/Are Alienware Laptops Good for Gaming?
Are Alienware Laptops Good for Gaming

Are Alienware Laptops Good for Gaming?

Yes. To be honest, they are one of those few companies that produce quality gaming accessories. Any hardcore gamer will certainly agree with my claim. 

Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell, that only produces gaming essentials. Year after year, the company manufactures products better than the last one. Due to its one-aim business, the improvement in each product can be seen to a great extent. Started in 1996, Alienware has come a long way and has made a huge name for itself.

Their products are easily distinguishable due to their space-themed design. The most popular product is their gaming PC and laptops. Gamers who wish to switch from PCs to a more portable device like laptops, look for their products. 

With an experience of more than  20 years, the company is now a pro at producing such accessories. With so many of their products, stacking the market shelves, it is not easy to decide which one to buy. 

To make things a little less complicated, we have reviewed Alienware’s three best gaming laptops. Besides good buildup and design, the laptops are going to leave you stunned with their performance.

Without further ado, let us dig into the review of these three amazing laptops. 

1. Alienware AW17R3-1675SLV FHD Laptop



In terms of design, Alienware laptops, with their spaceship inspired style, always stand out in a crowd. The chassis is sleek and attractive, with a petite Alienware logo on the top strip. The top cover lid is made up of aluminium and has cutouts for light. When in use, the cutout and the logo’s eyes glow with light. 

Besides the basic design, the buildup is also pretty good. The laptop weighs as much as 8lbs, which is a bit heavy for gaming laptops. But, the manufacturing is pretty solid for sure. Apart from the cover, the rest of the laptop is manufactured using some high-end plastic. The laptop can easily cope with some rough usage. The hinge is also strong and lifting up the shutter is not just a one finger thing. With a backlit RGB gaming board, you can use this amazing laptop in a dark room effortlessly. 


This amazing gaming laptop has a 17.3-inch IPS panel, with an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Besides great viewing angles due to its impressive design, the laptop also covers 100% sRGB spectrum. It has an excellent contrast ratio of about 820:1. With a good amount of pixels per inch and excellent colour correction, the laptop delivers an incredible gaming experience. 


The Alienware 17 R3 gaming laptop features a powerful Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core CPU processor. The Skylake version uses Turbo boost to automatically overclock and can increase the clock load from 2.6GHz to 3.5GHz. The laptop is quite fast in practice and great for heavy-duty processing.


This gaming laptop is equipped with profuse connectivity options. The right side features a Gigabit ethernet connectivity port, one USB 3.0 as well as a 3.1 port while the left side is equipped with a Noble Lock port, a microphone and a headset jack, two 3.0 USB ports and a power connector. Another plus is that the ports are pretty easy to use, even in a dark room.

Temperature Control

The company manufacturers have equipped the laptop with a decent cooling system. The device features a large cooling vent at the bottom. The vents, due to their large size, are not blocked easily and thus stay active, maintaining a cool environment inside. 

Even during extreme gaming sessions, the maximum inner temperature of the CPU is recorded to be around 80 degrees Celsius. This is a pretty good value for such a mediocre pricing gaming laptop. 

During normal tasks, the functioning of the fans is slowed. But, as soon as the temperature reaches a certain level, the fan activity starts increasing. The temperature is controlled within minutes but the laptop produces a lot of noise. 


  • Excellent processing power.
  • Good IPS display with impressive colour accuracy.
  • Decent battery life and speakers.
  • Good Temperature Control.
  • Ample connectivity options.
  • Easy to use in the dark.
  • Optional graphic amplifying. 


  • Cooling fans only activated at a certain temperature.
  • Not very portable. 

2. Alienware M17 Gaming Notebook



The first thing that any potential buyer notices in a product is its design. The Alienware m17 notebook, with its slim sleek design, continues to impress thousands of people. The manufacturers claim it to be their lightest and slimmest gaming notebooks ever. With the laptop having a thickness of 0.91 inches and just weighing 5.79 lbs, the company is definitely living up to their claim. 

Besides this, the build quality is also excellent. The device is manufactured using Magnesium alloy that not only allows the user to have a good grip but also keeps the laptop lightweight.

The alloy is tough hence ensures that the laptop can survive a beating. 

The inner body and keyboard are crafted using some superior quality plastic. The keyboard is tough and can easily bear some vigorous typing. 


The 17.3 inch IPS display paired with an amazing resolution of 1920 X 1080, gives a wonderful gaming experience. The colour accuracy is great with no screen bleeding. Thanks to its powerful processor, the response time is also excellent.  Besides this, the front camera with an FHD resolution offers amazing clarity. 


One common thing in all Alienware M17 laptops is that they have abundant connectivity options. Both sides are equipped with almost 13 ports in total that include a Gigabit Ethernet controller, Thunderbolt 3 port, Type A super speed USB 3.0, a graphics amplifier, a wedge-shaped lock slot and much more. 

Temperature Control

With Alienware Cryo Tech V2.0, the laptop stays cool throughout long hours of game playing. The device is equipped with a dual-fan system that takes in cool air through the top and bottom vent while exhales hot air via the side vents. 

Due to the large fan size, this is an efficient method of eradicating heat from inside. In addition to this, copper-composite pipes in the thermal module aids in keeping the CPU and the GPU cool. Thanks to this extensive cooling system, the laptop remains cool and the performance isn’t affected. 

Ace Library Science

This is another great feature that all hardcore gamers will enjoy. The M17 gaming notebook is equipped with an option of Ace library science that links all system settings with a gaming library. The user has the option to access all games in his library, as well as, fine-tune them. 

