/Best CPU for 1080p Gaming
Best CPU for 1080p Gaming

Best CPU for 1080p Gaming

Having an exciting and fun life is what everyone dreams. Now you can bring some excitement to your life by following your gaming passion.

More than 1.82 billion people around the world are engaged in online gaming that increases every year. Every person chooses to play a game that meets their interests and this interest seems not to be stopped in any way. 

Games like Batman Arkham knight, DMC 5, PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Witchers 3, Assassin’s creed odyssey etc are Pc games. They  demand a high performing powerful CPU.

I scale down some top performing, best cpu for 1080p gaming to help you enjoy a non stop gaming performance.

Let’s check each of them in detail

1. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core


Exceptional Processing Power

Ryzen 93900X is equipped with a 12 core Processor supported by 24 threads. This allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously without making any compromise over the speed or performance of your system. In other words, this feature is what makes this processor able to satisfy all your gaming needs. 

Super Fast Performance

This processor operates at 3.8 GHz Base Clock Speed. This minimum clock speed indicates a super fast performance that, in turn, shows its ability to intensify and aid the entire gaming experience. 

Unbelievable Data Transfer Rate 

The Dual Channel 3200 MHz DDR4 Memory effortlessly adds to the performance and efficiency of your system. Besides that, it drastically lessens the power consumption of your system and significantly adds to its battery life. It certainly plays a noticeable role in preventing HD games from engulfing your system’s battery instantly. 

Great Invest Ability

The presence of AM4 Socket is another noticeable feature of this popular gaming processor. In fact, one cannot even imagine building a powerful gaming PC without equipping it with an AM4 socket. This socket further enhances the compatibility of your system with several other peripheral gaming equipment. 


  • High processing speed and data transfer rates 
  • Soldered heat spreaders 
  • Noise free technology 
  • Improved Battery Life


  • Insufficient RAM support hinders its effectiveness sometimes 

2. Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores


Multicore Processor 

In terms of its performance and processing speed this processor is an ideal buy for people who are always in need of using several programs at a time. It comes with an 8 core processor and 16 threads and is better able to multitask as compared to any other such processor. 

Impressive Clock Speed

It exhibits an impressive turbo clock speed of 5.0 GHz. This feature adds to its worth as an ideal gaming processor and intensively multiplies its performance and efficiency. In other words, it effectively prevents your system from lagging.

Dual Channel DDR4-2666 memory 

The Dual Channel doubles the memory bandwidth while DDR4 Memory adds to the battery life of your system. This feature cumulatively improves the performance and efficiency of your system and serves as the right choice for building a gaming PC. 

UHD Graphics with dynamic Frequency

These features are a quintessential for having a realistic gaming experience. UHD Graphics chipset enhances the visual quality and its dynamic frequency of 1200 MHz adds to the entire experience. In addition, it is an unlocked processor which means that it may be overclocked to process even faster than core speeds. 


  • UHD Graphics 
  • Brilliant efficiency 
  • Noise free technology 
  • Exemplary speed and optimal performance 


  • Compatible with some intel motherboards 

3. Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores


8 Core Unlocked Processor 

The highly appreciated feature of this processor is its 8 core unlocked technology. This magnificently improves your system’s performance by making it better able to handle several tasks at a time. Another noticeable fact is that this processor is unlocked. It means that you may overclock it to attain an even higher performance. 

Soldered TIM

This feature equips your processor to handle the excessive heat that is produced as a result of overclocking. It is an exceptional feature that instantly makes this product a gamer’s first choice in the market. 

DDR4 RAM Memory

The presence of DDR4 Memory technology lets your system have a memory of 64 GB. It further makes it work at a high data transfer rate of 2666 MT/s. All in all, this feature tempts the buyer to invest in this device without any hesitation. It also supports the manufacturer’s promise of accelerating the system’s overall performance. 

Single-Threaded Performance

Unlike several other popular processors, this intel processor satisfies its promise of excellent Single-Threaded performance. This feature basically minimizes the execution time for several applications running on your system.

