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Best Hard Drive for Gaming PC

Storage Drives are one of the crucial parts of the gaming PC as these contain all the files for downloaded games and some preloaded files for the online games.

Also, the hard drive’s cache is a matter of concern for the gaming speed. Whenever you start a game, the files are directly loaded from the hard drive’s cache, directly affecting the speed.

There are mainly two different kinds of hard drives, i.e., HDD & SSD. The Hard Disk Drive is one of the oldest but cheapest technologies that utilize a magnetic platter. On the other hand, Solid State Drives are usually much faster but a little expensive.

We have chosen here Best Hard Drive for Gaming PC, which can tackle the massive games and can provide you with higher storage capacity and better cache speed as follows.

1. WD 2TB Portable External Hard Drive


Optimized Performance:

You can get a higher transfer rate and a high-speed cache memory with this WD external hard drive. You can quickly transfer a full HD movie within minutes. However, the performance and time for transfer can also vary according to the PC’s other specifications.

USB 2.0 & 3.0:

This WD hard drive supports both kinds of USB connectives for a better and high-speed transfer. This means that you don’t need only the upgraded systems to utilize this hard drive, as it can also go with the old USB 2.0 devices.

Portable and Convenient:

This WD hard drive has all the essential elements well-placed in a small, compact, and handy case. You can easily carry a large amount of data up to 2TB along with you for diverse kinds of purposes, including gaming, business, and much more. This is an ideal companion for traveling as it is light in weight and easy to carry along.

 Improves PC’s Performance:

Whenever the internal drive gets full, you don’t need to delete your important data files as you can easily connect this external portable hard drive to increase the storage and speed likewise. Also, if you have a sidewise gaming passion but don’t have sufficient internal storage, you can place the games’ files in this external hard drive.

Wide compatibility:

This external hard drive is supported by Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 with an NTFS format.


  • Simple to use
  • 5400 RPM
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 support
  • Fats data transfer
  • Hard protective case


  • No auto backup software
  • No encryption

2. WD Blue 1TB PC Hard Drive


Classic yet Modern:

This reliable and modern sixth-generation hard drive leaves no stone unturned to provide you with a higher cache speed and enhanced internal storage capacity. This product has continued its growth since it was tested first for the PC.

Extensive Compatibility:

This WD 1TB hard drive is already tested with the variety of gaming PC’s and other PC’s models with different configurations successfully in the FIT lab. So, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues as well.

Easy Upgrading:

Acronis True Imaging is the technology introduced into these WD hard drives, which lets you copy and paste all the data from the old hard drive into the new one without any stress and worry.

Higher RPM and Cache:

This WD 1TB hard drive is supported by the 64 MB of cache memory, which lets you enjoy the fast game’s loading, and a higher RPM of 7200 adds more worth to this storage drive.

Greater Balance:

 This WD 1TB hard drive is a greater balance between the performance and the cost. This fast solid-state drive supports up to 190 MB/s read and writes speed within a less budget and a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturers.


  • 7200 RPM
  • Up to 190 MB/s read/write speed
  • Acronis cloning technology
  • Reliable computing


  • Can’t keep up with the modern models

3. Samsung SSD 860 EVO


Innovative V-Nand Technology:

Speed is the key factor for this Samsung EVO 860. The SSD is ideal for both gaming as well as professional sort of computing due to its enhanced and optimized performance. It can easily render the 4K videos, supports heavy tasks, and cope up with the workload as well.

Higher Read/Write speed:

This 860 EVO has the reinforced internal components protected in a hard case, which can support up to 560 MB/s of reading/writing speed. The intelligent TurboWrite technology is at this moment, providing you with a higher buffer size as well, ranging from 12 to 78 GB.

Greater Endure:

The 860 EVO SSD has much higher endurance as compared to the previous models. The drive can render the 4K videos, which are larger and can tackle the 3D data, which is supported by the latest applications.

Smart Compatibility:

Your PC can easily enjoy fluid communication and faster loading speed with this highly compatible EVO 860. The ECC algorithm, along with the MJX controller, is what your host system needed the most to generate some higher speeds.  

