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Best Gaming Glasses Review

Gaming is such a part of fabric in our society, which no one can deny. For some, it is the way of everyday life, and for others, it is the whole career. Therefore, it’s always about the next level gaming, how you stand above your competitors, and how you conquer the battlefield. Not every day is yours, but you can at least give it the best try. That’s what a hard-core gamer is about.

Now the rule comes, to give your best, you need the best. Here’s a perfect add-on to your best gaming gadgets, i.e., a perfectly designed pair of gaming glasses. Like the regular sunglasses, the purpose is to save your eyes from the harmful rays of light that can be a cause of irritation and sometimes worse than that. Well, do they contribute towards the gameplay? 

Yes, they do! A right pair of such glasses will help you get rid of continuous blue light coming your way from the monitor and hence reducing the fatigue in eye muscles. In turn, you’ll have a reduced strain in your eyes and a better visual of what you’re playing.

As a hard-core gamer, you might love the competitions and be more than happy to improve your gaming experience with a pair of these glasses. But you don’t want to over-invest in these. No worries! We feel you.

Here are some affordable and premium quality products in this regard that might be an ideal fit for you with their exceptional designs and color range.  Let’s have a detailed look at them.

1. Gamma Ray Anti-Glare Glasses for gaming



Some of you might own the glasses that help them while sitting for a long time in front of the monitors. But the real problem starts when they produce glare or reflection on the mirror surface, and hence blocking the vision. Here’s the solution; perfectly tinted glasses with no color alter phenomenon. You’ll get to see the real colour of your game without having stress on your eyes. A clear vision with no reflections is what you get from these Anti-Glare Glasses.

Reduces Fatigues:

Do you get headaches at work or during the long gaming hours? We understand your problem. A blue light filtering technology will filter all the hue and color, causing this headache and discomfort. Gaming, surfing, and browsing for a more extended period will be no more problematic for anyone.

Ultra Lightweight:

Trying out different brand’s glasses will take you down the rabbit hole. Give a try to these new ultra-light Gamma-Ray Glasses, and you’ll not regret using these. The purpose is to reduce the discomfort, not to add it in any way. These are designed precisely with the supreme quality lightweight components to make it a perfect fit for you.

Flexible just as you like:

Not everyone has the same shape and size of their face. But we got you! These gamma rays glasses are finished through the flexible TR90 frame, which speaks itself for its durability and more extended run.

Professional yet Stylish:

As a gamer, you may stream your gameplay sometimes to any social platform. That’s where you want to look professional as well as modern. Both come your way with this perfect pair of anti-glare perfectly designed glasses.


  • TR90 Nylon durable frame
  • UV400 Protection
  • Multiple power of lenses
  • Reduces the digital eye strain


  • Requires adjustment of the magnification

2. J+s Vision Blue Glasses For Gaming


Protection from Harmful Rays:

Gamers usually sit in front of the monitor for about 5 to 6 hours per day. The highly energetic blue light emitting from the monitors can enter the retina of the eye and sometimes lead to visual impairment. To prevent all such adverse effects, J+S has launched the perfect anti-glare glasses for gaming. It will soothe your eye muscles and reduce the risks of sore, dry eyes.

Less Fatigue:

Let gaming not affect your daily life activities! It is seen that gamers usually suffer from red or watery eyes due to strain in eye muscles. Hence, prolonged exposure to blue light can cause fatigue and stress in one’s life.  Filtering all the blue light and highly energetic rays will enhance the focus not only on the games but also on daily tasks.

Highly Efficient:

Many brands claim to have the perfect Gaming gear, but do they actually have? We’re reviewing some of the best products in this regard so that we can assure you of these brands. J+S is one of them that provides you with the 90% efficiency in blocking the harmful rays. This pair of glasses will cover an extended range of wavelengths from 400 nm to 430 nm.

Less Color Distortion:

You might have experienced a color distortion or poor quality while wearing some sort of lenses and glasses. But it’s not the case here with this J+S’s Classic pair. You’ll get a simple 0.0 magnification lens with no tint increase the visibility and quality display. It is like a perfectly balanced condition between quality and protection.

Classic Design:

Everyone wants to look modern. Well, these glasses cannot be a hurdle in that. The premium quality classic frame features a rectangular design that looks perfect for both males and females. The spring-loaded temples are here to present an ideal fit for any face shape.


