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Respawn Gaming Chair Review

Gaming sure is an amazing hobby but it can become a nightmare for your health. On average, a gamer spends countless hours sitting before a monitor and this can lead to severe back pain. To avoid this, a comfortable gaming chair can come in handy.

A good gaming chair will contour to your back when you sit in it. . In simple words, it will align your .. It’s common that gamers often feel a lot of body aches. One of the prime reasons for this is the lack of proper flow in the lower body However, a good gaming chair is manufactured in a way that keeps your body relaxed for hours. 

Now, the question remains; ? How to get such a gaming chair at an affordable price. Here’s where the Respawn Gaming Chair comes into the fray. 

Gaming can be crucial sometimes due to the fast and constant  action that requires a keen response from your side. These gaming chairs can understand the situation. These chairs equip the cushions and padding to comfort your lower back. Apart from this, the sidearm stands will help you rest your arms.

Keeping in mind all such benefits of this Chair, we have reviewed some of their best products which are as follows.

1. RESPAWN-900 Gaming Chair


Gaming Comfort:

Extra comfort is the critical feature for this Respawn-900 gaming chair. It has the plush removable headrest pillow that comforts your neck region. Moreover, the segmented padding covers the whole chair, which increases the cushion effect.

Drinks during the Game:

This Respawn-900 features many smart features, including the cup holder and the pouch that hangs from the left side to hold the controller. Hence, you can have drinks break during the intense game sessions.

No Open Space:

It features no open space in the construction. The upper and lower chair parts have the full surface without any cuts and gaps. It’ll not only look aesthetically pleasing but have no space to get wires caught.

Easy Reclining:

You can even recline up to 135-degrees without any fear of falling. The 360-degrees swivel at the base will stabilize the chair.


An extendable footrest provides you with extra comfort so that you can focus on the game. It’ll also stabilize the chair by extending forward.

Weight Capacity:

This Respawn-900 can take up to 275 lbs of weight quickly and will have a longer life span. The limited lifetime warranty proves its worth as well.


  • Side pouch for the controller
  • Easy controls
  • 275 lbs weight capacity
  • Swivel base


  • No quite solid

2. RESPAWN-110 Gaming Chair


Racing Style Seat:

A gamified racing style seat is the main feature for this Respawn-110 gaming chair. It’ll provide you with a luxury experience during the gameplay with extra cushioning. You can either use it for gaming or office tasks as well. It is designed for the long term sitting irrespective of what you’re doing.


Apart from comfort, stability is what you may seek in a gaming chair. The extra cushioning in this Respawn-110 comforts your upper and lower back. The contoured support can provide you with the best position for your intense gaming sessions.

Extendable Footrest:

An extendable footrest adds more worth to this gaming chair. It has two functions. First, it’ll provide comfort by resting the feet. Then, it also stabilizes the chair on the ground.

Extra Cushioning:

Apart from all such features, this Respawn-110 provides you with some extra support attributes. The adjustable headrests, lumbar pillows, armrests are adding comfort to your position.

4D Adjustability:

You can raise or lower the chair position, recline it up to 155-degrees and rotate it all along 360-degrees. Hence, it’ll help to achieve an optimal position according to your body shape and size.

Premium Construction:

It features the bonded leather material in its manufacturing. The bold colours even maintain the professional look for your office tasks.

Weight Capacity:

This respawn-110 has the 275 lbs of weight capacity with a long life span.


You don’t need to worry about anything while playing games. Just sit and relax as it is featuring a limited lifetime warranty period.


  • 90-155 degrees recline
  • Locking positions
  • Full chair padding
  • Leather material


  • Weak footrest

3. RESPAWN-200 Gaming Chair


Gamified Seat:

A racer-style gamified seat will provide you with extra luxury and comfort while playing. The back portion of this RESPAWN-200 has enough height to tackle every body shape and size. Sit back and enjoy relaxing gameplay to top the leaderboards.

Ergonomic Chair:

RESPAWN-200 has the extra strong steel tubing which can carry heavyweight and still run longer. The moulded foam on this strong steel tubing adds worth to this chair. The contours support extra cushions to comfort your lower and upper back.