Multiple Sizes and Form Factors:

Your system can easily match with the wide ranges of form factors available in this Samsung EVO 860. You can select among the 2.5″ for desktop PC or laptop, and SATA based M.2 and mSATA as well.

Fully Encrypted:

You can choose the security options, which are mainly the Aes 256-Bit hardware-based, to encrypt the data and important files.


  • Secure Encryption
  • 4K videos rendering
  • Error correction code (ECC) available
  • Multiple form factors


  • A bit expensive

4. TOSHIBA Canvio Basics Portable External Hard Drive


Simpler and Fast:

The storage has never been as simple as it is with this Toshiba External Hard Drive. This Canvio Basics provides you with a sleek profile and a more convenient way to carry along while traveling and offers easy setup.


This storage drive further offers you the simplest access to the data while on the go. You just need to plug the drive-in, and the operation starts. There is no additional software required, as in most of the other brand’s cases. You can easily drag and drop the files, just like any other drive on your computer.

Store Much More:

Set up your system with this 2TB storage capacity of Toshiba Canvio Basics and enjoy the enhanced storage and higher cache speed for the optimized performance of the PC.

Elegant Design:

The matter-black design, along with the compactness and sleekness, is what you need to carry along with you. This portable and drive will change the way you carry your data.

USB Support:

The drive can work for both types of USB supports, either USB 2.0 (in traditional models) or USB 3.0, which is much newer and faster as well. You can easily organize the files you need via the faster transfer rates.


  • Sleek and portable
  • Simple add-on storage
  • 1-year warranty
  • Plug and play


  • Poor construction (outer case)

Comparison Chart

ProductsStorageFile SystemCompatible DevicesUSB supportCacheIdeal forBuy Now
1. WD 2TB Portable External Hard Drive2 TBNTFSMac, PCUSB 2.0 and 3.064 MBGaming, professional
2. WD Blue 1TB PC Hard Drive1TBNTFSMac, PCUSB 2.0 and 3.064 MBPC enthusiasts, gamers, creative professionals
3. Samsung SSD 860 EVO1TBNTFSMac, PCInternal Hard driveSamsung 1 GB Low Power DDR4 SDRAMGamers/ Professional computing
4. TOSHIBA Canvio Basics Portable External Hard Drive2TBNTFSMac, PCUSB 2.0 and 3.0Simple add on storage, good for gaming and normal computing purposes

Buying Guide:

Whether you’re playing games or performing any high-end professional computing task, the hard drive storage plays a crucial role. You need to have a best suited hard drive for your gaming PC to tackle the massive games which require a lot of files to load before starting directly from the storage. Here are some of the factors you must look for in a hard drive for gaming PCs.

Things you must consider:


Capacity is the first and foremost factor that is directly related to the games or tasks you want to handle. Storage size or position really affects the performance as you cannot put all your data on the single hard drive, which can be a failure.

Rotation Seed:

A hard drive’s rotation speed is what you must look at next. These are the revolutions per minute and decide for the read and write speeds. Higher RPMs increase the speed and enable easy access to data.

Cache Size:

Cache memory does a similar function as the RAM does. The HDDs system can load the data into the cache, and it can be accessible at a faster rate. This factor can dramatically decide for what you’re looking for in a hard drive.


Connectivity is directly related to the system’s requirements and compatibility issues. Most of the latest hard drives now support dual USB support (2.0 and 3.0).

Reliability Concerns:

Hard drives failures are widespread due to more saturation of data or failure of any moving part inside. Hard drives failures are a significant risk as you can lose your necessary data permanently in most of the cases. Therefore, always look for a reliable brand while buying.


No matter whether you’re concerned about buying a new hard drive or just upgrading the previous one. You must always look for a more straightforward, better, and optimized performance hard drive that can boost your gaming speed and provide you safe gameplay (protect your files) via encrypted options available. We have researched thoroughly to provide you with the best combination of price and performance to choose from.