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Recommended CPU for gaming

Recommended CPU for gaming

Gaming is a completely different feel and experience. It’s cool and quark!

Some individuals draw a complete career out of it. Gaming is a serious thing in this contemporary world now.

Even if it is out of a hobby or one needs to take it on a serious note, he/she must have a processor that is capable of satisfying the cravings. 

If any of you are looking for a processor specifically for gaming, this article is going to help you wonder. We have selected a few of the most recommended CPUs for gaming and have reviewed it for you to help you reach the speed of your latest game.

Moreover, this article is going to help you choose while giving the right knowledge of the CPUs. so, which generation are you going to select for your ultimate gaming passion?

Let’s have a look at some of the best gaming processors we have selected and reviewed for you, in detail.

1-Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor



Intel Core i7-800k comes with 12 MB catcher strong memory and 6 Cores. It is Highly compatible only with motherboard on Intel 300 series chipset .This Desktop processor is supported by Intel Optane memory along with UHD Graphics.

Smooth Gaming experience:

If one is craving an outstanding experience and extending its arm from personal game play to community gaming then this might be the one you are looking for. 

Efficiency performance:

It is very easy to share the experience by live streaming. Moreover, recording, editing and other heavy duty tasks are done efficiently within no time and glitch.  

When it comes to gaming one simply does not want to lag while playing individually or while playing community games. For that, the processor has to run very smoothly.

High resolution visuals

The Intel core i7-800K processor has a requirement. It runs under a 4k resolution that allows you to enjoy ultra-high destinations while gaming and watching videos. One willingly wants to spend more time on-screen and does not feel lagged like working on a lower resolution work screen.  Visuals are one important element of gaming that should not be distorted.


  • Strong memory backup 
  • Efficient and smooth processing
  • UHD Display


  • Restricted with motherboard 

2-AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor


Behold! We are talking about the most advanced processor in the PC gaming segment. Yes! It’s an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.

High Performing :

This processor is capable of delivering ultra fast 100+ SPF performance. It comes up with 8 cores and 16 processing threads. The 16 processing threads equipped processor has an AMD wraith Prism cooler installed. 

Catche Specifications:

It has an LED support. 4.4GHz boost makes it a dynamic experience for gaming. Providing 36MB of game cache is also included in the system specification. Game cache has DDR4 3200 MHz of the system memory. 

This can be a dynamic inclusion in your weapon stock when it comes to gaming as it has 16 threads processor. Individuals looking for a powerhouse must not overlook this product. 

Cooling Fan:

Since it has a cooling fan thus there are less chances of lagging when heavy duties are performed. Not just gaming but editing, video streaming and other similar tasks can be performed without a glitch.


  • Smooth with heavy duty tasks and works without lagging.
  • Comes with a 16 thread processor.
  • Comes with a cooling fan.


  • Runs hotter comparatively

3-Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor


Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop processor is another dynamic pick when it comes to gaming. 


This processor is comparable with the motherboard based on Intel 300 series chip sets. This is also supported by Intel Optane Memory. With the graphics of 630 UHD, this is recommending products for gaming purposes.

This also is required with 8 core/ 16 thread processors. Its chip offers two more chips that bring mainstream flagship chips along with it.  

Heat transfering ability:

This efficient piece is built with STIM to help you perform consistently as it transfers the heat from the CPU in extreme gaming pressures even. it also adds into the durability and longevity of its performance.

Unlocked Processor:

This is the first unlocked mainstream processor. It’s one of its own kind. One can take it’s creativity to the next level with this powerful processor to innovate, edit, and even share. 


  • Exceptional for gaming and similar tasks
  • One of the most dynamic processors from the Intel family. 
  • 9th generation processor with intel turbo boost technology 


  • Cooling device/ thermal solutions not included
  • Specific with motherboard.

 4- Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor


Another hit for gaming purposes. It is an 8 core/ 8thread processor. Equipped with 3.60 GHz and4.90 GHz/ 12 MB cache, one can pick according to preferences. 


