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Best Gaming PC Accessories

Although adequate RAM, robust processor, good storage capacity, and powerful graphics card are vital for a gaming PC, accessories add a lot of value. You can optimize and customize your gaming experience by incorporating some PC accessories to your gameplay. 

Accessories that will not only make you stand out in a multiplayer game, but they will also make your gameplay more exciting and enjoyable. 

We have conducted detailed research and found three best gaming PC accessories that will take your gaming experience to the next level. The accessories reviewed below include the best gaming mouse bungee, gaming glasses, and RGB gaming mousepad. 

The mousepad and mouse bungee improve mouse movement, and the gaming glasses are focused on providing a safe visual environment. 

While all the three are different devices, they add value to the gameplay in their own way. In addition to finding the top gaming PC accessories, we did some research on finding the best in their own category; we realize the importance of accurate information in buying and want you to make practical decisions based on relevant information. 

The following are some PC accessories you can use to add heaps of enjoyable hours to your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

1. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2


Effective Cord Control

Mouse cord entanglement or drag can be a pain sometimes, especially in a game requiring swift mouse movements. One cord entanglement can ruin your whole progress. 

This Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee keeps a check on wire drags or entanglement, enabling smooth and accurate mouse movements. The enhanced controllability of a mouse with this mouse bungee will give you full control over subtle movements in a game. Plus, it’s compatible with any corded mouse. 

Durable Spring Arm

Spring arm is a vital component of a bungee; it controls the movements of the mouse cord while you are playing. The spring arm keeps the mouse cord under control while allowing subtle movements through the stretchable spring. 

The longevity of the spring depends on whether it is corrosion-resistant or not; because corrosion or rust can make a material worthless over time. The Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee is rust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about its longevity. 

Stable base

During an intense competition in a game, mouse movements can be swift and sudden. While the spring arm is flexible and allows limited movement to the cord, the bungee as a whole needs to be stable. The Razer Mouse Bungee has a stable base because of its adequate weight. So, you don’t have to worry about its stability while playing. 

Slip-resistant feet

Adding to the already steady bungee are the rubber anti-slip feet that do not let it budge. The higher friction with the base on which the bungee is placed allows you to make fast and sudden mouse movements without fretting about its movement. 


  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Good stability.
  • Durable spring arm.
  • Good cord controllability. 


  • Maybe a little expensive for some. 

2. LUXCOMS LED RGB Gaming Mouse Pad


Adequate Size

Effective gaming requires a good amount of mouse movement space; while playing, you don’t want your mouse to go off of the mouse pad. The LUXCOMS LED RGB gaming mouse pad provides 31.5 x 11.8 inches of space to your mouse. With this space, you won’t have to worry about the mouse dragging out of the pad space and can enjoy non-stop gaming. 

Static and Dynamic Lighting Modes

While functionality is vital, aesthetics enhance the overall gaming experience. This gaming mouse pad offers 11 different lighting modes with a pleasant backlit effect; with 7 static lighting modes and 4 dynamic lighting modes, the mouse pad generates a colorful and dynamic gaming atmosphere. 


With a firm grip with the ground, the base of this mouse pad prevents any movements with the movement of the mouse. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it has adequate space for the mouse movements; with space and firm grip, it offers a stable gaming platform. 


While it’s unlikely that you’ll spill water on the pad, it still offers you peace of mind by being waterproof. So, if you want to have a drink or water by the side, you have nothing to worry about. 

Plug and Play 

LUXCOMS gaming mouse pad is designed for easy use; it is plugged into your PC with a USB and requires no drivers to start functioning. The control button has been trialed and tested by the company for millions of times for durability. You just have to press the button and choose the mode of lighting you want. 

Memory Function

The gaming mouse pad from LUXCOMS has a memory function, so you don’t have to worry about resetting it after turning it on every time. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Waterproof.
  • Large size.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Variety of static and dynamic lighting modes. 


  • The mouse pad is not foldable. 

3. J+S Vision Blue-Light protective Gaming Glasses


Protection from the Blue Light

White light has seven colors; every color has a different wavelength/frequency. When we split the white light into its components, the blue light has the highest frequency and lowest wavelength; because of its high frequency, the blue light can penetrate your eye’s retina and cause serious eye conditions if exposed for long enough time. 

The J+S gaming eyeglasses filter out the dangerous blue light emanating from your computer’s screen, protecting them from long-term damage. With the dangers of high-frequency light aside, you can enjoy a non-stop gaming experience. 

Minimizes Eye Stress

In addition to causing long-term damage to the eyes, the blue light can also be a cause of your eye fatigue. Continuous exposure will lead to your eyes being weary and stressed out; this will reduce your efficiency as you won’t be able to focus on the screen much longer. 

With the J+S placed on your ears, you will see an increase in your efficiency while gaming or even at work. 

Improves Sleep Quality

With the high-frequency light almost eliminated, you will experience an improvement in your sleep quality. The blue light also suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. 

Minimum Color Distortion 

Unlike other blue light protective glasses out there, the J+S does not distort the quality of colors. The eyeglasses protect your eyes from the harmful light between the wavelength 400nm-430nm while maintaining the quality of the colors. The manufacturer has maintained a balance between the protection of eyes and the quality of visual effects. 

Protection from Every Electronic Device

Not only form the blue light emanating from your computer screen, but the J+S eyeglasses also protect your eyes from the blue light coming from any electronic device. Not only that, but you can also wear them when you go out as it protects the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet light. 

Instant Adjustment

For most people, the J+S glasses work instantly; however, if you haven’t worn glasses before, you may need some getting used to. During this adjustment period, you may feel a little discomfort in your eyes or headache.


  • Comfortable fit for males and females.
  • Large field of vision.
  • Comfortable on large or small heads. 
  • Effective protection with minimum color distortion.
  • Minimize eye strain and fatigue.


  • Best suited to healthy eyes.
  • Can’t test the glasses online. 
  • For some people, the initial adjustment period can cause discomfort. 

Comparison Chart

NameProminent FeatureBuy Now
1. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2
Effective mouse cord control
2. LUXCOMS Gaming Mouse Pad
Stable, waterproof and large.

3. J+S Vision Gaming Glasses

Effective protection against the blue light.

Buying Guide

There are numerous PC accessories for adding pleasure and comfort to the gaming experience. While the accessories you choose will depend on your interests, our research was focused on the products that can truly add value to your gameplay. 

Plus, when you are going to buy an accessory, you need to be accurately informed about its features. The above review lists a detailed analysis of the gaming PC accessories that we think make your gaming experience more enjoyable. 

If it’s a gaming mouse bungee, it needs to be stable and must be able to control the mouse cord while you play your game. Gaming eyeglasses’ primary function is to filter out the dangerous blue light so that you can play or work non-stop without feeling strain in your eyes. 

The mousepad makes it to our best PC accessories because of its large size and anti-slip design. So, adding all three to your gaming will definitely make your gameplay more dynamic and enjoyable. Go through the article and make an informed and practical decision with relevant and accurate information.


You have a great RAM, fast processor, excellent graphics card and vibrant screen, which adds great value to your PC’s abilities. However, you can make your gameplay even better by incorporating some PC accessories that not only add functionality to your PC, but they can make gaming more enjoyable and dynamic. 

We realize that gamers long for continuity and non-stop gaming. In order to make your long gaming hours more comfortable and safe, we came up with these PC accessories. So, give the article a read, apprise yourself of the value they add and make your gaming experience more enjoyable and safe.