/How To Warm Up Hands For Gaming
How To Warm Up Hands For Gaming

How To Warm Up Hands For Gaming

You are feeling energetic and passionate. Today is your day. You are ready to ace and defeat your enemies of the gaming world today. But, your hands are too cold! Or you have been playing for too long and now your hands feel numb and cold. 

This is a situation that is not new for regular gamers. For gamers, having cold hands is not the usual feeling of nervousness. But it is a situation where the gamers literally have cold hands.

For gamers, their hands are very important. They are not supposed to run around. The entire control of these games is through their hands. And cold hands feel stiff which makes it difficult to concentrate on gaming. 

If you are someone who often wonders how to warm up hands for gaming, this article is for you. There are plenty of gloves and hand warmers in the market that will not only keep your hands warm but will also make sure that your fingers are not restricted and you can play with ease and comfort.

Here are four such products that are highly recommended in this regard:

1. Winter Knitted Convertible Fingerless Gloves Women & Men


One Size Fits All

The gloves come in a universal size that fits everyone. No need to go through the hassle of finding the perfect glove size that will fit you. These gloves will keep your hands warm and snuggly. Moroever, these gloves have a unisex design that is suitable to be used by both men and women. 

Stylish Gloves

These Winter Knitted Fingerless Gloves are not your ordinary gloves that are plain and boring. The stylish knit and look makes sure that your hands stay warm. They are so stylish that they can not only be worn to keep  hands warm during gaming, but can also be used on a regular basis as well. 

Two Way Design

The gloves come with a two way design. The first design is to use the gloves as fingerless gloves. In this case, the part of the glove for the fingers can be fixed on the back side through velcro. This is the perfect variation for gamers as their hands remain warm but the fingers are exposed so they can use the keyboard or gamer with ease. 

But at the same time, the gloves can also be used as regular gloves. Simply detach the part of the gloves from the velcro and use it to cover and keep the fingers warm. No need to invest in two separate pairs of gloves when these serve the purpose of both. 

Best For Gaming

Unlike other gloves, these gloves make a perfect match for gaming. They fit properly and keep the hands and fingers comfortable. The fingers can be exposed in the fingerless mode so that the controller can be used with ease. Type, use the mouse or even play on a controller. The fingers will be uncovered so there will be no hurdle. 


  • Two in one gloves
  • Warm and comfortable. 
  • Stylish design. 
  • Unisex gloves
  • One size fits all
  • High quality wool.


  • Velcro is not stitched properly and tends to loosen up. 

2. Metog Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Mittens


Mittens Plus Gloves

Why buy mittens and gloves separately when the Metog Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Mittens serve the purpose of both. Simply push back the finger cover part to use them as fingerless gloves while gaming. But if the fingers start feeling cold, convert the gloves into mittens and warm the fingers too. 

High Quality Material 

Made out of fifty percent wool and fifty percent polyester, there is no doubt about the fact these gloves are high quality. The material is warm so that the hands can be comfortable and cozy. At the same time, the gloves are elastic and stretchy so they don’t feel too tight around the fingers. 


The manufacturer has a firm belief in the quality of their product. Therefore, the gloves come with an after sell guarantee. If the customers feel unsatisfied after purchasing the gloves, they can always contact the manufacturers and get their issue resolved. The customer service is very efficient and they always return to the customer queries within twenty four hours. 

Deer Leather Palm

The gloves come with a leather section on the palm of the gloves. This is made out of deer leather. The leather is not only flexible and comfortable but is also high quality and reliable. It makes the gloves breathable and also increases the grip of the gloves. Therefore, holding stuff with these gloves on is very easy. 


  • Strong grip
  • Serves as mittens as well as gloves. 
  • Comfortable material. 
  • Elastic cuffs to keep the wrists covered.


  • Gloves tend to develop holes around the base of the fingers. 

3. USB Heated Gloves For Men And Women


Mild Compression For Relaxation

Unlike other gloves which only provide warmth for the hands, the USB Heated Gloves go a mile further. They provide mild compressions for the hand. The compressions on the pressure points are a source of relaxation. This mini massage session refreshes the person and the hands are warmed up properly. 

Keep The Fingers Covered Or Uncovered

Despite being USB heated, the gloves come in both the fingerless as well as the fingers covered mode. Use the fingerless mode while gaming but if you want to use the gloves otherwise, the cover can be brought to the front to warm up and cover the fingers too. 