Intel Core i7-9700K is compatible with a motherboard based on Intel 300 series chipsets. This gadget is supported by Intel Optane memory. This provides visuals of Intel UHD 630 Graphics. 


Heavy duty tasks are directly related to the memory domain of  the processor. It had a memory capacity of 64GB maximum. It is capable of supporting DDR4 2666 MHz ECC. Bandwidth range lied at 41 GB/s. Memory should be strong enough to support the gaming software. 

Meets High Demands:

Since video editing and sharing are quite demanding tasks thus, this processor serves the purpose really well and is pretty reliable for that

Tasks like gaming, recording, streaming are easily put down by this processor. The gadget is built with thermal interface material to help cope with the heat up consequences. This keeps the temperature at low to run the gaming experience smoothly. 


  • Fast and efficient for gaming and heavy duty purposes. 
  • Great capacity of around 64 GB memory. 
  • Has UHD Graphics display.


  • It has no heat processor. 
  • Restricted when it comes to motherboard. 
Name CPU ModelweightCPU SpeedBuy Now
1-Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor i7-8700K3 ounces3.7 GHz
2-AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop ProcessorAMD Ryzen71.60 ounces4.4 GHz
3-Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processori9-9900K11.9 ounces5 GHz
 4- Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processori7-9700K3.00 ounces4.9 GHz

Buying guide:

Although, the selection merely depends upon one’s personal choice, preference, and usage this can be a throb for gaming arenas. You can check and tally if the product is capable to serve your demands smoothly enough or not.

There are some important things that should be kept in mind before you dive into the buying process. Some of the tips are as follows.

RAM capacity:

Ideally we recommend not less than 16GV of RAM. More than that can do wonders though. If you are just planning to play games you can probably fit in the capacity of 8GB RAM. In case if you are doing more like video streaming you cannot make it  to this category, a bigger RAM is required. 

Clarify your need:

One needs to be very specific about his/ her needs. Before buying the processor you need to think of what possible tasks you have to draw with the help of this processor.  You need to pick a powerful processor as per your requirement otherwise you are going to find yourself in trouble. 

The processor is a one-time investment and you cannot change your processor every other day. It has to be durable enough for your usability and workload. 

Check current generation:

One has to make sure that whatever company he/she is buying, what latest have they shown up in terms of the processor. By just looking at the model number and with the help of a little research, you can figure out what generation is the newest.

The more recent it is the greatest it is. However, one can always choose and buy according to the preferences and usability. Personal opinion always matters in this scenario. The one who is buying is in the shoe.

Know the model number/code:

You have to know how to decode the model number before buying so you get a clear idea about what generation it belongs to. The first number denotes the generation and the rest is the series or model number. The number increases after every time the generation gets an update. 

Note: usually an alphabet “X” in the name denotes the highest clock speed of the processor.  

Checklist before buying:

Its ultra-high-definition display can amp up the experience altogether. One should have a gaming mouse to level up the experience. Although, it depends upon the preference, hobby, taste and choice at gaming.


To make your CPU active at a higher speed, you have to invest a little extra on cooling your processor down. Keeping it cool increases your overall experience. You have to install an Intel chip. However, the chip should be compatible enough.

If the chip is not compatible enough you will not get the desired results. This can also damage your computer permanently. One surely does not want that. Choose the chip wisely and with expert advice and research. It will not just ruin the ultimate performance and speed but also bring other glitches to the computer. One does not want to ruin the gaming experience.


At the end of the article, we would suggest you pick one according to your requirements. The main checklist involves capability, price, and feedback on the product that you are about to buy. Everything should fall in your feasibility bucket after all. If it doesn’t, it’s better to move on towards another option. There are a variety of  options available that one can choose from.

Check on the product that you think is the best for you and compare it with your usability and the intensity of games you are interested in and going to play. We hope this article will help you get your most suitable option.