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Best Razer Basilisk Review

Have you ever thought about what gamers buy as their first accessory? Well, the answer might be a gaming mouse, for sure. It significantly reflects the importance of mouse gadgets in a gamer’s life. But wait! Why is that so? The most straightforward answer to this question is the precision and accuracy that comes along with these gadgets.

Using a regular mouse for intense jobs like gaming and editing can create problems for you. You’ll face lag and speed issues very often. Here’s where the gaming mice fit best. It’ll show response even to minor inputs to regulate a smooth cursor flow.

Several brands have shown up to the market with their best, cheap, and sleek gaming mouse products, but no mouse suits all! When it comes to uncountable customizing options, a better RGB backlit, elegant design, higher DPI, and greater sensitivity, Razer Basilisk is the best option. Moreover, while working hours on your PC, hectic feel and fatigue might be the last thing you want to have! These gaming mice can help you cope with this situation with their sleek and smooth design.

Here are some of the best products that we have researched to improve your overall gaming experience. Please have a look at their features with pros and cons.

1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse


Gear up:

Gear up now with the no.1 selling gaming mouse, i.e., Razer Ultimate Hyperspeed. This US-based premium quality gadget will complete your gaming setup to play like a pro.

Faster and Smoother:

All you need is the excellent cursor flow and speed during the gaming. This Ultimate Hyperspeed gaming mouse is all you need for this purpose. This gadget is 25% faster and smoother as compared to the other ordinary ones. Some of the smart features that contribute to this are low-latency and no lag issues. You’ll feel even the slightest change in input with a good response.

3x Quicker:

Have you ever faced stuck problems during the heavy games? Here’s a simple solution to your problem. Most of the gamers complain about their mouse moving slow while a heavy game is loading. This HyperSpeed mouse gadget is quicker when it needs to be. The Razer Gaming Switches are replacing the traditional mechanical switches. Hence, you can press the button with minimal effort, and the response will be lightning fast.

Programmable Buttons:

Every gadget is not for all, as everyone has their own choice of buttons. Therefore, when it comes to customization, the Razer Ultimate Hyperspeed will not let you down. You can configure the settings as you want with a total of 7 buttons under your fingers. Complex macro functions and their assignment is no more a problem for Razer Synapse 3.

Longer Battery Life:

Do you want to play all day and not want to ruin the fun just because of low battery power? No worries, this gadget has up to 100 hours of battery life. Play all day and night without any problems with this fantastic wireless gaming mouse.


  • Hyper-efficient sensors
  • Easy to configure
  • 25% faster
  • True wireless freedom


  • You may need to change the battery anytime soon

2. Razer Basilisk V2 Wired Gaming Mouse


Razer Focus+:

Are you tired of your slow and non-precise mouse? No worries. Here’s what we got for you. mouse features the Focus+ technology with 20K optical sensors. All the sensors are better able to handle the inputs and yield a precise and accurate outcome. You’ll have a game-winning performance with this V2 mouse gadget.

Customize as you need:

All of you might have different sorts of finger movements. Some of you might be right or left-handed as well. No problem; our universal V2 mouse lets you configure the 11 programmable buttons just the way as you need. A multifunction pedal is also employed in this mouse gadget that helps you control the movements in the counter directions.

 Scroll Wheel Resistance:

You can also control the scroll wheel resistance that makes this V2 Wired mouse universal for all. Not just global in case of users, but you can use it for all types of games that require different sensitivities. The dial is placed at the bottom of the mouse that helps you control the resistance in just minutes.

5 Memory Profiles:

Save and use five memory profiles that help you customize different functions as you like. The Razer Synapse 3 is an additional feature to have that assists you in controlling the macros and button bindings without the internet.

Speedflex Cable:

Full power is necessary to use all the functions of any gadget. The same is the case here. To avoid any lag and interference issues, Speedflex cable is employed that runs the device with full power and reduces the drag force to move the mouse.


  • 3x Faster than mechanical switches
  • Razer Speedflex cable
  • Five memory profiles
  • 20K optical sensors


  • No detachable USB cable

3. Razer Basilisk Mercury White Gaming Mouse


Precision You Need:

Playing your favorite games will never leave you tired. But what if your mouse lags and has poor responsiveness. You’ll end up losing your rank in the game. Here’s where this Mercury White mouse fits the best. It’ll take the precision and grip to another level. You’ll never face any lag and interference during the gameplay, no matter how heavy the game is. 

Optical Sensors:

No one wants to rub the mouse harder on the pads’ or table’s surface as it will leave you irritated. All your focus will deviate in no time. But you don’t need to worry with this mouse, it has an optical Sensor technology. It’ll leave all other products behind with its 16000 DPI level and high-end sensitivity. But different games require varying levels of sensitivity, how to cope up with that situation? Leave your worries behind as this device features the on-the-go adjustment buttons that let you maintain the DPI levels in real-time. 

Color Profiles:

Every gamer likes the color profiles either in their CPU unit or the mouse gadget. A fully customizable Chroma RGB light brings about 16.8 million colors combination with it. There are preset profiles as well, which you can choose from. 

No Worries for FPS Gaming:

Not everyone has the same hand size. Here the problem starts with these gadgets. This mouse takes care of it correctly. It has the DPI toggle button with replaceable attributes so one can adjust it according to its hand’s size. Like snipping and fast action? No problem, slide the button to lower or higher the DPI levels in no time. 


  • Durable gaming switches
  • Quick DPI toggle 
  • Chroma RGB light 
  • Scroll Wheel Resistance 


  • Might only work for right-handed people

Comparison Chart:

ProductsDPIRGBTechnologyRazer Synapse 3Buy Now
1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse
20K Optical SensorYes (Chroma RGB Lightning)WirelessYes
2. Razer Basilisk V2 Wired Gaming Mouse
20K Optical SensorYesWiredYes
3. Razer Basilisk Mercury White Gaming Mouse
16000 DPI Optical SensorChroma RGBWiredYes

Buying Guide

An uninformed buyer is always at risk of being betrayed. Therefore, it is a must thing to have enough knowledge about the gadgets that you’re going to buy for your setup. This guide will focus on all the key factors that you need to consider before buying a gaming mouse.

Games You Like:

There is a wide variety of models for gaming mice, but what matters is the type of game you wish to play. Either you want to play the FPS games, or you’re an MMO/MOBA lover. Once you know the type, it will be easy to arrive at a decision.

FPS games require you to have higher DPI levels and greater sensitivity. Moreover, high-quality switches and brags are must to have as well. On the contrary, the MMO users should look for a large number of programmable buttons and a moderate DPI rate.


The weight of your mouse will decide the fate of your gaming character. A heavy mouse has adverse effects on the FPS players, as it is difficult to slide around this gadget. It will also reduce the responsiveness during the gameplay. Most of the mice have a removable weight canister that helps you adjust the heaviness of devices to have a delightful gaming experience.


Laser vs. Optical debate will never end. But we can have a temporary solution to this problem without arriving on any final verdict. Laser mice are more adaptive and help you choose any type of surface to move around the gadget. On the other hand, optical sensors are very selective about the surface type. However, many players have contributed to adjusting this difference by raising or lowering the DPI levels and eliminating the problem.


Even if you have all the knowledge, buying a mouse will not be as easy. There are no hard and fast rules or categories for the best mouse for specific games, but you can narrow down the genre. We have done it for you by mentioning some of the best gaming mice that you’ll love to add to your gaming setup.