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gaming pc build under 2000

Best Gaming PC Build Under 2000

Who does not like to play video games? Formulating intricate battle strategies, shooting down the bad guys, and saving the entire world – who could ever say no?! And all the while when you are having a good time, you are honing multiple important skills as well. Sign us up for that, we say!

Gaming helps you challenge your mind power, build up on your creativity, and improve your hand eye coordination. And if all of that wasn’t enough, there are many educational video games that teach you numerous other valuable lessons. 

They let you develop your logical reasoning in order to solve complicated puzzles and mysteries. Still others teach you straight up facts that you might end up finding helpful in your daily life. In short, playing video games is not only highly entertaining, but it is also extremely educational.

But it is no fun playing when you do not have the right equipment. And a proper premade gaming PC can end up costing you quite a bit. So, how can you work your way around it if you are on a budget?

The way to go when you want the best value for your money is to build a custom gaming PC yourself. This refers to buying seperate parts and then assembling them together to make your very own version of a gaming pc. It is not only extremely cost effective, but also ensures that you are getting the very best deal in every product.

Today, this article will serve two purposes. We will review some of the best gaming equipment while also providing a simple guide towards building your own gaming pc. Towards the end of this write up, you will hopefully be able to customize the best gaming pc build under 2000 dollars! Let’s begin.

1. The Processor: Intel BX80684I99900KF Intel Core i9-9900KF


Great processing power

For a gaming CPU, you want the highest processing power. This particular model boasts of 8 cores and 16 threads. With a phenomenal processing power, this is undoubtedly the best pick you can make.

Unlocked and overclockable

This is the unlocked 9th generation intel core I9-9900 KF processor. It allows you to use it for a long time without getting overheated. Hence, it is perfect for overclockers.

High speed

When it comes to a processing unit, the speed can make all the difference. Fortunately, with a processing speed of 3.6 GHz, this CPU does not disappoint.


  • Can handle upto 100 degree celsius at the processor
  • With more cores and more threads, your speed increases automatically
  • Intel optane memory supported
  • Compact and easy to store when not in use


  • Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets

2. The Cooler: DEEP COOL Assassin III Air CPU Cooler


Convenient to use

This cooling system is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners who are not very tech savvy. Extremely easy to install, it even comes with its own custom screwdriver.


This product can work with a large range of gaming PCs. It supports Intel LGA2066/2011-v3/2011/1151/1150/1155/1366 and AMD AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1.

Double the productivity

The 7 heat pipes make this cooler extremely efficient at its job. However, if that was not enough to convince you, the patented fan blades are double layered. This amplifies the air flow upto 2.5 cubic metre per minute.


  • Minimalistic and stylish look
  • 7 heatpipes
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Great customer support


  • One of the more heavy coolers out there

3. The GPU: MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080


Affordable and economical

When one is on a budget, this is the perfect economical buy for a Graphics Processing Unit. Available at a bargain price, it ensures there’s enough left over to afford the rest of the components you need.

Enhanced quality

Along with being extremely affordable, this GPU does not compromise on the quality either. The chipset here is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super. With this GPU, you will finally be able to get the vibrant graphics that your gaming deserves.

Large video memory

This GPU has a video memory of 8 GB GDDR6. The memory interface is 256 bit, and memory clock speed is 15.5 GHz. With these features to boast of, you know this GPU is not one that disappoints. 


  • Provides unparalleled graphic quality
  • Works silently without any noise pollution
  • Tri Frozr thermal design to increase efficiency


  • Not easily available in every region around the globe

4. The Memory: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB


Works great with Intel

This RAM has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Intel based platforms. Hence, this ensures that it works seamlessly with such platforms without any troubles.

Ergonomic and intelligent design

The manufacturers paid great attention to detail when designing this RAM. The heatsink design with vibrant RGB LEDs is incredibly unique and extremely intelligent.

Supports every game

This TridentZ RGB 16 GB RAM is more than enough to support any game. Whether you are playing Call of Duty or Fortnite, this RAM will ensure that there are no issues.


  • Fast memory speed (3200 MHz)
  • 288 pins per module
  • Stylish with vibrant LED lights
  • Full range RGB support


  • Because it is specifically designed for Intel products, it might not work as great with others

5. The Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI


Fulfills your need for speed

The ultra fast WiFi of this motherboard is probably the best thing about it. For a gaming experience you will remember for years, it allows a wireless solution which speeds up to 1.73 Gbps. Now you can truly enjoy HD video streaming to its fullest.

