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Rack mounted USB hub

Rack Mounted USB Hub for Pc Gamers

Gamers find it hard to connect several devices with their laptops/PCs all at once. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! We’ve got a solution for you.

Rack-mounted USB hubs help you to connect multiple devices with your laptop. Also, these hubs are powered from the AC supply directly and will not eat up your PC’s battery. Therefore, these can take off the stress from your laptops/PCs by having their own power.

Apart from having a secure connection, you can charge your USB devices at a much faster pace with USB 3.0. These hubs also utilize the AC supply to charge the devices. So, your laptops’ battery can survive for more time.

Some MAC devices require a lot of power to maintain their speed and performance. Therefore, these hubs are of great use for Apple users as well. Hence, you should protect your laptops/PCs from the extra load and have a rack-mounted USB hub. It’ll surely enhance the speed, performance, and lifespan of your laptop.

We have eased down your work by providing you a list of best rack mounted USB hubs. You can utilize these hubs to connect keyboard, mouse, joystick, cell phones, monitors, and other devices all at once. 

Let’s get into this.

1. AUKEY Powered USB HUB


Robust Design:

This AUKEY USB hub features a sleek and slim look. It is finished through the Aluminum material that’ll look perfect with your PC. You can place this compact device anywhere on the table as it is easy to set up.

Multiply the port:

Your laptop might feature only one or two USB 3.0 ports. But no worries!

This AUKEY 10-port USB hub can multiply your one 3.0 ports into 10 3.0 ports. Transfer as much as you can with an easy and quick method.

Fast Speed:

Many users complain about the slow data transfer speeds. Here is the solution!

This rack mount hub has the USB 3.0 ports to enhance the bandwidth transfer speeds. I’ll reach up to the data transfer speed of 5 Gb/s, which is 10x more than a USB 2.0.

Versatile Hub:

You can connect multiple devices without any fear of lowering the laptop’s speed. It supports mouse, keyboards, flash drives, hard drives, card readers, printers, and much more. Expand the network on your office table with this AUKEY 10-port USB hub.

AC Power:

It utilizes the AC power directly (12W/3A) and doesn’t rely on your PC’s battery. This AC powered hub further ensures you the safety of your laptop while transferring the data at a higher pace.

What’s in the box?

You’ll get all the equipment and accessories along with the package. The box comprises CB-H6 10-port USB hub, an A to A cable measuring 3.3 feet, and a 3A adapter for AC supply. It also includes a user manual to set up the hub before use quickly.


  • 10 USB 3.0 ports
  • Aluminum body for a sleek look
  • Use AC supply
  • 5 GB/s data transfer speed


  • Not for charging gadgets

2. Plugable 10-port USB Hub


Extend your Setup:

This Plugable USB hub features ten ports of USB 3.0 and 2.0 to connect with your laptop’s or PC’s ports. It lets you connect several kinds of devices and ensures a data transfer speed of 5GB/s.

Wide Compatibility:

You can multiply the ports of any USB 3.0 and 2.0 device with this Plugable USB hub. It can also be connected to the USB 1.1 devices and hosts. 

Considering the internal assembly, this HUB equips the three VIA labs, including VL812 B2 chipset along with the 9091 and 9095 firmware components, to connect with USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 devices.

Powerful Device:

This USB hub device utilizes a 4 ampere AC power supply with 12V/48W. This feature ensures fast and quick charging of all your USB devices. Also, VIA lab construction brings more output with minimum power.

Stylish and convenient Design:

A Master Blue power LED adds to the aesthetics of this USB hub device. The sleek piano-shaped hub depicts a glossy black look. A 6-feet cable will let you decide the location of this hub anywhere on the desk. Moreover, there are six front ports while four backports to reduce cable clutter.

A unique feature is its vertical USB hubs. Two ports at the back can flip out into an upright position to access quickly. You can even connect the flash drives in these ports with one hand.

Easy to Use:

This USB hub device is supported by all the OS platforms, including Windows, MAC, Linux, and much more. The hub requires no driver at all. It follows the simple plug and plays principle. However, you may need the USB 3.0 drivers on your laptops to experience a higher speed.


  • VIA labs chipsets
  • Vertical USB ports for easy access
  • Power LED indicator
  • Supports USB 3.0/2.0/1.1


  • Little heat issues

3. ORICO USB 3.0 Desk-Edge HUB


AC Power Supply:

This powered USB hub comes with an AC supply adapter and cable to connect with the AC source. It can charge all your USB devices within minutes. This feature also enables you to utilize this USB hub for high powered devices, i.e., printers, etc.

Stylish Design:

It features a stylish and sleek look with an Aluminium alloy construction. Apart from being stylish, it offers durability and strength, which ensures the longer lifespan of this USB hub. You can place it anywhere as it matches your surroundings beautifully.

Desk-Edge Hub:

One of the worth noting features is its clamp design with a bolt. You can connect with the edge of tables, office desks, and even the monitor screens. The bolt can open the clamp up to 1.26-inches thickness.

Easy to Fix:

This bolt desk-edge design is quite easy to attach with any hard surface of suitable thickness. There are rubber caps attached on either side of connecting surfaces that can hold the contact. It doesn’t let the hub device to move and attach firmly to the desk edge.

Super-Fast USB 3.0:

Transfer the data at higher speeds!

This ORICO USB Hub features the super fasts speed of up to 5GB/s with its USB 3.0 ports. It is compatible with your laptop’s USB 3.0 port, which can multiply into four with this hub.

Wide Angle:

You can access the USB ports at different angles with this clip design feature. It lets you attach the hub device to table edges at any angle you want to avoid the wire clutters as well.


  • Faster speeds
  • Space-saving design
  • Attach with any hard surface
  • Easy to place


  • Can be mounted on edge more than 1.26 inches thick

Comparison Chart:

ProductsPort NumbersPort TypePower SourceCable lengthBuy Now
1. AUKEY Powered USB HUB10 USB portsUSB 3.0AC power (12V/38W)3.3 feet
2. Plugable 10-Port USB Hub10 USB ports (including 2 flip up)USB 3.0/ Backward compatibility with 2.0/1.1AC power (12V/48W)6+ feet
3. ORICO USB 3.0 Desk-Edge HUB4 USB portsUSB 3.0AC power3.28 feet

Buying Guide:

You need to have enough knowledge about the USB hub device before you step into the market. Here are some of the factors you must look for in the best rack-mounted USB hub device.


You must have a USB hub device that is self-powered with the AC supply and doesn’t rely on the laptop’s battery. As most of these devices feature the USB charging feature, so it’ll not eat up the battery and affect the performance of your computer.


Durability and reliability are the most critical factors you must look in a USB hub. What if you think to have multiple connections with the USB hub device and want to charge them all at once, but you end up having nothing. Therefore, you need to check the USB ports as they must be USB 3.0. Also, the data transfer speed must be higher the 2.5 GB/s to have a smooth data exchange.

Wire Cluttering:

You must check whether the rack-mounted hub can have all the ports filled or not. Most of the hub devices feature multiple ports with a compact design that all the ports are not accessible. For this purpose, some models feature the angled USB ports. Also, this feature will reduce wire cluttering. 


The last thing you should check is the accessories that come with the device. It must have the connection cable, AC power supply, and an AC adapter.


USB hub devices provide you with convenience if you want to connect multiple USB devices with your laptop but have only one or two ports. Some models can even multiply your laptop’s port into ten further USB ports. Bring in this device and enjoy multiple benefits like transferring data or charging the gadgets all at once.