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best ethernet cable for gaming

Best Ethernet Cable For PC Gaming

These days when you’re wrapped up in your room it can get quite stressful and boring without having something fun to do. Gaming is one hobby that can rile your interests and not just any gaming, PC gaming is the way to go because you just can’t match those graphics with a console or any other device.

There’s a reason why people save and spend so much on PC’s that take years to build and once you get there, the best is online games. GTA 5, Dark Souls or any other game transforms into a rollercoaster of excitement as soon as you connect the internet.

But wait, can you play online games on your PC without a trusted ethernet cable? An ethernet cable is something that connects your device (PC, laptop, console) to a network that will let you use the internet. 

Moreover, finding the best ethernet cable for PC gaming can be a little challenging considering the high supply of ethernet cables in the market. What should you do then? 

Well, lucky for you we’ve whipped up an article that reviews the best ethernet cables for PC Gaming so that during your quarantine you can practise social distancing without facing intense sessions of boredom. So stay pinned till the end.

1.DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable


Unique Design:

This ethernet cable has been built specially to be ultra-slim. It can easily pass through your carpet, rugs or even a door. Furthermore, it’s not like your regular ethernet cable; it’s strong and durable so you won’t have to worry about breaking the wire in half. It’s made with premium quality materials that make it heavy-duty.

The surface is coated with Special surface braided nylon that acts as an armour against the ground and other things. Moreover, it prevents dirt from entering any space.

Perfect gift

With four colours and nine sizes, you have quite the variety to choose from. These options will propel you to select the one you like the most. The velcro as a gift makes the cables look neat and tidy. No longer do you need to sift through the wires every other day to arrange them again.

Seamless connections

The ethernet cable by DanYee is suited to be modern, efficient and adaptable. It can connect onto modern routers, switch box, Network server, PS, Xbox, your PC, Laptop, and so much more. Do you need to look for another ethernet cable for other devices? Nope, not when DanYee’s here.

High Bandwidth & ultra-fast speed

This LAN cable supports bandwidth up to 600MHz and can transmit data at supersonic speeds, almost 10Gbps. It also connects to LAN/WAN segments and its networking gear operate at high speeds.

Life-long services

DanYee promises to provide life-long customer service, without charging a penny! Their team ensures that they’ll be available to cater to you in all conditions.


  • Nylon braiding ensures durability
  • Wires remain neat and tidy
  • High bandwidth, fast speed
  • Universal connector


  • Cable doesn’t slide easily

2. Cat 7 Ethernet cable


Never-ending plays

PC Gaming can get quite competitive, we know. That’s why this ethernet cable ensures that your performance can stay tip-top. It promises to give you an edge over your competitors in the game, unless they have the identical ethernet cable, of course!

Advanced performance

Jadaol Cat 7 cables guarantee better performance than cat6a and other traditional ethernet cables. With a whopping bandwidth of 600MHz and a dynamic speed up to 10Gbps, your gaming experience will receive a huge upgrade.

Reliable local area network

The ethernet cable we have for you right here can maximise your local area network’s performance by topping up the speed up to 10Gbps and with 10GBASE-T equipment, you’ll experience the change as soon as you begin using the local area network. 

Convenient connectivity

You can connect all the devices such as your PC, laptop, printer, TV, network media players, modem and so many devices with just a single cable. It opens doors to several connections so you don’t have to look for new cables.


  • Dynamic speed
  • High bandwidth
  • Strong cable structure
  • Cables are fluke tested


  • Connectivity problems

3. Cat 7 High-Speed Flat Ethernet cable


Premium connectivity

With Cat 7’s ethernet cable, you will be provided with a seamless connection. Play PC games all you want and it won’t lag or freeze or display connectivity problems. Moreover, the wires will not tangle with each other. This makes them look presentable and tidy at the same time. 

Fast-paced cable

What contributes to a seamless connection? This ethernet will undoubtedly provide an uninterrupted network connection throughout the day. With speeds going up to 10,000 Mbps or 10 Gigabit per second, it outmatches Cat-7 by a considerable margin. 

Durable cables 

Constructed of Double Shielded twisted pairs, the cables are a masterpiece to have for your PC Gaming. They can minimize cross-talk and assist in strengthening the signal quality and data movement. Moreover, its connectors have 50-micron gold plated contacts that will not corrode or degrade for a long time. 

Dependable quality

Instead of wasting your money behind ethernet cables that promise everything but give nothing, Cat 7 cables are made of bare copper. It has greater conductivity and is made from 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper ensures that the connection does not break during your use. Play PC games all that you want!

Commendable connectivity

Cat 7’s ethernet cable is designed specifically to be universal connectivity starting from computers, printers, PC, office equipment and much more. It can connect in a wired local area network (LAN) as well, for added convenience. 

You’ll be satisfied by how many devices this ethernet cable can connect with. Cat understands that it can be tough to find alternative cables again and again for different devices so they’ve created a single cable that meets all your needs as a PC Gamer. Now you don’t need to pause your game every once in a while, you can easily connect whatever you want with this cable.