High Quality Material

The gloves are made of high quality material. The material is chosen while keeping in mind comfort as well as warmth. The gloves fit perfectly so that the fingers and the hands don’t feel restricted and the gloves can be worn for prolonged periods of time without experiencing any sort of discomfort. 

Fantastic Gift For Gamers

These gloves are a perfect gift idea. Especially if you are looking for gift options for someone who is a gaming enthusiast. The gamers usually spend a lot of time near their computers where the USB rechargeable gloves can be easily plugged in. The gloves will make sure that all gamers can play their games without ever complaining about cold hands ever again. 


  • Compression and mild massage. 
  • USB pluggable gloves
  • Fingerless as well as full gloves. 
  • Double sided heating capacity. 


  • Cannot be used without plugging them in. 

4. Bruceriver Men’s Knitted Fingerless Ragg Gloves With Thinsulate Lining


Warm And Comfortable Material

The gloves are made out of fifty percent acrylic and fifty percent wool. This is why the gloves are so comfortable to wear. The gloves are elastic and stretchy so they cover the hands properly. But at the same time, they don’t feel tight either. The combination of acrylic and wool also makes sure that the gloves keep the hands warm. 

Extra Lining For Warmth

It is not only the wool and acrylic material that is responsible for the glove’s warmth, they also come with a fleece lining. The lining is soft so the inside of the gloves don’t feel rough. But at the same time, the lining also adds to the warmth of the gloves. 

Secure Grip

The gloves don’t come with a plain surface. Rather they have a supple texture so that the grip of the gloves can be improved.  

Elastic Cuffs

Gloves often tend to slip from around the wrists. In order to prevent this, these ones come with elastic cuffs so that they can be held down properly and don’t slip. Not only will these gloves keep your fingers and palm warm but will also stay in place around the wrist area thanks to the elastic cuffs. 


  • Elastic Cuffs hold the gloves in place. 
  • Fleece Lining for extra warmth. 
  • Comfortable Fit. 
  • Rugged texture for strong grip. 


  • Only fingerless gloves. 

Comparison Chart

Mic For Gaming2 in 1 GlovesUnisex Design Extra LiningBuy Now
1. Winter Knitted Convertible Fingerless Gloves Women And MenThick Flock Lining
2. Metog Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation MittensExtra Lining
3. USB Heated Gloves For Men And WomenX
4. Bruceriver Men’s Knitted Fingerless Ragg Gloves With Thinsulate LiningXXExtra Lining

Buying Guide

Selecting a pair of gloves for gamers is a choice that requires consideration and attention. Ordinary gloves are unable to serve the purpose of keeping the hands of gamers warm as they restrict the fingers and thus the gamers cannot use a controller, keyboard or a mouse properly. Here are some factors that should be considered when choosing a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm while gaming:

Material Of The Gloves

The most important factor to consider when choosing a pair of gloves is to look at the material. Make sure that the gloves are made of a material that is comfortable as well as warm. The reason why you need gloves is to keep your hands warm, therefore, there is no use of investing in gloves that are too thin and are unable to keep the hands warm. 

Fit And Comfort

As a gamer, it is normal for one to experience cold hands every now and then. Therefore, it is needless to say that you might end up wearing gloves for an extended period of time. Make sure that the gloves you choose fit your hands perfectly. 

The gloves should not be too loose or too tight. In case of loose gloves, they can slip through the hands and in case of gloves that are too tight, the fingers can feel congested and uneasy. 


There are two main types of hand warmers. The ones with the fingers covered and the ones that are fingerless. Gamers rely on the use of their fingers a lot. And the gloves that cover the fingers interrupt the movement and the grip of the fingers. 

Therefore, it is recommended that gamers invest in gloves that are fingerless. But at the same time, fingers too tend to get cold. So they need to be covered as well. In a nutshell, it is recommended that you choose the gloves that can be used as both the fingers covered as well as the fingerless versions. 

Texture And Grip

Last but not the least, check the texture of the gloves before purchasing them. The gloves with a plain surface have a smooth finish therefore grabbing things with them is nothing but a hassle. Always opt for gloves that come with a slight texture. This way you will be able to grab things easily. 


All gamers have experienced cold hands while gaming. This is especially common during the winter season. The best way to make sure that your hands remain warm even while gaming is to make use of gloves. Gloves will make sure that your hands remain warm but at the same time, you remain at ease without restricting the movement and functioning of your fingers.