In addition to this, this device also allows you to personalise the setup of every game you play. Without interfering with the game settings, you can make the game’s software look like the way you want it to be. 


  • Sleek, durable design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent processing speed.
  • Seamless graphics.
  • Ample storage.
  • Abundant connectivity options.
  • Access and interfere with gaming information.
  • Easy to use in dark with an RGB backlit keyboard.
  • Excellent cooling mechanism.


  • Battery life can be improved. 

3. Alienware New M17 Gaming Laptop



Undoubtedly, Alienware’s devices are the most trendy products of their type. Like the previous one, this M17 R2 is also incredibly lightweight and has a thickness of around 0.9 inches. With a huge Alienware logo and cutouts on the cover lid, this one also follows a similar basic design to the other M17 gaming laptops. 

The highlighting feature about its design is that the screen has been shifted half an inch forward from the hinge, making space for a cooling vent. 

Besides the styling, the crafting is also excellent. The outer cover is crafted using a magnesium alloy, keeping the laptop lightweight while the inner is manufactured using some superior industrial plastic. This premium looking laptop comes with a backlit keyboard that is also tough and sturdy. The matte finishing on the top offers a good grip on the laptop. 


The bold and attractive design of Alienware M17 is accompanied by a 17.3-inch display and an amazing resolution of 1080 X  1920, that make pictures look vivid and crisp. Although some gamers argue that this resolution is not enough for getting the most out of GPU but honestly, it is the best one for its price. 

With the graphics set to ultra, the laptop performs really well and manages a fantastic refresh rate of 92 frames per second. The laptop’s overall performance is also great and it can easily handle day to day work like champs. 


The M17 R2 gaming notebook comes with plenty of connectivity ports. On the left side, you can find a Gigabit Ethernet connector, a headset and microphone jack, and a USB 3.1 port. While on the right side you will find two USB 3.1 Type-A ports. In addition to this, the back is also equipped with ports that include a Thunderbolt 3 port, an HDMI 2.0,  a power connector and a DisplayPort 1.4. 

Temperature Control

Gamers often complain about heating up their devices and usually, there is no adequate measure taken to control the temperature. But Alienware uses Cryo Tech 3.0 to keep their gaming laptops cool for smooth functioning. The large fans are far more efficient than the smaller ones and aid in maintaining a cool temperature. The top and bottom vents suck in cool air and interchange it with the hot one while the vents at rear exhale it in the atmosphere. 

This amazing gaming notebook is incorporated with a lot of exhausts that do not let the device heat up. The peak recorded temperatures for CPU  and GPU were 89°C and  69°C, which is pretty fine. 


  • Stunning 4K display.
  • Sleek, Attractive design.
  • Robust buildup.
  • Excellent venting system.
  • Great colour accuracy.
  • Ample connectivity options.
  • 720 p amazing webcam.
  • Easy to port.


  • No Nvidia G-syncing. 
  • Battery life is very low. 

Comparison Chart

LaptopThicknessGraphics processorFlash Memory SizeMemory SpeedBuy Now
1. Alienware AW17R3-1675SLV FHD Laptop1.35 inches NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M with 3GB GDDR5256 GB2133 MHz
2. Alienware M17 Gaming Notebook0.9 inchesNVIDIA GeForce RTX 207016 GB2666 MHz
3. Alienware New M17 Gaming Laptop0.9 inchesNVIDIA GeForce RTX 207016 GB2666 MHz

Guide for Buying the Best Gaming Laptop

There are multiple things to consider when buying a good gaming laptop. Gaming enthusiasts are sure to check their laptops buildup, graphics, connectivity options but forget these small yet significant considerations. 


The most common reason that people switch from gaming monitors to gaming laptops is because of their portable nature. A common idea is that all laptops are easy to port. Well, that is certainly not true. Weight and dimensions are actually the two factors that determine the ease of portability of a device. 

When people buy laptops, they usually forget to note how easy their device is to the port. While buying make sure that your laptop is not only lightweight but slim too. Anything less than 7lbs with a screen size around 13-14 inches can be a great travelling partner. 


To avoid muddy graphics, opt for laptops that have at least a resolution of 1920 X 1080. Usually, it is rare to find gaming laptops with resolution lower than this, but companies do produce cheaper laptops and compromise on this part. 

Please don’t ruin your gaming experience for just saving a few bucks. Besides this, the 2560 X 1440 resolution is pretty popular in the market and works amazingly with the RTX 2070 and 2080. 

Cooling System

Continuous hours of gaming can cause your device to heat up. If the internal heat is not managed adequately, the longevity of the laptop and its components is severely affected. A good gaming laptop must have a cooling mechanism that exhales out the heat and manages to keep the internal temperature cool. In addition to this, the operation should be really quiet. 


RAMs are an important thing to consider when buying a laptop for gaming, or otherwise. An 8 GB is an ideal option for a laptop that is going to be used for day to day tasks. Since gaming is RAM intensive, a laptop with 16 GB RAM is an excellent choice for gamers. 

Anything less than 8 GB is not enough to deal with your gaming needs while 8Gb is good but not great. Good thing is that memory can be upgraded. You can upgrade your RAM size once you are able to afford it.


We have concluded the three best Alienware gaming laptops, that return an excellent value for their money. All three gadgets are equipped with good resolution and amazing graphics. 

Alienware’s high-quality buildup ensures that the laptops are very robust and can easily last a beating. After thorough research through their specs, treat yourself with one of these amazing Alienware laptops to make your gaming experience worthwhile.