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2000 dollar gaming pc

Best 2000 Dollar Gaming Pc

For all the hard-core gamers out there, choosing a perfect gaming PC to boost their gaming experience has always been a matter of concern. The reason behind this is the other platform, which is also good at providing you the gaming sessions, including the gaming console. But the gaming PC has always been at the top.

Gaming PCs can provide you with several benefits that can lead you towards an affordable and extraordinary gaming experience. They are good at dealing with controls. There are several mods available by which you can edit the characters in-game. 

Moreover, the Gaming PC never gets outdated. You can easily upgrade them to have an optimized impact on their performance, which can handle the new high-end games of that time with ease. 

Managing a Gaming PC is also an easy task as you can use multiple affordable hardware, compatible with your PC. Just install the drivers and plug-in the gadget you want to use. Furthermore, the less cost, repairing ease, convenient maintenance, upgradability are some of the key features for the gaming PC as well.

Keeping in mind the importance of gaming PCs, we’ll never let you down in choosing the one for you. Here, we are disclosing you with the best 2000 dollar gaming PC; Sky-Tech Omega Gaming PC.

It is the real future of gaming that can raise the sensation and assure you the high-end gaming experience. First of all, let’s have a brief insight into the key features of this gaming PC.


  • Equips the most advanced GPU for high-end graphics
  • Ray-Tracing for the realistic reflections
  • Stream, and record at the same time
  • Liquid Cooling System for efficient heat sinking
  • Tool-less upgradability
  • VR Ready functionality
  • Proficient Dust-Filtration system
  • Higher Frame rate with 1080p resolution
  • The amazing build-up, perfect for high-end gaming

Detailed Overview of the Features and Attributes:

Here, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of all the features that can extend your gaming experience to a new level. Let’s have a look:

Built for Real-Gaming

The Sky-Tech Omega Gaming PC will never let you down with its most advanced specifications and provide you an uninterrupted and extra-smooth gaming session via the 9th generation Intel Core i9-9900K processor. 

The 9900K is regarded as one of the most updated and advanced processors in Intel’s list, which results in enhanced speed and optimized performance without any lag. The 16-thread and 8-core processor can smoothen the gameplay. Another significant advancement is efficient heat sinking ability. 

The 360mm RGB AIO heat transfer system is designed to transfer the heat from the processor to the outer environment within seconds to ensure the longer runtime for the PC.

High-end GPU performance

GPU performance is the ability to deal with the top-notch graphics and real-like gaming experience. This gaming PC equipped the advanced NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 along with the 8GB GDDR6 video card. 

To enhance the further support and bring revolution to the gaming speed, 16 GB gaming memory DDR4 3000 adds to the worth of this device. The 6X performance can be experienced via the advanced GPU as compared to the previous models of the graphics card.

Ray-Tracing Ability

Along with higher GPU performance, another exceptional technology is loaded into this high-end gaming PC, i.e., Real-Time Ray-Tracing. You can view the reflections, shadows, and lightning effects to a more realistic level with this technology, which brings the AI to the gaming.

Stream and Record at Ease

The Sky-Tech Omega Gaming PC will benefit you in so many ways as you cannot only enjoy the games yourself but can record and stream as well. The PC comes with dedicated hardware, which lets you do all these three chores at the same time. 

Streaming is also much supported by the RTX graphics and the 9th Generation Intel processor, which runs the streaming apps in a faster and smoother way. You can handle the heavy software OBC and run the live streaming efficiently.

Efficient High-Performance Liquid Cooling

This Gaming PC is equipped with the most advanced and highly efficient liquid cooling system, which keeps your system at a low temperature. The software controller, i.e., ARGB water cooler, can help you maintain the optimized performance during the most intensive tasks. 

The gaming PC demands efficient heat transfer from the components to the cooler as well. For this purpose, an advanced 360mm system is employed in the PC, which does not keep the system cool but depicts a delightful sight with vibrant colors.

