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Best Pre Built Gaming PC Under 1500

Building a gaming-focused PC yourself can be satisfying, but acquiring the one already made for you gives a different kind of pleasure. Numerous pre-built gaming PCs can satisfy your gaming needs without breaking the bank. 

Landing on a great pre-built gaming PC can be equally tricky as finalizing your design and build; it requires some knowledge of the features, and that can only be received through research. The research you will not have to do if you read this article. 

For us, the specifications, price, and performance carry vital importance. The best graphics card, coupled with a high-end processor, is what a premium PC will offer.

We need to look for the one with both features complementing each other, and, of course, the balance of price. The processor needs to extract the full potential of the graphics card. 

We have conducted the necessary research for filtering out the best pre built gaming PC under 1500; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand this article as it is written in an easy-to-comprehend language. 

Let’s dive into our best picks of pre-built gaming PCs. 

1. CUK Continuum Micro Gamer PC


Premium Material and Design

The body of the CUK Continuum Micro Gamer PC is made up of durable steel. Its front panel glows with the infinite hues produced by the infinity mirror. The side door slides open easily and is made up of glass that’s pre-treated for a high toughness. Plus, the top panel has audio ports and a USB 3.0 port. 

Remains Cool

Six pre-installed RGB fans with 600-1800 rpm allow efficient removal of heat from the PC. Additionally, there are three frontal fans for air intake, along with one rear and two top-mounted exhaust fans. These fans work with up to two 240mm radiators, maximizing the cooling power of the CUK micro gamer PC. 

Hand-Made and Burn-In Tested

The CUK gamer PC is handcrafted so that perfection is achieved while assembling the device. More than forty quality checks and a burn-in electronic test of every system ensure the PC’s durability. So, you can enjoy extensive gaming without worrying about any potential malfunction for a long time. 

Swift Computing with the Latest Technology

While hard drive speed and memory play a role in the fast gaming experience, the processor is vital. With the latest technology of AMD Ryzen processors, the CUK Continuum offers swift and lag-free gaming experience.

Excellent Graphics Performance

NVIDIAs GeForce GTX series offers a 3X performance compared to the previous generations as it uses pascal. NVIDIA drivers and GeForce GTX CPUs work together to minimize the latency, delivering a smooth gaming experience. 


  • Great value for money.
  • It comes with a mouse and a keyboard. 
  • Great graphics and processing performance.
  • Multiple fans enable effective heat dissipation. 
  • Low latency.


  • The keyboard and mouse are not what a gamer would love.

2. SkyTech Legacy Mini PC for Gaming


Robust Processor for Heavy Gaming

AMD’s first-generation Ryzen processors were powerful and offered high-end gaming experience. The company has improved further by introducing Ryzen 7 2700, which provides enhanced speeds, memory controller, cache system, and latency. 

The eight cores translating to 16 threads let you multitask at fast speed. In addition to the 16MB L3 Cache for massive data processing, the SkyTech Mini PC offers 4.1GHz for an exceptional gaming experience. A wraith cooler efficiently dissipates heat, protecting internal components from heat-related damages. 

Smooth Streaming with Hardware Encoders

The SkyTech Legacy has a super-fast GPU with higher cores and clock speeds. You can play the game and stream it at the same time at high-quality thanks to the hardware encoders. The ray-tracing technique renders excellent visual effects for an immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, you can stream with your favorite apps, thanks to the PCs RTX graphic cards. 

Virtual Reality Compatible

Want to take your gaming experience to the next level? You can enjoy the advanced virtual reality environment with low latency as the PC is compatible with HTC Dice and Oculus Rift. 

Vibrant RGB Colors

The wraith spire cooler coupled with three RGB fans, the SkyTech Legacy Mini, offers vibrant and sparkling colors, enabling a pleasant virtual environment. 

Simplistic Yet a Piece of Art

Style is not dependent on complexities; sometimes simple designs yield fantastic style. The Legacy Mini’s build and design are simple yet amazingly stylish. The front panel input/output is powered with an LED that renders a colorful environment while you play in the dark. 


  • Powerful processor for seamless gaming.
  • Virtual reality ready.
  • Colorful, simplistic, and impactful design. 
  • Can be streamed live with different apps while playing games. 


  • It comes with a mouse and a keyboard; however, they are not up to the gaming standards. 

3. Skytech Chronos Desktop PC for Gaming


Efficient Processing with Eight Cores

With the second-generation AMD Ryzen 2700x processor, eight cores and 16 threads, the Skytech Chronos delivers seamless gaming experience. In addition to the high-end processing, it has an efficient heat dissipation system in the shape of AMD Wraith Spire cooler. 

The PC has a 1TB SSD, which is 30 times faster than a conventional HDD. Plus, with the 16GB DDR4 memory, the system offers smooth extensive gaming. 

Enhanced Graphics Performance

The second-generation graphics card of Chronos PC offers six times enhanced performance compared to the previous generation. The ray-tracing technique adds on to the PC’s attributes by providing realistic reflections, lighting effects, and shadows, enabling an immersive gaming environment. 

Virtual Reality Ready

Through offering compatibility with premium quality hardware like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the SkyTech Chronos is letting you immerse yourself in a vivid virtual atmosphere. 

Game and Stream Simultaneously

Thanks to the desktop’s hardware encoders, you can easily stream live your gaming activity and play at the same time. The Intel Core i9 processor and RTX Graphics enable seamless live stream on apps like Open Broadcaster Software because of their compatibility with each other. 

Captivating Colors

With the RGB color scheme, the accessories inside deliver amazing color hues through the toughened glass panel on the side. 

Easy-to-se Front Panel

The front panel of the SkyTech Chronos lets you plug in USBs, hard drives, headphones, card readers, mics, etc with ease. Plus, with a single light control button, you can control the RGB lighting. 


