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What Are The Best Gaming Glasses

What Are The Best Gaming Glasses

The evolution of technology brought a drastic change in our lives. Smart devices and computers are lending hands in our daily tasks as well as our source of entertainment and enjoyment. 

Every one of us is surrounded by screens and we on average spend 9 to 11 hours working on them. Especially if you’re a gaming freak.

All the screens emit blue light, especially your high-end gaming laptop with sharp graphics, is highly affecting your health. The side effects of Blue light can be:

  • Eye Strain
  • Dried Eyes
  • Disturbed Sleep Patterns
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Mental and Physical Fatigue
  • Stress and Hypertension

So, the need of the hour is to protect yourself from these harms that can even lead to some serious ailments as well.

Gaming can be your passion but you can only perform well at it when you are relaxed and can easily chase your desired scores after spending hours of hours on it.

A specially designed glasses that can keep blue light away from your eyes can be the only best solution to all your concerns. But the question is:

What Are The Best Gaming Glasses?

This question can lead you towards further confusion so in order to help you we enlisted the top three gaming glasses for your increased gaming demands.

Read the comprehensive guide on gaming glasses to find the most suitable pair for you.

1. KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Improves Health

KLIM designed a protection guard for your eyes. This pair of glasses is not only ANTI-FATIGUE but also ANTI HEADACHE. So, now you can spend hours in front of the screen without any fear and without any fatigue.

It performs perfectly and offers you an experience without any strains on your eyes. Consequently, it will improve your sleep and health issues.

High-quality Material

The glasses are made durable to bear the daily wear and tear. Lenses are engineered with German technology that can filter 92% of the blue light at 400 nm. This quality stands the KLIM gaming glasses high among its competitors.

The TR90 frame is robust but lightweight and comfortable.


Great protection is offered at a reasonable price range. High-quality material with long-lasting ability is what it offered to its user at a good price. Low-quality gaming glasses can provide a low budget product that can not filter blue light effectively. So choose a real value for your improved lifestyle.

Tinted Lens

The light yellow-tinted lenses provide another layer of protection with a focused performance and low distortion ability. It gets a little time to be habitual of wearing tinted glasses but they are more effective with people spending more indoor time.

Flexible Frame

Grilamid TR90 is what KLIM chooses for its glasses frame that is the lightest thermoplastic fabric of the world. This material allows it to be lightweight as well as flexible.

Flexibility offers a break resistance to the frame. It resists torsions and retains its shape. It can stay protected against shocks, acids, heat, and also solvents. So, enjoy your comfortable and flexible frame for hours.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Shock and heat resistant
  • Anti-fatigue and anti headache
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Budget-friendly


  • Tinted Lenses can cause uneasiness at start

2. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses


Filters harmful rays

J+S Vision blue light gaming glasses are going to shield guard your eyes by blocking blue harmful rays. It can block 90% of the blue light.

It stops blue light with almost 52% of low colour distortion and 62% HD lens. So, it’s a perfect solution to your daily gaming and working needs.

Low colour distortion

If you feel uneasy with your tinted lens here is the solution to your problem. The low colour distortion ability of  J+S Vision’s low colour distortion can provide you with a perfect balance of viewing quality and eye protection.

It is recommended by doctors to use for the digital strain to prevent headaches and fatigue.

Comfortable fit

This pair of glasses has got a quality classic frame that is suitable for every gender. It has a large rectangular frame with a flexible and comfortable fit. 

Spring-loaded temples make it universally fit as it allows comfortable fitting for any size and gender.


You can use your gaming glasses for preventing blue light rays as well as UV rays. They are also a good option for those who spend much time indoors.

Improved health

This pair is going to address all eye problems related to screen exposure. It lessens the strain and also improves your sleep patterns by eliminating the harmful rays. 

Harmful rays disrupt sleep hormones and produce strain in the nervous system that results in sleep loss.


  • Blue light and UV rays protection
  • Anti-strain and anti-headaches
  • Suitable to use for all smart devices or screens
  • Best fit for anyone
  • Low colour distortion


  • Easily gets dirty
  • Prone to breakage

3. Gaming Glasses by Gunnar Optiks


Equipped with the right technology

Gunnar is recommended by health practitioners to protect and enhance vision. It is the only gaming glasses in the market to block blue light produced by computers with its Patented Lens Technology.

Gunnar gaming glasses can also improve your view while working or playing on tablets, smartphones, and computers. No more Digital Eye Strain, fatigue, stress, and headaches on your way to perform perfectly.

A solution to all eye problems

GUNNAR is a great solution to all eye concerns you are facing due to prolonged exposure to screen time. Dry eye, migraines, headaches, blurry visions, and eye strains are negative results of blue light exposure that can be handled easily with one effective tool.

Comfortable design

Ergonomic design, with a lightweight frame, provides a full day comfortable screen viewing. Moreover, a great edge of this pair is a panoramic view and audio headset compatibility that adds real ease of use. So, continue your perfect performance at games without being tired and stressed.

UV Protection

Your gaming glasses are not the only saviour at gaming hour rather it has other benefits as well. You can use them for a better UV ray protection

Clearer image

The lenses are designed to perform longer, they are ultralight yet the optics do not degrade over time. GUNNAR glasses enhance the clear view as it eliminates distortion from impurities. Cheap glasses can easily cause haze and impurities to keep you busy in cleaning jobs.


  • Less tinted
  • Reduces eye irritation
  •  Patented optical design increases focus
  •  Eliminates distortion from impurities
  • One year warranty


  • No anti-glare ability
  • A hard fit

Comparison Chart

Gaming GlassesWeightTinted/TransparentBluelight Blocking CapacityUV ProtectionBuy Now
1. KLIM Glasses0.70 ouncesTinted90%yes
2. J+S Vision Glasses3 ouncesTinted90%yes
3. Gunnar Optiks1.12 ouncesTinted65%yes

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Glasses

All gaming glasses seem the same to you or maybe it’s just design that attracts you. But in order to buy the most effective gaming glasses, you have to set your goals so that you can get what you are looking for.

There are different types and qualities available in the market that can mislead you to choose a one that suits your needs the most. Join me to check What are the best gaming glasses and how to choose one best option for you.

Blue light blocking capacity

It’s the main purpose of your gaming glasses to prevent you from harmful blue rays. Each gaming glasses have different blocking capacities.you should always go for the highest blocking capacities to stay protected. 90% or more is preferred.

Tint Lens

The tint colour of the lens matters a lot as it can distort your view for gaming graphics. Your gaming graphics demand a clear view. There are many tint colours available for lenses. Amber is more suitable for the sharpness of your gaming graphics. Overly tinted glasses can cause disturbed view or uneasiness.

Frame flexibility

Most of the frames are made flexible so they can be fit to any size or gender. They are designed lightweight and comfortable. However, you can choose a pair with a durable frame as there are frames made with wood, metal, or plastic.

Wide and ergonomic design

A wider design will provide protection with better coverage as blue lights will not interfere with eyes with any angle. Moreover, ergonomic design will ensure the comfort of usage for long hours.


Gaming glasses can be your good support against harmful rays at any screen. You can utilize your protection with screens of desktop, gaming laptops, tablets, smartphone or any other.


Stay glued to your screen for scoring some more rewards at your favourite game. There is no more strain and fatigue. You are going to experience a clearer view, focused performance and longer use of your screen with your best gaming glasses as they will take control of all your concerns.

Select your pair now and enjoy your ultimate gaming experience without any headache.