danger; they may shut down or even get damaged. Computers are designed keeping in mind the importance of heat dissipation from the CPU, the powerhouse of your PC. However, there is a tiny loophole; the air between the CPU and the heatsink.

You might have heard that air is not a great conductor of heat. That’s because air molecules are further apart from each other. That’s why your PC burns up whenever you start a heavy program or game; the inability of your PC to dissipate heat properly is the main reason. When you fill the gap air fills between the component you want to cool down and the heatsink, the problem of overheating disappears. But, the material should be carefully selected. 

While there are other heat dissipating products, thermal paste performs the best. It seeps into small crevices, enabling better heat conduction from the CPU to the cooler. This lets the system transfer the heat from the CPU/GPU, offering a boost in your PC’s performance. 

Let’s take a dive into the details of a few of the best thermal pastes. 

1. Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G Thermal Paste



With minute particulates of silver and conductive ceramics, the Arctic Silver 5 offers premium thermal performance. You can insert the paste between high-power processing units and high-performance heatsinks. 

The high presence of conductive material in the paste yields great thermal performance and protects your CPU from overheating. The presence of sub-micron aluminium oxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride particulate boosts significantly the conductive performance of Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. 


The performance of any device can be estimated if tested at full potential. The results of the CPU-core temperature measurement is astounding; this Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste maintains 3 to 12 degrees lower temperature than standard thermal pads. 


2 to 5 small cores of CPU or 2 to 5 heat plates are covered with a 3.5-gram syringe of this thermal paste. The same syringe covers around 16 square inches at 0.003” thick layer.

Viscosity changes:

The viscosity of the paste changes in a subtle way with time; to get long-term and effective coverage of even the remotest areas on the CPU core and heat plates. When the viscosity of the paste is low, it can flow and reach more areas. After a few hours, the paste becomes more viscous and subtly develops into the desired consistency. 


  • Designed for long-term stability.
  • Covers a good amount of area.
  • Significantly better performance than standard thermal pads.


  • Careful application is needed.

2. ARCTIC MX-4 2019 Edition – Thermal Compound Paste



Good thermal conductivity is our prime focus here; higher the thermal conductivity of the paste, faster the dissipation of unwanted heat from the CPU. The carbon micro-particles present in the Arctic MX-4 compound paste help transfer the CPU/GPU heat into the heat sink. These carbon particles maximize the dissipation of excessive heat, enabling your CPU to perform effectively. 

Safe Application:

Prior to the introduction of thermal pastes for heat dissipation, metals were used. But, metals are electrical conductors; when metal gets in contact with the other electrically conductive elements of a CPU, there is a strong chance of short-circuiting. This can easily damage the equipment. 

The thermal paste only conducts heat, and therefore is an ideal choice for heat dissipation. It contains no electrically conductive element which takes away the possibility of short-circuiting. 


The most desirable feature in any device is its longevity. No one wants to replace a device every few months. Unlike silicon or metal thermal compounds, the Arctic MX-4 is tough and long-lasting. It only requires a one-time application and will work for around 8 years straight.


  • Longevity.
  • High heat-conductivity.
  • Safe for other electronic elements. 


  • Careful application is necessary.

3. Arctic Silver 3.5g High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Cooling Compound


Easy application:

Technology is making our lives easier by the day; there were days when you had to be technology savvy to get the most out of it. Now, the application of most devices is straightforward. The Arctic Silver thermal compound paste can be easily applied between your CPU and the cooler. Even if you are a beginner.  

Initially, when you apply the paste in voids, the viscosity is low, allowing the paste to enter tiny voids. After a few hours, the paste sets and attains a desirable consistency. This initial flowability ensures that every gap between the CPU core and the heatsink is filled. 


The most attractive feature of any electronic device is its performance. PCs usually clock at high rates while running heavy applications or games. The overheating of your CPU is almost always inevitable; but, if you have got an effective heat dissipation mechanism installed, you don’t need to worry at all. 

With the incorporation of ceramic and silver particles, the Arctic Silver 3.5g delivers excellent heat conductivity; this feature lets the heat out into the heatsink, saving your CPU’s delicate components from getting affected by overheating. This paste yields a 3 to 12 degree lower temperature than standard thermal pads. 


Metals conduct electricity; this property of metals makes them unsuitable for use as heat dissipators. The electrical conductivity of the heat dissipator poses problems. The Arctic Silver 3.5g does not conduct electricity, making other conductive PC components safe. 


  • Efficient heat dissipation.
  • Safe for other components. 
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • The date of production is not mentioned on the tube.

4. RZJZGZ Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition Thermal Compound Paste


Safe for CPU:

You might wonder what if the heat conductive paste also conducts electricity and damages your CPU. That will never happen as the paste, unlike liquid metal, does not contain any metallic element; the constituents of the Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition paste are not electrically conductive and pose no danger to your CPU or VGA card. 

High thermal conductivity:

The performance of these pastes mainly depends on how they transfer the extra heat from the CPU to the heatsink. When you run a heavy application, the CPU overclocks and produces heat; the heat is then dissipated through the paste into a coolant. 

The RZJZGZ Arctic MX-4 compound paste contains micro-carbon particles yielding excellent thermal conductivity. These carbon particles enable a smooth heat transfer and save your CPU from any damage from overclocking. 

Easy application:

With good initial flowability, you can easily apply the RZJZGZ Arctic paste between your CPU and heatsink. Even if you haven’t applied any such fluid in your device, you would be able to apply it efficiently, as it’s beginner-friendly. 


After the performance feature, the durability of a PC component is most desirable for a PC enthusiast. Unlike silicon or metal compounds, this carbon-particle paste delivers effective performance for a long period of time. 

Plus, fixing or adding hardware to a PC frequently is not something you would want, even if you are tech-savvy. The durability of this paste lets you experience peace of mind for at least 8 years as you will not have to change it before this period. 


  • Long-lasting.
  • Electrically non-conductive.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Extremely high heat dissipation. 


  • None.

Comparison Table:

NameCompositionProminent featureApplicationBuy Now
Arctic Silver 5Silver and ceramicsGood coverage areaRequires care
ARCTIC MX-4 2019 EditionCarbon particles            DurabilityEasy
Arctic Silver 3.5gMicronized silver and ceramicSafeEasy
RZJZGZ Arctic MX-4Carbon particlesBeginner-friendlyEasy

Buying Guide:

Durability and efficiency are the most desirable features in computers. While computers can perform heavy tasks, it comes at a price: overheating. Frequent overheating is inevitable if you run heavy applications. The most effective solution to heat is an effective heat dissipator. 

These dissipators come in different forms; the best in our view is the paste that can be applied between your CPU core and heatsink easily. This paste receives the heat from your CPU, and delivers it to the heatsink, maintaining a cool environment for better efficiency of your PC. 

Prominent features to look out for before making your final purchase are ease of application, durability, thermal conductivity and electrical non-conductivity. 

Before buying a thermal paste, there is a need to do extensive research, which we have done for you. You just have to take a look at the features of our best picks, filter out the one you like the most, and make an informed decision. 


Today, we spend a lot of time on our PCs; they require maintenance. But, what if there is a product which eliminates the need for frequent maintenance? With such an inexpensive thermal dissipator, you will eventually save yourself high maintenance costs. Your computer will work efficiently without getting fired up. 

A few of the top thermal pastes are mentioned above. We recommend you to read their features before making the final purchase; after reading the detailed article, you will be confident enough to buy what your PC needs.