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Best Pc Gaming Headsets Under 100

Gaming is all about having an immersive experience where you can escape from reality and be completely involved in your game. Well, this is quite not possible if you are constantly being distracted by noises from all around the house. 

However, you can enjoy a sufficiently enticing experience with the use of one of the best pc gaming headsets under 100. A good pc gaming headset turns your everyday gaming experience into an immersive one where you can spend hours on your PC without being distracted. 

Cheap headphones certainly don’t do justice when you have spent quite some amount on your gaming console.  Although the headphones might seem to do the job, it cannot pick up significant noise or deliver rich music like a decent gaming headset.

With a first-rate gaming headset, you can customize your soundscape with each different game and communicate easily with your teammates through a high-quality mic. 

Even if you have a good set of speakers, a gaming headset will come handy for late-night gaming sessions where you won’t end up waking the whole house with the sounds of firing shots. 

Just like any other tech gadget, there are many peripherals out there, but not every option makes the cut. The best gaming headset should deliver a crisp and clear sound without compromising on quality.

To save you from long hours of exploring and research, we have picked out the three top notch pc gaming headsets under 100. These gaming headsets will offer you a premium experience without costing a pretty penny.

1. Bengoo G9000 – Gaming Stereo Headset


High Bass

The high bass of the Bengoo G9000 is not overpowering. It is quite up to scratch as it covers the full audio spectrum. 

So, with this, you won’t have a problem with hearing subtle sounds like footsteps in Fortnite or in-game where directional sound plays an essential role.

Dynamic mic

The mic of this headset picks your voice brilliantly. It is omnidirectional, so you won’t have to talk out loud for your teammates to hear you. The mic ensures that your voice is delivered with clarity and picks all the sensitive noises.

Another attractive feature of this mic his that it’s a flip mic instead of a retractable one. Many people will appreciate it because retractable mics don’t stow away well as they should.

Comfortable ear cups

Ear cups are an essential feature of headsets as a cheap quality headset comes with earcups that will result in your ears hurting. 

The ear cups of Bengoo G9000 are well cushioned so you can keep the headset on for long hours without being uncomfortable. 

Corded headset for the win

The Bengoo G9000 works without batteries and is corded; it is significantly lighter in weight. The 49 inches long braided cables allow you to move freely. This means that you won’t end up yanking the cord once you get up excitedly after a win. 


The compatibility of the G9000 can be declared as the main selling point of this headset. It is compatible with a diverse range of devices, including PS4, Xbox One, and would work fine with your PC and tablet too.


  • Effective sound cancellation
  • Clear sound 
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Sensitivity is quite high

2. RUNMUS – Gaming Headset


Spatial sound

The sound quality is often questionable when it comes to headsets in a budget. However, the Runmus headset will not let you down in this regard. 

The gaming experience is automatically enhanced with a clear headset, and this is precisely what the Runmus headset does. 

The sound quality is powered by 50 mm neodymium-magnet drivers that boost your experience as you play God of War or Call of Duty. 


You can not neglect comfort in a gaming headset. The Runmus gaming headset has a user-friendly design that is reinforced by high-quality material. 

The breathable ear pad, paired with the retractable band ensures that you enjoy the maximum level of comfort. 


One of the notable features of this gaming headset is the 3.5 mm audio jack. It allows the headset to be compatible with your PS4, PC, and Xbox One. 

Noise cancellation

The mic of this Runmus headset offers high-end noise cancellation so you can communicate with your fellow players without any hassle. With the flip of a switch, the mic will get to work and will cancel any unnecessary sound.

LED lights

The LED lights in the gaming headset may seem like an additional feature, but overall, they give a high-end look. The lights are present on each ear cup as well as on the tip of the microphone. 


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Works seamlessly with modern consoles
  • Decent sound quality


  • The material of ear cup is of mediocre quality 

3. NUBWO – Xbox One Stereo PS4 N7 Gaming Headset


Easy to wear

The Nubwo Headset is impressively comfortable on the ears. It feels light and will not make your ears numb even after long hours of use. 

