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best pc gaming chairs under 200

Best PC Gaming Chair Under 200

Gamers often find themselves sitting in chairs and competing for hours at end. Therefore, they need to ensure they have the best PC gaming chair under 200. A comfortable gaming chair will keep the gamers at ease and also ensure that they maintain a proper posture. 

Gaming chairs are especially designed to offer comfort and ease. They support the spine and prevent back aches. At the same time, they come with adjustable heights so one can adjust their level as needed. They are padded and have a curved back that supports the head properly. 

There are plenty of gaming chairs available in the market but one has to ensure that he makes the right choice and selects one that can cater to your needs. This review will go through a couple of highly recommended PC gaming chairs that all cost under two hundred. We will discuss the features, pros and cons of these chairs. So, Let’s get started:

1. Homall Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support


Swivel And Flexibility:

The Homall Gaming Chair is very flexible. It can rotate at an angle of three hundred and sixty degrees. Moreover, the back of the chair can also recline. One can recline it to any angle between ninety to one hundred and eighty degrees and lock it in place. The chair can also rock back and forth. 


There is A headrest on the top part of the chair. This cushioned headrest ensures comfort for the head. You can recline and the headrest will support your head and prevent neck sprains. 

Lumbar Support:

The back of the chair is curved and padded. This structure is similar to the anatomy of our spine. The structure and shape keeps the back comfortable and provides lumbar support. This helps maintain a proper and healthy posture and prevents back aches. 

Cushioned Comfort:

The entire chair is cushioned and padded with a soft material. Therefore, the chair feels very soft and comfortable. You can sit on the chair for hours at end without experiencing any type of discomfort or pain. 


  • Lumbar support and headrest. 
  • Five different color variations. 
  • Reclining back. 
  • Swivel chair. 


  • The chair has a strong chemical like smell. 

2. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair


Guaranteed Comfort:

Comfort is a significant characteristic of the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair. The leather chair will make sure that you can sit on it for hours and enjoy your gaming session with ease. The chair has adjustable height and the back is also reclining. The users can lock the back to an angle that they feel comfortable at. 


Special focus has been laid on the design of the chair. The design caters to the anatomy of our backs. The structure is designed in a way that it supports the back and yet offers mobility. The users can easily move around and carry out their work without any sort of restrictions. 

BIFIMA Certification:

In order to ensure quality, reliability and durability, the chairs have to pass a series of tests and quality assurance standards. The chair meets and fulfills the BIFIMA Certification. Therefore, one can be sure about the quality of the chair. Customers are also offered a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and a warranty period of ninety days. 

Easy To Assemble:

The chair is very simple to assemble. It comes with a complete set of instructions and all the tools that are needed to put it together. The instructions are clear and so simple that even a beginner can assemble and set up the chair in no time.


  • Ninety day warranty period. 
  • BIFIMA standards met. 
  • Very simple to assemble. 
  • Comfort and support guaranteed.  


  • The screws unscrew very easily. 
  • Tends to squeak and creak.

3. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair


Specifically Designed For Gamers:

The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair has been specially designed for gamers. The chair ensure comfort and ease for a long amount of time so the gamers can focus on completing their gaming missions without experiencing any type of pain or sprains. 

Padding For Comfort:

The chair is padded in segments. The segments and the cushioning is catered to the different parts and structures of the human body. The back is contoured to support the back properly and keep the spine in its natural alignment. There is a headrest and padded armrests as well. The chair has versatile uses and has a weight bearing capacity of two hundred and seventy five pounds. 

Adjustable Features:

The height of the chair is adjustable. It can be altered as desired. The back of the chair is also reclining. The back can be reclined between an angle of ninety to one hundred and fifty five degrees. Once you find the position and angle that is comfortable for you, it can be locked. 


The manufacturer takes immense pride and confidence in the quality of the chair. The product comes with a lifetime warranty period. The customers can also contact customer support whenever needed. 


  • Lifetime warranty and customer support. 
  • Reclining back. 
  • Padded chair to ensure comfort. 
  • Specially designed for gamers. 


  • Weighs heavier as compared to other chairs. 
  • The armrests are a bit flimsy. 

Comparison Chart:

ProductsDimensionsWeightStarsBuy Now
1. Homall Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support19.8 x 20.5 x 47.8 inches43.2 pounds4.3 stars
2. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair27.3 x 28 x 44.5 inches. 34 pounds.4.0 stars. 
3. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair:15 x 22 x 35 inches.51.8 pounds.4.1 stars. 

Buying Guide:

There is a large number of gaming chairs that can be found in the market. Each of these chairs comes with its own characteristics, pros and cons. Here are some of the things that should be considered when choosing a gaming chair to ensure that you make the right choice: 


It is highly recommended that you opt for a chair that comes with the option of adjustability. The height and the back should be adjustable. This way, one can set these features as desired to ensure maximum comfort. The adjustability factor also makes the chair suitable to be used by people with different heights. 

Cushion And Padding:

As mentioned earlier, gamers often sit in the chair for hours at end. Therefore, chairs that are cushioned and padded are highly recommended. This way, one can feel comfortable and at ease. The person can enjoy gaming without any type of pain or ache. 

Lumbar Support:

The spines in our backs are not straight, they are curved. The regular chairs that come with a straight and flat back are therefore unable to support our back properly. The gaming chair one should buy should have a curved back. The back will ensure that the spine is supported properly and the posture of the person can be maintained properly. 

Usage And Assembly:

Before choosing a gaming chair, it is important that one also considers the purpose for which the chair will be used. There are many gaming chairs in the market that are especially made for gamers.

But there are other variations which can be used as office chairs as well. You should consider the need of the chair and the purpose for which it will be used before finalizing which chair is the right one for you. 

Other than this, the chair should be easy to assemble as well. Always opt for a chair that comes with a complete set of hardware and a detailed and comprehensive set of instructions on how to assemble the chair. Moreover, the process of the assembly should also be easy and as simple as possible. 

Additional Features:

Other than comfort and lumbar support, there are many other features that a gaming chair may have. Features such as reclining backs, wheels, armrests, headrests etc. can be found in many gaming chairs in the market. You can list down some features that you are looking for and then search for a chair that satisfies your needs properly. 

Warranty And Support:

It is always a great idea for one to invest in a PC gaming chair that has a warranty period. This is a source of security for the customers. In case of any problem or fault, the customers can claim the warranty and ensure that they are delivered what they have been promised. A manufacturer or company with good customer support is also a plus. 


Normal chairs, that we use in our day to day lives, are not designed to cater to the needs of the gamers. Gamers have to sit for prolonged periods of time, sometimes for hours at end.

They need a chair that can offer support and guarantee comfort so that they can enjoy their gaming sessions with ease and without any issue. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that one invests in the best gaming chair under 200. These chairs are especially designed for gamers.

Therefore, they are equipped with a comprehensive set of features that ensure that the gamer has a good time. These chairs come with adjustable heights, reclining backs, cushioned seats, curved backs for lumbar support, armrests, and also headrests. 

Investing in the right gaming chair can change the gaming experience by a significant factor. You will feel far more comfortable and at ease. Moreover, complaints of backache, neck ache, sprains, and bad posture will be reduced when you start using a specially designed gaming chair.

There are plenty of chairs in the market and you can easily find one that will suit your needs.