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4 Best ASUS Gaming Monitor Review

Are you tired of outdated PC components? Every year, updated accessories replace the old ones. The same is the case with the gaming monitors. You might have spent much on buying an updated one, but who knows what comes after 1 or 2 years.

Therefore, a reliable gaming monitor must be able to withstand the updates each year. We’ve got a solution to this problem. All of our choices will help you stay updated in the gaming world, even for the next ten years. Yes, all the ASUS gaming monitors are updated and bring joy to your gaming sessions.

But wait! Do you actually know why you need to spend on these gaming monitors by ASUS? Here’s your answer.

Gaming monitors serve you with several benefits that help you improve your gaming experience. Most gaming monitors equip higher refresh rates to run the games with better framing and higher resolution. On the other hand, the lower response time adds more worth to these monitors. 

Little response time can deal with the intense and heavy games that can lag on ordinary monitors. Screen tearing is a significant problem in the high-end games that can be resolved using these gaming monitors.

After hours of research and diving deep into this topic, we’ve found some of the best gaming monitors by ASUS, which can run a long way.

1. ASUS VG178QR Gaming Monitor


FHD Screen:

The display screen must be of high pixel density to enjoy the perfect gaming experience. ASUS VG178QR Gaming Monitor takes care of this feature and provides you with a display of 1920×1080. High-end graphics games will lag no more with such large pixel density screen size.

High Refresh Rates:

Online games bring real action into play. You cannot miss any of the frames as it is not all the players that lag but you. Therefore, this gaming monitor comes with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. Higher refresh rates will update the frames multiple times in a second for compelling real-time gameplay.


Two ports i.e., Display port and HDMI, are available in this gaming monitor. These ports support the G-Sync that brings many updated features into action. It provides you varying degree refresh rates and tear-free images on the screen.

ELMB Technology:

The Extreme Low Motion Blur technology brings more smoothness and adventure to your gaming session. It reduces the motion blur, ghosting, and lagging display. It’ll not only help you enjoy the fluid-like display but reduces eye fatigue as well.


The ASUS eye care technology brings more worth to this monitor. As already discussed, it can reduce eye fatigue by reducing the blur. Moreover, a crystal clear, sharp display appears on the screen, which is easy to view. 

Easy to Place:

An ergonomic stand helps you to place the monitor at a specific height and tilt angle. The pivot point is easy to rotate and adjust even with a single hand.

Flexible options:

Connectivity has several options in this gaming monitor. There are multiple ports, including HDMI and Display ports, and Dual-link DVI-D.


  • Less eye fatigue
  • 2W Speakers
  • 27-inches FHD display
  • Dual-link DVI-D


  • Limited colour options

2. ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor


Low Response Time:

Less response time i.e., 1ms, brings real action to your screens. The ASUS fast gaming feature enables you to enjoy the updated features. You can connect various peripherals that can improve the gaming experience.

ASUS ECT feature:

ECT stands for Eye Care Technology. This technology brings in the flicker-free display and improves the visuals in many ways. First of all, No blur feature helps you achieve a sharp display, which is easy to focus. Next is the Bluelight Filtering Mechanism. This mechanism can bring down the harmful effect caused due to light rays from your monitor.

Ergonomic Stability:

You can place, tilt, and swivel the monitor on the table even with a single hand. This ergonomic stability feature will help in easy placement on any type of table surface.


The adaptive Sync Technology brings the exclusive game visuals to your screen. The enhanced color performance can improve the visuals with a sharp color scheme.

Tear-Free Picture:

Are you tired of getting torn displays during the intense online gaming?

No worries, this ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor comes with a 75 Hz refresh rate, which reduces the tearing and lag. Moreover, it is compatible to use it with AMD Radeon GPUs for an improved experience.

Game Fast Input:

Multiple input connectivity options support plug and play. Therefore, fast gaming input helps you enjoy the premium reaction times during the gameplays.

Dual HDMI:

Flexible connectivity is another brilliant feature in this ASUS monitor. Dual HDMI ports are available that help you connect multiple devices at a time.

Cable management at the back-end will help you hide all the unnecessary cables and give a tidy look.


  • Low Blue Light
  • Flicker-Free technology
  • Smart 24-inches FHD display
  • Dual HDMI


  • Calibration required

3. ASUS MG28UQ 4K Gaming Monitor


4K UHD Panel:

The 4K UHD panel helps you to bring the sharpness and superior resolution at its best. The horizontal pixels are 3840, while the vertical ones are 2160. The improved quality, along with higher pixel density, brings the real-gaming into action.

Ultra-low Blue Light Filter:

The exclusive blue light filter technology helps you to have long gaming sessions without affecting your eyes. Apart from this, the TUV certified Flicker-Free mechanism could stabilize the visuals on your screen.