Keeps its cool

This motherboard is equipped with an innovative technology to maintain its cool while gaming for long hours. The Smart Fan 5 feature ensures that the user gets a timely update on the airflow and temperature.

Incredible design

By ensuring a lightning fast speed and providing a thermal solution, this motherboard allows you to get the most out of your Intel core processors. Hence, the incredible design lets you really get your money’s worth. 


  • Dual M.2 with dual thermal guard
  • Made with high quality, durable materials
  • Offers complete control over the LEDs that surround the motherboard
  • Works great with 8th and 9th Intel core processors


  • Only supports 8th and 9th Intel core processors

6. The Storage: Samsung (MZ-V7S1T0B/AM) 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB


Reliable and trustworthy

When it comes to Samsung, one can trust with his eyes closed. This brand has been making supreme quality products for a very long time. All this while, it never fails to impress in each one of their items.

Innovative V-NAND technology

The 970 EVO SSD NVMe’s interface is powered by Samsung’s innovative V-NAND technology. This ensures enhanced bandwidth, low latency, and power efficiency that is unlike any other.

Samsung dynamic thermal guards

To keep your equipment cool during long gaming sessions, this product uses Samsung’s dynamic thermal guard. These switch on automatically when the temperature gets too high and keep your equipment safe from heat damage.


  • Breakthrough read write speed
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • 5 year warranty period
  • Automatic firmware updates ensure data security


  • A little pricier when compared to other storage options

7. The Power supply: CORSAIR RMX Series (2018)


Reputable performance

Whenever you are buying a product, don’t you wish that there was some sort of guarantee that said this was indeed the best item? Well, with this RM650X, you can have exactly that. The 80 Plus Gold Certification it holds is proof of its high performance and efficiency.

Minimal noise pollution

You don’t want to be waking up the entire neighbourhood each time you play Fortnite, do you? For this precise reason, RMX power supplies are tuned for low noise operation. Even when working at full load, they will hardly make a sound.

Superior quality capacitors

This product uses 100% all Japanese 105 degree celsius capacitors. These high end electrolytic capacitors ensure unwavering power and long term reliability.


  • Fully modular cables
  • 140 mm large cooling fan
  • Includes a zero rpm fan mode
  • Durable and long lasting


  • There has been a spike in bad units being manufactured by this brand lately

8. The Case: Cooler Master MCM-H500-IGNN-S00 MasterCase ATX Mid-Tower


Provides visibility

Visibility is a huge favourable feature for a gaming case. The mesh and transparent front panels for this case make sure that you get the best.

Portable and easy handling

One of the biggest reasons for using a case is that it makes the equipment easy to use. This particular item assists this even further by having a strong case handle.

Radiator support

This product has up to 360 mm radiator support in front and another 240 mm on the top.


  • Light grey tinted tempered glass
  • Top magnetic filter
  • Front cable covers for a clean look
  • Great value for money


  • Not available in multiple colours

Buying Guide

If you are new to building a gaming pc, you might not know where to start. What products should you buy? How should you put them together? What should you consider while buying these products? These are probably the questions that are floating around in your mind right now. Let’s find the answers, shall we?

The basic components you require to make a fire custom built gaming pc are not many. You only need one CPU, a cooler, a GPU, a RAM, a motherboard, an SSD, a power supply, and a case. Above, we have discussed in detail what we consider to be the best product in each category. Once you know what you are shopping for, you can get started on your project.

Your Individual Requirements And Product Features

For each category, look for products that best suit your own needs. For this, it is important to first self reflect and find out those individual requirements. When that’s done, go ahead and match them with the product features to see what fits.

The Availability Of Reliable Parts

Once you shortlist all the products that may work for you, find out if you can get your hands on them. Where are these products available and would you have to pay for shipping?

Convenience And Ease Of Use

This next consideration is especially important for beginners. The easier each product is to assemble and use, the better your gaming experience will be. Considering this factor can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Your Spending Power

For the purpose of this article, we have assumed that you are willing to spend upto 2000 dollars. Generally, this would be considered a generous budget. Most people would not have any financial problems with this amount when it comes to building a custom gaming pc.

But of course, your own budget might differ from this. The important thing is to make sure that you can afford all the components before you start placing orders. You do not want to run out of money before you have bought all the necessary products for your project.

The Final Word

By now, you know what you need to purchase to customize your very own gaming pc. Now that you are well aware of the products, do your research for the best deals in each category. This will allow you to throw about an exceptional gaming pc at a bargain price. Good luck building!