  • Premium quality materials make it durable
  • Connects to several devices
  • Lag/freeze free gaming experience
  • Fast speed


  • Faulty connector issues

4. Cat 8 Ethernet cable


Heavy-duty protection

If you were surprised with dirt-proof ethernet cables, this one’s going to surprise you. The ethernet cable is designed to withstand harsh weather and it’s safeguarded from UV rays, thanks to its PVC jacket, and this outdoor Cat8 ethernet cable will live for a very long time, it’s anti-ageing. The cable can take direct sunlight, extreme cold and humid weathers and it’ll do its job without any interruption. 

It’s created for a purpose, and that purpose is to provide you with an uninterrupted, fast connection that’ll ensure your premium gaming experience.

Fast signals

Cat 8’s ethernet cable is made of 5 shielded foiled twisted pairs and a single strand OFC wires that can take it up to a bandwidth of 2000MHz and rack up the speed to a whopping 40Gbps. Gamers realize how valuable 40Gbps is since it’ll speed up their games in a jiffy. You don’t have to keep up with slow, laggy ethernet cables anymore that doze off every now and then. 

With this, you can play on your PC endlessly. HD games, online games will tune in with Hyper Speed, letting you boast off your speed in front of friends and gamers alike. 

Minimal signal interference

This ethernet cable is quadruple shielded, what this means is that it drastically lowers EMI/RFI interference and makes sure that you don’t have to wait to play games on your PC. Moreover, it grants gamers maximum fidelity so that data can be transmitted at long distances. 

Armoured cables

The cables are safe and secure. They’re anti-corrosion, waterproof and are packing with enough durability & flexibility for long hours of gaming. You can use this cable both outdoor and indoor, depending on your need. Additionally, you can even bury it without having to concern yourself with the condition of the wire. It’ll do just fine.

Connectivity of a lifetime 

With this ethernet cable in your possession, you won’t need to look for another. The two shielded RJ45 connectors present at both ends of the cable are equipped to work with networking switches, routers, consoles, PC and so many other devices all at once!

Its connectivity is commendable since it is also compatible with previous versions of Cat cables. 

Smooth data transmission

Having 26AWG, Cat 8 is much thicker and has better speed and stability compared to other ethernet cables. It’s designed to assist PC gamers who’re looking for a dependable ethernet cable. The data transmission is smooth, rapid and ever-flowing. Gamers require connections that don’t restrict or prevent them from playing to their full potential.

With this ethernet cable, PC gamers can play for hours without stopping. Once you get hooked onto Cat 8 you won’t have a desire for a different cable. It’s that effective as an ethernet cable.

Moreover, with their dependable customer service, you can ask for their assistance whenever you want, they’ll be there to aid you in times of trouble!


  • Remains functional in all types of weather
  • Maximum durability
  • Provides uninterrupted connections
  • Fast, smooth data transmission
  • Advanced connectivity


  • The wire is difficult to move around, too thick

Comparison Chart:

ProductsSpeedBandwidthSpecial featureBuy Now
1. DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable10Gbps600 MHZNylon braided cables
2. Cat 7 Ethernet cable10Gbps600 MHZ10GBase-T equipment made
3. Cat 7 High-Speed Flat Ethernet cable10Gbps2000 MHZBare Copper built
4. Cat 8 Ethernet cable40Gbps2000 MHZWeather-proof, anti-UV

Buying Guide

When you visit the market to buy ethernet cable, a plethora of options will open up to you. Finding the best available out there is almost equal to looking for a needle in a haystack so you need to read on a buying guide that’ll prepare you for what’s outside. Read this to become a well-informed buyer.


Shielding is one of the most important aspects of what a buyer needs to consider when buying an ethernet cable. It’s a shielding inside the cable that does not allow the signals to degrade and does not let the harsh environment take a toll on the cable. When buying one, make sure that you check and know how it’s shielded.


PC gamers know that speed is a valid aspect that deserves to be considered. This is what will decide your performance in the game, after your own. Speed is the deciding factor in most games and you’ll only receive decent speed with ethernet cables that are built from premium materials. Copper is one material that receives praise from people. Check the speed that the cable will provide before buying it.


There’s something that goes on in these markets, the more you pay the better you get. Ethernet cables that are advanced obviously cost a lot of money but that doesn’t mean you need to buy the one that costs the most. You can see what your requirement is then to buy the one which suits you. As a general rule of thumb, ask the seller if the ethernet cable can support the game/s you play or not. In most cases, you won’t have to buy the most expensive cable out there since it’s made for advanced gamers who cannot afford to have any slip during play.

Cable size

Ethernet cable suppliers out there try to sell cables with medium or small sizes. Do not buy cables that go less than 10 feet. You will probably need to place or bury them for a long-distance so buying one that doesn’t even meet the purpose is a big mistake. Go for a long cable instead. 


PC gamers are increasing day by day and with rising numbers, we need better ethernet cables out there for them to know that’s why we came up with this article. Hopefully, after reading this you’ve become an informed buyer, who understands what’s the best ethernet cable out there for the best gaming experience on your PC.