High Clock Rate 

The turbo clock rate of this octa-core processor is of 4.9 GHz. This itself is a great feature to consider, majorly because most processors with low clock rates tend to slow down while playing or streaming games. In addition, this speed may also be enhanced by overclocking the processor. 


  • Optimal performance to aid gaming 
  • Ideal for multitasking 
  • High Data Transfer Rate
  • Exceptional clock speed 
  • Soldered TIM to handle excessive heat


  • Selectively compatible with intel 300 series motherboards

4. Intel Core i5-9600K


Fool Proof Device Protection

The device comes with Intel Device Protection with boot guard. These two features strongly protect your device from unauthorized alterations or tampering of the firmware. This allows you to play your favorite games without putting your system’s security at a risk.

High Grade Performance

The Core i5-9600K is a powerful CPU for most demanding applications. It is 10 to 15% faster than its predecessors with all architectural improvements.A higher clock speed also adds to its great performance and prevents lagging especially when you are about to win an extremely difficult level of your favorite game. 

UHD Graphics for gaming needs

The Intel UHD Graphics powers your games to let you experience a level of visuals. A 630 GPU, clocking up to 1.15 GHz like its predecessors enhances the details of your each  gaming scenario.

Threading technology

The Core i5-9600K is a hexa-core chip based processor that has a 3.7 GHz base clock. These details can Turbo Boost up to 4.6 GHz. Moreover, Threading Technology, executes up to six threads to allow multitasking.


  • Faster clock speeds
  • Handle more threads at a time
  • Unlocked and Overclockable
  • Optane memory support
  • Built-in graphic card


  • No coolers
  • Only compatible with motherboards based on Intel 300 Series Chipsets.

Comparison Chart

ProcessorCore and Threads
Memory  Processor TypeClock RateBuy Now
1. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X12 Core24 ThreadsDDR4 Locked3.8GHz(Base) 
2. IntelCore i9-9900K Desktop Processor8 Core 16 threadsDDR4-2666 Unlocked 5.0GHz (Turbo) 
3. Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor8 Core16 threads DDR4 SD RAMUnlocked 4.9GHz (Turbo) 
4. Intel Core i5-9600K6 cores 6 threadsDDR4 SD RAMUnlocked3.6 GHz

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Gaming Processor

Number of Core and Threads

In order to get your hands on the best gaming CPU you must pay attention to this factor. Greater the number of cores, better will be the speed of the processor and vice versa. Here, another noteworthy thing is that each core has two distinct threads. This gives reason to why the number of threads is always double the number of cores. 

Processor Type

The type of processor, in turn, defines if the processor can be overclocked or not. Overclocking is important for individuals who are in need of greater than optimal processing speeds. Therefore, this factor is of immense importance while making this decision. 

Heat Combating Mechanism 

This particular mechanism is essential for unlocked processors especially. It is because overclocking results in excessive heat production. In order to provide you a hassle free experience, your processor must be able to deal effectively  with it. 

Memory and Battery Life

Memory type is another important factor that a buyer must consider. It is, in fact, directly linked to the battery life of your processor and defines the data transfer rate of the product. Therefore, one must not turn a blind eye to this important aspect. 

Clock Rate

As far as the performance and processing speed is concerned, clock rate plays a major role. If you are looking for a gaming processor with an exceptional performance and speed, you must opt for the one with a high turbo clock rate. It will let you be proud of your decision later on. 


If you do not want to be in trouble dealing with compatibility issues, this factor must not be ignored. While making this important decision, do not forget to pay special attention to the compatibility list of the device that you invest in. 


We have carefully compiled the list of best CPUs for gaming, to let you have the best gaming processor available in the market.

However, the ultimate decision depends upon your personal preferences and affordability. 

Choose the product that rightly fits in your distinct criteria and needs. After all, it is a worthy investment for your passion.  Choose a top performing CPU with all the features that are required by a high resolution game.

Now You can enjoy your game without getting bothered by the slow speed or not enough memory. Happy gaming.