  • Low color distortion
  • HD lens
  • 90% Blue Light Blockage
  • Spring-loaded temple for a perfect fit


  • Frames come in one size only

3. KLIM Optics Glasses for gaming


Protect Yourself:

According to the researchers, the human eye cannot bear the highly energetic blue light rays emitting from the electrical appliances for a longer time. Therefore every gamer or professional who is indulged in such activities must protect his eyes. KLIM Optics Glasses are perfect for such purposes.


You might spend hours on your PC while playing games, watching movies, or working from home. In all such conditions, fatigue and stress are prevalent due to continuous exposure towards the blue light. You’ll feel tired in no time. But wait! We have a solution for you. KLIM has launched the Anti-Glare technology glasses that can filter out all the harmful rays before reaching your eyes.

High-Quality Lens:

We understand how much it is challenging to spend pennies again and again on the same product. But you don’t need to do it now. KLIM Optics’ pair of glasses features a high-quality German-made lens that provides a 92% blue light blockage. No scratches and no glare are the premium features for this lens as well.

Productive Performance:

Spending hours in front of a monitor screen can cause certain medical conditions such as cataract, muscle degeneration, or sometimes the visual impairment. All these conditions will ruin your performance and lower the in-game rank.  But don’t worry, we know the secrets to be productive and efficient performance. All you need to do is to soothe your eye muscles and prevent them from getting strained. KLIM Optics anti-stress glasses can do this for you.


  • 92% Blue Light Blockage
  • TR90 frame
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Anti-fatigue and Anti-headache


  • Lenses are reflective sometimes

4. Gunnar Optiks Glasses for gaming


Protect Your Vision:

This pair of glasses features the Patented Lens technology, which is registered under the #9417460. All the eye specialists recommend it to protect your eyes from the harmful rays and all such color and hue, causing damage to your vision. Do you want to spend hours of joy on your tablet, PC, or TV? No worries, wear this pair from Gunnar Optiks and dive into the fun activities.

Blue Light Protection:

Well, one might ask a question that all other glasses do the same, then what’s the difference? The answer to this question lies in the Blue Light Protection factor and wavelength that you get blocked after wearing this pair. It prevents the peak of 450 nm from the blue light spectrum, which is higher than any other brand.

No Stress Symptoms:

Many gamers and professionals in the computing field complain about headaches, stress, watery eyes, and migraines due to prolonged exposure to highly energetic blue light. Gunnar Optiks has designed this pair of glasses to get rid of all such stress and fatigue symptoms. Scree-staring for a long time will be no more problematic for you.

Stable and Lightweight:

Wearing glasses will be irritating for some of you. Don’t worry, we feel you! That is why we brought a lightweight yet stable pair of glasses for you. This lightweight frame weighs only 33 grams and provides ergonomic stability.


  • Weighs only 33 grams
  • 450 nm Blue Light blockage
  • Panoramic viewing and headset compatible
  • Stylish and modern look


  • It can change the color perception for some

Comparison Chart:

ProductsLens type% Blue Light FilterUV 400Lens WidthBuy Now
1. Gamma Ray Anti-Glare Glasses for gamingTinted97%53 mm
2. J+S Vision Blue Glasses for gamingTinted (Light yellow)90%51 mm
3. KLIM Optics Glasses for gamingTinted92%
4. Gunnar Optiks Glasses for gamingTinted65%58 mm

Buying Guide

If you’re into esports, you must have gone through several brands for professional gaming gears. It’s not always about the price but the quality and comfort as well. Therefore, we have come with all the factors you need to take care of while buying the perfect glasses for gaming.

Frame Material:

Like a good quality pair of sunglasses, these glasses are also made up of the polycarbonate material that yields flexibility. However, whether they are made from any kind of plastic or acetate material, they must have to be durable and sturdy. So, keep on looking for the best one for you.

Blue Light Filter:

That’s the whole purpose of buying these glasses. Filtering highly energetic blue light helps you enhance the vision and focus and prevent blurry visuals. Look for the wavelength that is blocked by the glasses you’re about to buy.

Lens type:

There are tinted as well as non-tinted glasses in this range. You’ve to decide on your own whether you want a grey/amber tint or you’re good to go without it.


Gamers have elevated exposure to blue light, which may cause various problems in vision such as fatigue, stress, degeneration of eye muscles, and much more. Also, gaming is not a two-minute thing. Once you’re in, it is going last for at least two to three hours. 

Therefore, you need ample protection to keep your eyes safe and secure. Buy one of these glasses mentioned above and double the joy.