Tool-Less Design

Maintenance is no more an issue in this Sky-Tech Omega Gaming PC, which yields an utterly tool-less design. To add more to the valuable experience, tempered glass is added as the side panel, which provides see-through sight and looks elegant when the colors are ON. You just need to press the handle for an easy open/close feature of the side panel.

Accessible Internal Compartment

As already discussed, this gaming PC equips a tool-less design that works for easy access. You can easily upgrade or modify internal compartments without any multifaceted tool.

Dust Filtering Technology

Along with the high-end water cooling system, here are other exceptional features that enhance the life span for this Sky-Tech gaming PC. The Dust Filter is placed near the bottom of the unit that helps to clean the internal compartment to function correctly.

VR Ready for HTC Vice & Oculus Rift

Virtual word is the basis of real-gaming. You cannot enjoy the game and get the most out of it if you don’t have the Virtual Reality feature. To make up for this situation, this gaming PC is well-equipped with powerful hardware, including VR and prism support. 

The VR supports the high-end HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, both of which can provide you with an extraordinary virtual reality experience like never before.

Extensive Range of Wi-Fi

Sky-Tech gaming PC is equipped with a wide coverage Wi-Fi antenna, i.e., PCIe 802.11 AC, which lets you connect to the internet even with the weak signals. You’ll not have any worries in response to online gaming and can enjoy the gaming session seamlessly.

Input/output ports

Every kind of Input/output port is available, which lets you connect the multiple sorts of hardware to your PC. You can enhance the gaming experience with the joystick, controller, high-tech keyboard, and much more. 

The ports include 1x HDMI, 3x Display Ports, 6x USB (3.1 gen), 2x USB (2.0), HD audio and mic ports, and more to add to your convenience.

General Specifications

Here we’re providing you with the general specifications at a single glimpse. So, you’ll know the worth of this top-notch quality gaming PC:

ProcessorIntel Core i9-9900K Coffee Lake 8-Core, 16-Thread, 3.6 GHz (5.0 GHz Turbo)
Processor Count8
CPU modelCore i9
GraphicsGeForce RTX 2070 along with the Super 8GB GDDR6
Hard Drive1 TB
Memory16GB DDR4
Motherboard2390 Gigabyte UD
Wi-FiPCIe 802.11
Display Ports:1x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort (Version 1.4)
Input/ output ports6x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
Cooling System360mm RGB AIO liquid cooling system
OS SystemWindows 10
Item Weight42 lbs.
Item Dimensions18.8 x 8.4 x 19.6 in
Power Supply750 Watt 80 PLUS GOLD Certified
CaseIn Win 303 Tempered Glass White Case

Frequently Asked Question FAQs:

Q. What is the model of SSD employed in this PC?

A. The model for the SSD is the HP EX920 NVMe PCIe M.2.

Q. Is there any possibility to extend the RAM and disk capacity?

A. The built-in specifications are M2 1TB SSD having no options. The case can have 2.5 and 3.5 SATA drives as well.

Q. Can it work fines with the PS4 controller?

A. Yes, you need an Xbox One Controller for this purpose, and it runs well with this PC.

Q. What is the Video card brand, and is it possible to overclock it?

A. This branded PC comes with the GPI or MSI by the NVIDIA brand, and there is no such need to overclock as it runs faster and smoother with every game.

Q. Can it work fine with GTA 5?

A. Yes, it can run it with the full high settings.

Q. Is there any Bluetooth feature?

Yes. You need to use the antennas with the Wi-Fi cards to get any range of Bluetooth.

Q. Is there any CD slot?

A. No, there is no CD slot available on this PC. However, you can run it in two ways. Either you can buy it separately and connect it via USB, or you can connect a SATA.


Sky-Tech Omega Gaming PC has been equipped with the most useful, high-end, and extraordinary features that can run your favorite games, i.e., GTA 5, Fortnite, PUBG, Resident Evil and much more at the higher available settings. 

The advanced GPU, along with the 1080p resolution and Core-i9 processor, you’ll have a perfect and seamless gaming session without any lag. Keeping in mind, all those features and specifications, this Gaming PC is an ideal partner for you in your streaming and playing sessions.