Stable Design:

Do you own a monitor that is difficult to set up? Then, it’s time to switch onto this ASUS MG28UQ 4K Gaming Monitor. It equips a stabilized stand to tilt, rotate, swivel, and adjust the height in no time.

1 ms Response time:

Lesser response times are always better. This 4K 28-inches monitor brings a low response time i.e., 1ms only to help you visualize the display without lag.

Easy to Control:

A 5 way OSD joystick presents easy controlling for this ASUS gaming monitor. You can access the ASUS GamePlus, and all other settings in no time.

Also, the screen brightness and contrast are easy to handle via OSD even when playing the game.

Easy mounting:

It is quite easy to place it on the table with the ergonomically solid base. Apart from this, the wall mounting is a plus feature. The Vesa wall mounting helps you mount this monitor at any angle for various viewing options.

Replacement Warranty:

ASUS brings in the premium three years replacement warranty that proves the worth of this device. So, you can use it worry-free for a long time.


  • Flicker-free technology
  • Adjustable brightness and contrasts
  • Brightness (Max) 330 cd/㎡


  • Colours could be better

4. ASUS VG248QE FHD Monitor


Ultra-Smooth Action:

A wide 24-inches of the display screen and the 144 Hz. of refresh rates help you have the perfect display. The Full-HD screen brings real clarity and sharpness to the pixels. A high frame rate per second helps you view every second of your online gaming without any lag.

1 ms Response Time:

1 ms of response time brings the live-action into play. You’ll never miss the details even again during your online gaming session, where frame loss is common.

Extensive Colours:

A comprehensive color scheme is available to opt for your next gaming session. You can choose according to the type of game you’re playing. 4 Pre-set color temperature schemes are available that will cover most of your display options. 

Viewing Options:

An ergonomic base with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment options is available. It’ll help you view the display at any angle without any fatigue to your eyes.

Built-in Speakers:

2W built-in speakers are employed, which yields a stereo output. The bass-boosted sound with clarity helps you enjoy the best gaming experience. Moreover, not just gaming but home entertainment is quite improved without having external speakers.

Smart Display:

With the Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, the ASUS VG248QE FHD Monitor brings every detail. The Smart Contrast Ratio, along with the high brightness controlling feature, makes it suitable for every gamer to enjoy the desired settings.

Contrast ratio is 80,000,000:1 and the maximum brightness is 350 cd/m2.

Multiple Ports:

It features multiple connectivity features, including Display Port, Dual-link DVI-D, and HDMI ports, to connect the peripherals as you like.


  • Smart Contrast ratio
  • 2W built-in speakers
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 1 ms Response time


  • Viewing angles can be narrower for some
ProductsSizeResolutionRefresh ratePortsBuy Now
1.ASUS VG178QR Gaming Monitor27-inchesFHD 1080p Ultra Wide165 HzHdmi, Displayport
2. ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor24-inchesFull HD 1080p 75 HzHdmi
3. ASUS MG28UQ 4K Gaming Monitor28-inches4K/ UHD 2160p60 HzDisplayport, Usb3.0
4. ASUS VG248QE FHD Monitor24-inchesFHD 1080p144 HzHDMI

Buying Guide

Many gaming enthusiasts claim that the monitor is the soul of a gaming PC. It might be true to some extent as the correct display, and a flicker-free screen can double the joy of gaming sessions.

Therefore, without having enough knowledge about gaming monitors, it is useless to step into the market. This is because there are many monitors with resembling characteristics but with a huge price difference. Here are some of the factors you must look for while buying a gaming monitor.

Factors You Need To Consider:

Identify the Purpose:

First of all, you need to identify the purpose. In our case, the prospect of buying an updated monitor is gaming. Therefore, all the next features must be as per the games’ criteria.

Higher Resolution:

A high resolution stands better for better picture quality. Resolution refers to the pixels i.e., horizontal and vertical. There are various options available, but the minimum requirement for gaming monitors must be the 1080P FHD display. Any higher specification is a plus to have.

Pixel Density:

Pixel density matters a lot. Most of the gaming monitors come with 109 pixels per inch (ppi). However, a larger monitor may have a smaller pixel density if it has a lower resolution. Therefore, for the gaming point of view, if you want a large screen, go for the higher resolution.

Refresh Rates:

You don’t want to miss any details during the gaming session. Right! Here is the solution for you. Higher refresh rates mean the smoother and less sluggish display. For most of the games, the minimum refresh rate you can have is 75 Hz. Lower than that can cause lag.

Response Time:

The last but not least technical feature you must consider is the response time. Less response time is better to change the pixels and reduce the motion blur.


We have reviewed the best Gaming Monitors from by Asus. These come with updated features to improve the gaming experience. Moreover, all the monitors equip the higher refresh rates, low response time, and the optimized brightness and contrast settings for the lag-free and smooth display.