Controls Temperature:

Gamers will like this temperature controlling ability of this RESPAWN-200. The back seat has an open structure which maintains the airflow and helps you stay cool.

4D Adjustability:

The adjustable features are the blessings. This Respawn-200 has a similar case. You can adjust the height, recline, and rotate as you like. The reclining range is between 90 and 130 degrees that help you find the optimal position of your own.

Professional Look:

The reinforced mesh back seat with a contrast colour depicts a professional look. Therefore, you can not only use it for gaming but for your office work as well.


  • Airflow regulation
  • 90-130 degrees recline
  • Steel frame
  • Extra cushion


  • Inadequate armrests

4. RESPAWN 400 Gaming Chair


Luxury Feel:

You don’t want to run your gaming fun just because of an uncomfortable position. Right? Then this Respawn 400 might be a perfect choice in this case. It provides you with extra comfort and luxury for your intense gaming sessions. Heightened back along with the padding gives a racer style feel.

Sturdy and Strong:

Respawn 400 as the most durable steel tubing frame which can even bear heavyweight and still recline at a low angle. Apart from the sturdy steel tubing, a thick and flexible foam adds comfort. It provides you contoured support at the lower back where you need it most.

Smart Features:

It further equips multiple smart features including adjustable headrests, flexible armrests, reclining angle, and a 360-degrees swivel base. You can recline even up to 180 degrees with this Respawn 400. A swivel base, on the other hand, will provide a dynamic movement.

Premium Construction:

It is finished through the supreme quality leather material with a different colour scheme to give a professional look. Therefore, you can use this gaming chair even in your office.

Weight Capacity:

It can bear up to 400 pounds of weight and is backed up by the OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • 400 pounds of weight capacity
  • 90-180 degrees recline
  • Swivel base
  • Flexible headrest


  • No swivel armrests

Comparison Chart:

ProductsWeight CapacityRecline angleDimensionsForm FactorBuy Now
1. RESPAWN-900 Gaming Chair275 lbs.135-degrees51.18 x 30.71 x 44.88 inchesRecliner
2. RESPAWN-110 Gaming Chair275 lbs.90 – 155 degrees28.5 x 26.75 x 51.5 inchesUpholstered
3. RESPAWN-200 Gaming Chair275 lbs.90-130 degrees27.50 x 28.00 x 55.00 InchesOpen back seat structure
4. RESPAWN 400 Gaming Chair400 lbs.90 – 180 degrees28.5 x 31.75 x 50.25 inchesPlastic

Buying Guide

Gaming sessions are incomplete without a gaming chair. Yes, that’s right! Without a gaming chair, you’ll not be able to find a comfortable position to top the leaderboards. Therefore, to spend some quality time during your intense gaming session, you need to buy the best gaming chair. Here are some of the factors you need to take care while buying.

Factors you need to consider:

Ergonomic Stability:

When it comes to stability, it is a great matter of concern. Comfort, along with the balance, is the priority. You cannot stand after every 15 minutes just to stretch your back or adjust something on the chair. For this purpose, the smart features including the swivel base, reclining, padding and many others must be a part of the gaming chair.

Arm Rests:

Gamers will know the importance of armrests. Spending 10 to 15 hours while sitting on a gaming chair requires you to stretch your arm or rest them on the armrests. For this purpose, the padded armrests with adjustable height must be employed.

A gaming chair without armrests can cause soreness in your shoulder area and even lead to back pain. Therefore, always look for the comfortable and fully padded armrests to avoid wrist pains.


The material used in manufacturing is essential. It’ll decide the lifespan of your gaming chair. Therefore, the frame must be made from steel tubing or any other sturdy substance. On the other hand, check for the foam’s quality as well.


It must occupy less space in your gaming area. A compact gaming chair will help you fit better while sitting and saves your area as well.


A gaming chair is considered a compulsory element for your gaming sessions. It’ll help you find the optimal position where you can sit for the whole day without any hectic feel. Therefore, investing in a good gaming chair will be a pleasing experience for you. You’ll also improve your issues like back and neck pain.