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Best Corsair Mouse Review

A mouse is as important of a component as any other component for a good gaming or usage experience. Having a normal mouse with an incredible gaming rig will never give you the full gaming experience. Therefore, when you invest, it’s important that you invest in a great gaming mouse as well. 

There are a ton of companies that make gaming mice. Some of the most renowned ones are CORSAIR, SteelSeries, Razer, etc. All these brands offer mice with numerous designs and functionalities, made to cater all types of gamers. 

If we talk about CORSAIR specifically, it has been around in the gaming industry since 1994. It’s one of the gaming industry giants and produces all types of gaming components. When we talk about a CORSAIR mouse, it usually follows a good-looking design but it’s not too outrageous like a Razer mouse. 

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the best CORSAIR mice available online and in the market. Moreover, there will also be a buying guide to help you decide on the perfect mouse which matches your requirements. 

1. Corsair Nightsword RGB, Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse


Stylish Design

The Corsair Nightsword RGB is purely a gaming mouse from the looks and features of it. It contains a lot of buttons and extra RGB lighting, to give it that extra gamey feel. It comprises three different materials. The palm and thumb rests are made of a rubber material. The click buttons have a smooth matte finish on them, while the frame is made of a glossy material. All these materials combined with the RGB lighting gives it an amazing look. 


The ergonomics of the mouse are also superb, but mostly for the right-handed people. You can form an easy and firm grip around the mouse with your palm, or with a claw grip. However, if your hands are small then you will have problems reaching to some buttons. 

High Performance

The Corsair Nightsword comes with an amazing CPI range. This gives you a lot of room to adjust the sensitivity according to your precise liking. The CPI range for Nightsword is from 100 CPI to 18000 CPI. Through the Corsair software, you can also adjust the weight of the mouse for even better performance. The ten fully programmable buttons on the mouse also greatly affect your gaming experiences and make them a whole lot better.


  • The click latency of the mouse is very low
  • The design is extremely well-built, with a lot of different materials used
  • Ergonomic design offers great palm and claw grip for right-handed people


  • A lot of unstable CPI errors

2. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse


Design and Build 

The Corsair Scimitar is another great looking gaming mouse. There are 12 buttons on the side of the mouse for increased functionality and a lot of RGB lights spread across the mouse. The design of the mouse is quite sleek. It comes in two versions. One is with the yellow color and the other one is the all-black version. 

Moreover, the Scimitar Pro has an amazing, highly durable build quality. Overall, the mouse feels very solid with no loose parts. The entire frame is made out of lightweight aluminum and there’s a matte plastic covering over the mouse. All these materials combined, make it super sturdy and long lasting. 

Comfort & Ergonomics 

One little drawback about the Corsair Scimitar Pro is that it’s not for left-handed users. But overall, it features an ergonomic design. The rounded back of the mouse makes all the buttons easily reachable for you and also gives you a great grip. 

Overall, the mouse isn’t huge in size, it’s perfectly round and compact. Moreover, you can also move the button panel to make them more easily accessible. 


The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB gives an amazing performance. The DPI range on this mouse is also great. It ranges from 100 DPI to 16000 DPI, which gives you a lot of room for adjustments. The high polling rate of the mouse also gives you a super light and smooth cursor movement. 

The 12 button on the Scimitar RGB can be programmed to work for literally anything. They can be used as media keys or extra buttons for functions in games, etc. Overall, the performance of the Corsair Scimitar Pro is really decent. 


  • Total of 17 programmable buttons with 12 mechanical buttons
  • Comes with a great and responsive sensor 
  • Perfect for MMO games
  • Compact design for easy grip


  • The aluminum frame and the extra buttons make it heavier than several other mice
  • Extra-large handed gamers or gamers with really small hands will have problems using this

3. Corsair Glaive PRO – RGB Gaming Mouse


Build & Style

The Corsair Glaive Pro features a very unique design. There’s a comfortable rubber grip on the side with matte plastic on the top for good support. There are three different side panels, allowing you to have a thumb rest. 

The overall build quality of the mouse is very sturdy. The mouse feels very solid with almost no wobbly pieces. Even the removable side panels fit in perfectly and don’t budge. Although the L/R buttons feel a little shabby, the buttons still are pretty solid. All in all, it offers a great gaming experience for most users.

Attention to Comfort

Corsair has paid a lot of attention to comfort in this particular model. It is indeed very comfortable to use. There are three different side panels for the mouse. So you can easily alter the grip type, or add a thumb rest, whichever works best for you. The mouse offers a comfortable and firm grip for everyone. Although people with extra-large hands might have some issues with the gripping. 

The Performance

Performance on the Corsair Glaive Pro is outstanding. It has a wide DPI range, ranging from 100 DPI to a whopping 18000 DPI. Moreover, the polling rate is also adjustable to different adjustments like, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz or 1000 Hz, depending on your preference. 

Although the CPI error rate is quite low, the mouse does overshoot by 9% when it’s being moved slowly. The click latency is also awesome and even the most pro gamers won’t feel any delays in the response. 

Corsair iCUE Software

The mouse comes powered with the Corsair iCUE Software which provides a number of customization options. You can make changes to the lighting, and even save your mouse profiles and use them on the other computers. 


  • Very low and efficient click latency
  • Comfortable design, which makes it easy to use for long hours
  • The removable side panels to customize the design and style


  • The sensor overshoots sometimes
  • People with really small or extra-large hands might have problems gripping it

Comparison Chart

CPI/DPI RangeProgrammable ButtonsWeightBuy Now
1. Corsair Nightsword RGB, Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse
100 CPI to 18000 CPI104.00 ounces
2. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse
100 DPI to 16000 DPI174.3 ounces
3. Corsair Glaive PRO – RGB Gaming Mouse
100 DPI to 18000 DPI74.00 ounces

Buying Guide

There are several things that you need to consider when you’re buying a gaming mouse. In this section we’ll cover some of the most important points on consideration when it comes to a gaming mouse. 


A mouse’s sensitivity is of utmost importance. It’ll define your entire gaming ease and experience. It’s measured in either DPI (dots per inch) or CPI (characters per inch). It’s best to have a wide range of DPI for increased flexibility. But the higher the DPI, the higher will be the sensitivity. 

Programmable Buttons

Programmable buttons are a nice feature to have in a gaming mouse. They can be used as media keys or for other functions in games. These buttons really enhance and make your gaming experiences comfortable. 


Many gamers might not care about it, but the weight of the mouse matters. The lighter the way is, the less effort you’ll have to make, moving the mouse around. Luckily, many new models are coming with adjustable weights too, which is a great little feature to have in your mouse. 

Polling Rate

The polling rate is basically the response and transfer rate between the computer and the mouse. It can range anywhere from 250-1000 Hz. The higher it is the better, but it also comes down to the personal preference of the user. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the best size for a gaming mouse?

Answer: There is a particular best size for a mouse. When buying a mouse, you should just go for the one which fits perfectly in your palm. A mouse with a rounded body is typically more easy to use as all the buttons are more reachable. But again, the final decision comes down to the user and their hand size. 

Question: Wireless mouse or Wired mouse?

Answer: Although wireless mice can give you a lot of portability and comfort, they’re still not preferable. Most gamers still use wired mice. This is mostly because a wireless mouse, no matter how amazing, will always have a slower response time compared to a wired mouse. 


Corsair is a great brand with some really amazing, top-of-the-line gaming mouse models. The ones that we’ve listed are some of their best ones. We hope that this article will help you in finding the most perfect one for yourself.