  • RGB lighting glows your environment.
  • Efficient and Swift Processing with eight cores. 
  • Simultaneous Gaming and Streaming.
  • 1TB SSD Maximizes the Speed. 
  • It provides excellent value for money. 
  • Built-in WIFI.


  • Antennas come in the box, but you have to attach them yourself. 

4. Dell G5 Intel Core i7 Gaming PC 


Unique and Compact Design

Before getting into more technical details, it’s imperative to mention that Dell G5’s design is minimalistic and impactful; it takes less space while providing great value. It’s as if it was specifically designed for gaming. 

A side benefit could be that you can easily take it to other places for LAN gaming. Plus, the bezel blue lighting makes the overall gaming experience significantly better and dynamic. 

Easy Upgradation

While you don’t need to customize or upgrade much, not at least in the near future, the Dell G5 offers easy upgradation. You can unhinge the side panel easily by loosening two screws and accessing the interior; this allows you to upgrade your PCs memory, GPU, CPU, and hard drives.

Enhanceable Storage 

Not that you would need to add more storage anytime soon, you can significantly enhance the storage with three bays; one 3.5” bay and two 2.5” bays are available for additional hard drive attachments. The PC also lets you add onto the SSD storage by providing an M.2 slot. So, if you think pre-built PCs don’t offer much customization, think again. 

Greater Control with Alienware Command Centre

The Alienware Command Centre allows you to save time and get improved functionality by fine-tuning your problems and settings with ease. The software gives you control over hardware and software environments and on every game you play. 

Plus, all the system settings are linked to a library, letting you access gaming information from one place. 

Efficient Heat Dissipation Allows Extensive Gaming

Heat is an inevitable part of any high-end PC, and overheating can easily cause irrecoverable damage to its components. The solution is to redirect and dissipate the heat in the environment and not let it stay inside. 

The 360 PSU fans installed in the Dell G5 enable efficient heat dissipation, protecting the interior from any damage from heat. This gives you peace of mind while playing powerful games. 


  • The PC remains cool.
  • Easy customization.
  • Ability to add storage space.
  • Compact and pleasant design.
  • Built-in WIFI.


  • The number of HDMI ports will depend on the configuration you order. 

5. HP Omen 870-213w PC for gaming


Powerful and Responsive

The HP Omen 870-213w does not let down gamers. It is equipped with a powerful Quad-core Intel i7-7700 processor along with a 2133Mhz memory speed, which delivers swift processing, enabling a smooth gaming experience. 

Superior Graphics Performance

Noiseless and seamless gaming is made possible with NVIDIA GTX 1070 Graphics card; the PC is made game-ready with the 1070 graphics card, which offers a minimum of 2 years high-end gaming. 

Dedicated 8GB GDDR5 Memory 

On top of the exceptional processing speed offered by the i7-7700 processor, a dedicated 8GB GDDR5 memory furthers the PC’s performance. The combination of a quad-core processor and GDDR5 memory allows you to run heavy games seamlessly.  

Double Storage Capacity

Additionally, the HP Omen 870-213w comes with a 256 SSD drive and a 1TB hard drive. The two storage mediums allow you to save big and more games and add on to the responsiveness of the PC. 

VR-ready and Connectivity

This HP Omen works perfectly with the Oculus Rift hardware; the compatibility with the VR hardware sets provides gamers with an opportunity for an immersive gaming experience. 

Plus, you are provided with 2 USB 2.0 ports for connecting other devices or transfering data. 


  • Swift and responsive.
  • Excellent graphics performance.
  • SSD + HDD double storage capacity. 
  • Virtual Reality-hardware compatible. 


  • Graphics card comes with three display ports and only 1 HDMI port.

Comparison Chart

NameProcessorStorageRAMGraphics (NVIDIA)Buy Now
1. CUK ContinuumAMD Ryzen 7-2700X512 GB SSD16 GB DDR4GeForce-GTX-1060
2. SkyTech LegacyRyzen 7-2700500 GB SSD16 GB DDR4GeForce-GTX- 2060
3. Skytech ChronosAMD Ryzen 7-2700X1TB SSD16 GB DDR4GeForce-GTX 2070
4. Dell G5 IntelCore i7-9700512 GB SSD16 GB DDR4GeForce RTX-2060
5. HP Omen 870-213wIntel Core i7-7700256 SSD + 1TB16 GB DDR4GeForce GTX-1070

Buying Guide

We know how hectic it is to get authentic information online, especially if you are going to invest your money based on that decision. Worry not, we have got that covered. Consider the following factors before making your final decision. 

Processor and RAM

The processor is the powerhouse of your PC. A good processor will let you run heavy games without lagging or stoppages. RAM also plays an important part in speeding up the gameplay in addition to improving the game visuals. 


Graphics depend on graphic cards; all the reviewed PCs are equipped with NVIDIAs graphics card, so no need to worry about it. 


Storage allows you PC to store files as well as boosts up the performance. An SSD storage is better than an HDD as it runs cooler and delivers faster loading times than HDD;  However, if you get a deal with both of them included, go for it. 


While cost is a major factor, we only reviewed the PCs that fall under $1500. So, we got you covered for that too. 


Landing on a PC that’s a perfect fit in terms of your needs and budget is not straightforward; you need to have a significant amount of product research before you can make a practical decision. 

While you can choose from any of the great brands and products out there, they will not always fit your requirements. We have put up the research so that you can attain the required information for making the right buying decision. 

Just be mindful of the desirable features discussed above, and you will be able to clear the clutter in your mind. After all, accurate information will provide you clarity of thought, which will eventually lead to a confident decision.