The elastic does not squeeze your head, as many other headsets do. Overall, with soft padding, you can enjoy clear audio with this headset for long gaming sessions. 

Sturdy quality 

Although this is a budget headset, you can never tell that it is under a hundred dollars from its appearance. The quality feels much superior in contrast to many headsets in the higher end range. You can feel the sturdiness of the headset once it is straight out from the box. 

Great for FPS games

FPS games require a sensitive headset so that they can pick up even the merest sounds. The Nubwo N7 works great with many such games and is compatible with different game types. 

At this price range, the performance of the headset is well beyond expectations. With immersive sound effects, you would be able to hear the slightest footsteps if someone tries to sneak up on you in games.

Noise-canceling microphone

Microphones are an important component of the headset, especially when you are playing as a team, and communication with your teammate is the key to winning. 

The N7 has a flexible microphone that cancels out the noise to ensure you can listen to a crisp and clear sound. 

The sound quality is above your average budget headset. The clear directional audio will help you keep a check on the footsteps or essential abilities of enemies.

Well-rounded package

All in all, Nubwo offers you a complete bundle in this headset. The good sound quality, beautiful aesthetics, noise-canceling mic, and comfortable design do more than justice to the cost. It might not have plenty of features like other headsets, but it provides the best with the features it has. 


  • Immersive gaming audio
  • Soft leatherette ear cups 
  • Highly compatible with different consoles 


  • The volume wheel is small in size

Comparison Chart

Gaming HeadsetDriver DiameterLED lightTypeBuy Now
1. Bengoo G9000 – Gaming Stereo Headset40mmOver ear
2. RUNMUS – Gaming Headset50mmOver Ear
3. NUBWO – Xbox One Stereo PS4 N7 Gaming Headset50mmXOver Ear

Buying Guide 

Before you choose amongst the headsets we have suggested above, here are some factors you should never neglect when buying a pc gaming headset under 100. These factors will also help you in making the best pick for yourself.


The fitting of the headphones over your ears is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to gaming headsets. 

If you enjoy long sessions of gaming, then a headset can affect your experience. A bad headset can cause physical pain, and this will deviate your focus from fragging. 

This might not be an issue in the beginning, but as time passes, friction, sweat, and heat can build up inside. After some time, the slightest of discomfort can start to feel awful. A little extra pressure or weight can result in you having a severe headache or sore ears.

Build Quality 

Many gaming headsets are made out of plastic, where the low-quality ones contain cheap plastic material. You should look for a headset that feels sturdy.  

Any headset with a wire or metal is well suited for gaming. If you have limited options and that too in plastic, then look for something that has a good range for movement. 

Seal Quality 

Although it greatly matters, many people don’t pay heed to the seal of headphones. The isolation of the headset greatly determines what you hear, especially when it comes to games with slight directional sounds. 

The earpads of your headset should be big enough to fit around your ear. Again, the material and size of the headphone’s ear pads control the quality of the seal. 


The design of the headset makes quite some difference, especially if you plan on wearing your headset in public. Many gaming headphones look fine with a mic attached to them. 

But some look no less than something from outer space, and you certainly don’t want to end up with an “alien spaceship” type headset. For this, you should avoid headsets with wild colors, vibrant LEDs, and weird angular designs.


When it comes to mic, don’t look for one with recording quality as they don’t exist in gaming headsets. If you would be using the same headset while being on the go, then it is preferable to search for one with a detachable microphone. 

For homebound gamers, this is not a special consideration. But make sure the mic of the headset you choose is maneuverable. Adjusting the setting by even an inch or two can have a great impact on the call quality. 


If you are highly willing to get a new gaming headset, then you don’t have to break the bank to get one. By going through the buying guide and our suggestions above, you can get a decent gaming headset that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.