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Best Game Console For 3 Year Old

Best Game Console For 3 Year Old

Quarantine has messed up our lives, but it shouldn’t, and one way to escape boredom is to play gaming consoles. Children, especially 3 year old are quite picky when it comes to gaming consoles, since you need to buy something that is simple, interesting and colorful.

3 year olds are still understanding the world as it is so don’t go buying something that your 3 year old can’t even begin to digest. We’ve got you covered though, so don’t worry a bit. This article will reveal the best game console for a 3 year old who will not only accept, but appreciate and spend time with instead of crying or nagging.

We understand that game consoles can be expensive, and that’s why we are here to assist you. We will recommend the Best Game Console For 3 Year Old. This article will definitely aid you in the process of purchase since it doesn’t only contain information about the products, but much more than that. 

1. Nintendo Switch Lite 

Product Features:

Personal play:

Nintendo comes up with dynamic products like the Nintendo Switch, its hand-held feature beats even the best game consoles out there. The Nintendo Switch Lite is small and nimble, it will settle easily in the hands of a 3 year old and we’re sure that your kid will enjoy playing games up close.


The biggest flaw with most game consoles is that they aren’t portable, but the Nintendo Switch Lite is. If you’re planning to camp to enjoy holidays to ease life then your kid may whine. But now he can play Nintendo Switch Lite all he/she wants. It’s lightweight and compact, and fits inside bags and pouches easily. Don’t forget to take the charger with you!

Color variety:

Nintendo Switch Lite is available in a variety of cool colors, like Coral, Gray, Turquoise and Yellow. Plus, the device comes at an awesome price, now you can buy your kid/s any color they want, to have their own personal experience without waiting for the other to finish playing.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is an excellent game console for little children. It has a sleek design and attractive look that instantly draws children towards it. Also, the game console has a built-in Control Pad that can be used to maneuver in games. 


  • Lightweight
  • Compact in size
  • Portable
  • Hand-held device
  • Variety of colors


  • Sharing of content is not possible through games

2. Nintendo New 3DS XL Console

Product Features:

3D Technology:

If only Nintendo couldn’t launch a huge improvement with their game consoles, they added 3D Technology that is ultra attractive and there is no limit to one’s entertainment with this device and especially a 3 year old!

Now you can watch and play your favorite games with your kid in high-definition displays. The quality of the screen is excellent, it’ll keep your kid riled up and occupied for many hours. Every game looks much more than it is on the beautiful screen of the Nintendo 3DS XL. However, the 3D version is recommended for children above the age of 7 so don’t let your 3 year old use the 3D mode.

Handheld play:

This gaming console has the amazing feature of letting you play whenever and wherever. The sleek design is comfortable and friendly for children to hold for a decent amount of time. Instead of sitting with a gaming device all day long, your 3 year old can relax and play games, just by holding the 3DS XL in his/her hands. The giant screen makes it look heavy but it’s actually easy to hold.

Record pictures and videos:

With the Nintendo 3DS XL, you have the option to capture 3D pictures and connect with friends to have fun. Imagine a game console has the feature of taking pictures, now you have a family camera right in the same game console your son plays on. 

DS games playable:

The Nintendo 3DS XL can play DS games, so you can take out your old CDs and play all you want to bring out that nostalgia. However, what you can’t do is, you can’t use the 3D mode on DS games. You have to settle with the normal graphics.


The Nintendo 3DS XL has a bulky, but attractive shape. It has a flapper which can be opened to access the device. In addition to a control pad, it has a special button that is utilized in games. The gaming console looks heavy but it’s lightweight and portable. Your kid can take it up for a trip outside so he/she doesn’t get bored during the way. 

The product uses an AC adapter that can be bought separately.


  • 3D displays
  • Excellent screen quality
  • Portable
  • Attractive look
  • Plays DS games too


  • Charger sold separately

Comparison Chart

ProductPortableSpecialityDesignBuy Now
1. Nintendo Switch Lite Yes Variety of gamesFlat
2. Nintendo New 3DS XL ConsoleYes3D gamesFlap

Gaming Consoles For 3 Year Old Buying Guide:

After looking at a variety of game consoles that are asking to be bought because of their attractive displays and complex product features, you as a customer may feel perplexed and confused. Customers, especially parents, look for a product that their little kid likes the most. 

In order to reduce your tensions, we’re here with a buying guide that will accurately explain how you can nit-pick the best game console for your 3 year old kid so read it attentively.


The thing that’s looked at the most in a game console is its display. If the picture quality isn’t up to your expectations or your child’s expectations then it’s better to drop that option. Choose a game console that has  a bright, crisp screen that is easily noticeable and has bright colors. 

Dull and dim game consoles may bore your child quicker than anything. The quality of the screen usually determines your experiences in playing games. So be careful in deciding a game console, do your research before leaving and make sure you confirm from your 3 year old about the thing he/she desires from the display.


Children are attracted to sound, aren’t they? But not all game consoles have excellent sound quality. Some have crappy, deadbeat sounds that don’t deserve appreciation at all. To avoid this hassle, make sound your priority and listen to the game console before you proceed to purchase it.


You don’t have to buy the most expensive game console out there. Chances are, your 3 year old may not even seek interest in the most expensive one. As it goes, the more the features the higher the price. 

Your 3 year old wouldn’t want features he/she can’t even understand the majority of these features so save yourself some expenses and buy a game console that has an economical price, rather than a large or a small one. Something that gives value will always be appreciated by your kid.


This point is what most parents ignore. The manufacturer of the game console matters a lot, since it will decide how professional they will respond to a problem or issue. 

Usually, cheap game consoles by third graded companies don’t last long and end up dying right in the starting days. More than that, they don’t even provide warranties, so then you’re left with an unoperational game console and an unhappy 3 year old.

Choose reliable companies that have a good name in the market and are known for quality products. This will help you to develop trust and maybe, spend a little more than you were going to.


All game consoles come with their unique storages called memory. It’s basically how much a warehouse can take before saying no. Game consoles that have very low memory don’t end up well since they may run out of space right when you’re trying to load a new game that’s exciting your 3 year old as well, only to end in disappointment. 

Ensure that you choose a game console with a decent memory, so that your kid can play games without having to think about the storage left.

Additional features:

Game consoles may have some extra features that are to be considered. They may have a camera, or sharing features that enable other known players to join in the fun. Choose a game console that has the right features for your kid. 

As mentioned above, don’t go overboard and purchase the one with the most features, you will only waste your money.


The market is crawling with different types of game consoles. However, not all are meant for 3 year olds and not all are worth their price. You need to strike a balance between value and price, which will enable your 3 year old to enjoy the game and you to relax knowing that your bank balance isn’t in jeopardy. 

Instead of going for cheap game consoles, buy a decent one from a reliable company that is known for selling verified products.