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Best Mic For Pc Gaming

Gamers know the importance of mics and to play competitively, you need a mic that works effectively. Games like Counter-Strike, Fortnite and many others require the best mic for PC gaming that enables them to say and hear at the same time.

But where can a gamer find the best mic? Well, it’s difficult if you set foot in the market without proper research but luckily we’ve got the best pc mics for you right here. After thorough research, we’ve been able to come up with this article to read it till the end. 

1. FIFINE USB Microphone



FIFINE brings quality to the table with its efficient microphone. It’ll appeal to gamers for its portability and simple use. Gamers are always looking for equipment that works efficiently without having to toy with it every once in a while. With this microphone, you just have to connect it to a USB port, select it as your player in the software settings and you’re good to go!

Cancels Sound

Additionally, this microphone cancels all sound that you’d rather want to avoid. It makes sure that you’re just listening to the main sound source. You can use the microphone for all types of purposes whether it’s gaming, chatting, taking online classes, recording YouTube videos and steam.

Clear Sound

With a smooth, flat frequency of 50Hz-16Hz, it’s the ideal microphone to relay your commands and orders to your team. It’s suitable in reproducing sound, and the high-quality of the microphone will ensure that all that you say is heard and all that your team and the game says is audible. 

Best For Recording

If you’re wishing to record YouTube videos or other types of videos, this is your go-to microphone. FIFINE’s microphone is the best for desktop recording and the sound quality it gives is outstanding.

Sound transparency is sleek and smooth. It’ll cut through everything else like a razor-sharp blade, letting your voice travel easily during games while providing a soulful gaming experience. 


  • Smooth sound
  • Has an efficient sound cancellation feature
  • Amazing at recording
  • Easier to connect


  • Problems with pivoting

2. CMTECK USB Computer Microphone


Noise Cancellation

Gamers know how annoying microphones are that reduce sound quality due to other sounds being present in the environment. That’s where CMTECK brings you their unique noise-cancelling microphone that prevents any other sound from impeding upon your gaming experience. 

By eliminating echo, this microphone lets clear sound travel so that you can have hassle-free communication while playing competitive games. Unlike traditional microphones that produce low-quality sound, this one can actually assist your voice to reach effectively thanks to its CMTECK CCS2.0 Sound Card.


Connect it with your PC, Laptop, Playstation or Gaming computer and enjoy to the fullest!

Mute Button

It’s disturbing when your teammates hear what they shouldn’t, right? That’s why this microphone has a convenient mute button with LED indicator that lets you mute and unmute with just a key. 

The lights signal the situation of your microphone. If you see a green light that means the microphone is connected, whereas a flashing green light presents a working mode and the red light means the microphone is on mute.

With a touch of modern technology, this microphone is a work of art. It has unique and glaring Blue LED lights that give off an aesthetic look while you play. You can turn it on or off with just a switch.

Covers A Large Area

Additionally, the microphone can successfully pick up sound ranges over a large area while capturing the sound from almost all the angles. While it can also help you relay your voice clearly.

If you’re an individual looking for a microphone that can let you record clear, smooth podcasts or YouTube videos then your search is over. The microphone we have here has seamless workability, it’s touted for capturing flat sounds that listeners get attracted to when they hear.

Super Easy To Install

Don’t worry though you won’t have to spend a lot of time to install this microphone. It’s compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS and PS4. 

Adjustable Neck

The microphone is flexible and compact, allowing you to adjust it to your liking and requirement. It has an adjustable neck that’s convenient in using and lets you record podcasts, YouTube videos, listen to games clearly and so much more. 


  • Efficient sound travel
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Convenient mute/unmute feature
  • Fast, smooth travel of sound
  • Compact, flexible neck


  • Picks up several noises

3. JOUNIVO USB Desktop Microphone


LED Indicator

The next microphone we have here is proof of how advanced technology has become. It’s definitely something that a gamer needs to have. It has a mute switch with an LED indicator that indicates the status of the microphone to you.

Crisp sounds

The microphone is built to capture and send clear, crisp sounds to your teammates during play. Moreover, it’ll let the game’s audio reach you perfectly. Now you can hear all the sounds without having to compromise on anything. With accurate recognition, this microphone finds itself at the top of the ladder. The design makes this microphone flexible and easy to move around. 

Additionally, the microphone is a pick for people who record podcasts or videos on YouTube. The designers have made it this way. The upgrade chip present in the microphone ensures that it picks up the right sounds in high-quality to provide you with the best gaming experience of your life. 

Heavy Duty Housing

Dwindling microphones can be a pain, especially when the game’s reaching a climax or a very intense point. To ensure none of that happens, the designers have built this microphone with a firm, desktop base. It has heavy-duty housing that prevents it from falling or dwindling. 

Compatible With Many

Compatible with Win 7, 8 and 10 along with Mac, PS3, PS4 the mic is ideal for skype, gaming, recording, streaming and just about anything that a microphone can be used for. 

Noise Cancellation

Intelligent noise-cancelling technology will successfully block all external noises while minimizing background noises and echo. Additionally, the omnidirectional feature will produce sounds that cover the whole area, letting you hear even the faintest noises. 


  • Smooth noise travel
  • Noise-cancelling ensure a decent sound pickup
  • Omni-directional, efficient sound quality
  • Flexible design


  • Average audio-quality

Comparison Chart

Mic For GamingPlug And PlayPick up patternNoise CancellationBuy Now
1. FIFINE USB MicrophoneOmni Directional
2. CMTECK USB Computer MicrophoneOmni Directional
3. JOUNIVO USB Desktop MicrophoneOmni Directional

Buying Guide

Entering into a market full of different microphones can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re new to this. Don’t worry though because this buying guide will equip you to become an informed buyer. These are the things/factors you need to consider.

Purpose of microphone

The most basic question you need to ask is “What’s the purpose of my purchase?” It all depends on why you’re buying the microphone. Is it for gaming? Or recording podcasts/YouTube videos or just to chat with your friends and family on Skype? The purpose matters the most because it will decide how technical your microphone should be which, in turn, automatically decides how much it’ll cost you.


Microphones respond to changes in the air pressure. This is called sensitivity. Mics that are highly sensitive are used to record music videos, ASMR, and others. Whereas normal microphones perform decently if you’re trying to use them for a few things.


Microphones have different types of designs. Some come with flexible necks, while others have a firm stand that prevents them from falling. Modern microphones are wireless and easy to work with. Decide which design suits you best before buying. 


In 2020, aesthetics are very important, even for microphones. We now have microphones that emit LED lights that are eye-catching and improve your gaming experience. Although it happens on a psychological level, nevertheless it’s something that actually affects gamers. LED lights can greatly improve the mood and it may even assist you to play better. 


The final component in our buying guide is the cost. It should go without mentioning that the more technical the microphone will be, the more it’ll cost you. Sophisticated microphones are used for bigger purposes like musicians recording music videos or competitive gamers using it to play high-level games but if you’re just an individual who’s scouting for a mid-level microphone that just captures and delivers good sound then go for a normal microphone.

Don’t spend all your money buying microphones that won’t benefit you much. People who are tight on budgets though should never buy the first cheapest microphone they see. Usually, very cheap microphones that promise a lot can have defects as buyers present them at attractive prices so that they can clear them out. 

Just remember that if you invest in a good microphone, chances are it’ll go a long way. So don’t blindly trust cheap microphones, they may just cost you more in the long run. 


Microphones have become a need in our technology-based world. Since they have several uses and features, people have been yearning to buy the latest ones with fantastic features and facilities. Truly, a great microphone can turn-around your gaming experience. We hope this article helped you to understand microphones a little more.