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Best Redragon Mouse Review

Have you ever wondered why gamers don’t use an ordinary mouse? Well, there are several reasons for this fact. Gamers will know the actual importance of essential computer gadgets like a mouse. These necessary gadgets are continuously evolving and getting better day by day. The same is the case with our gadget of study, i.e., mouse.

We have come across several brands while researching this gadget. After observing all the facts and figures, we picked up a brand that tops the list in this industry, i.e., Redragon Mouse. Redragon has taken care of all the needs and choices of gamers. All their products are made with careful precision and provide better CPI. Their mice gadgets have increased comfort and will help you work all day without any hectic feel.

No matter you’re a gamer or have a computing job. It will benefit you either way. Apart from this, all their mice products have a unique shape that maintains the perfect angle of your fingers. There is a clear difference between an ordinary mouse and a Redragon one.

Now, let’s get into the list of products that we have picked for you. These will help you improve the gaming experience and have an edge over others in the game.

1.Redragon M602 Wired Gaming Mouse



This M602 Wired Gaming Mouse has a perfectly shaped design to improve precision. It provides you with the 7200 DPI, which is also adjustable according to one’s choice. Apart from this, a 10G acceleration helps you eliminate lag issues and improves the cursor flow rate.

High Precision:

Apart from the stability, higher precision is what you get in this Redragon M602. It employs the High Precision sensors along with the Gaming Grade Switches. These switches offer durability and responsiveness. You’ll get an edge over other players during the game.

RGC Backlit:

Are you a night gamer but lack some gadgets? Here’s a perfect one for you. This M602 features a bright RGB light that improves the gaming feel in dim lights. There are five memory profiles which you can control via the 7 MMO buttons.

Each memory profile has a separate RGB backlit pattern. Moreover, there are seven patterns that you can utilize for this purpose.

Gamer Mouse:

As clear from the name, this M602 is a pure gaming mouse that will work with all the latest games. It works well with Fortnite, PUBG, SIMS 4, Fallout 4, and World of Craft. There are many other games on this list as well. Hence, it is a full power pack for all the fun and joy.

Smart Feature:

Moreover, it features many advanced attributes, as well. These include a better balance and anti-skid wheel. Both of these features help you use this mouse on any type of solid surface. However, there are TEFLON made feet pads as well, which increases the control and tunes the right balance.


  • 7 MMO user buttons
  • Anti-skid control wheel
  • 3 mm fast fibre cable
  • TEFLON feet pads
  • Works with all versions of Windows and iOS


  • Bit flimsy clicks

2. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse


Smart Access:

This M601 features easy access buttons on sides to have better control. You don’t need to change the hand’s position, which maintains the focus on your game. This RGB Centrophorus gaming mouse delivers the 7200 DPI as well for improved precision.

Micro Switches:

Gaming requires a durable mouse with full access! Here’s the right gadget for you that has all the attributes you need. It has the Gaming Grade Micro Switches that you can even press roughly during the intense gameplay. These durable and sturdy switches will still have a longer life span. Not only for games but can utilize them for editing and other professional tasks.

Easy Control:

There are multiple buttons placed on the top and sides of this M601 mouse. Six user control buttons, along with the two side buttons, are available. Apart from this, there are three memory profiles which you can use to personalize the gadget. There are different patterns for RGB backlit as well for an improved night gaming experience.

Anti-Skid Wheels:

Do you own a rough table or any matte surface to use this mouse? No problem. This Redragon M601 has the anti-skid control wheels along with the tuning set for balance. Both of these features provide stability and easy control.

High-Speed Cable:

Every electric gadget needs the power to run. It the power disrupts the overall performance declines. You don’t want to face any lag due to power issues, Right! Here’s the solution for you. This M601 features a 3mm fast braided fibre cable that maintains the voltage and current to provide full power to your gadget. 


  • 4000 FPS and 7200 DPI
  • Durable gadget
  • 6 feet long cable
  • Total of seven buttons to access all functions


  • A bit heavy

3. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse


5 DPI Options:

Customizing nature along with the flexible options, is the reason for fame for this mouse. It has five overall adjustable DPI levels and multiple options to select. You can select from 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 according to your needs. There is an on-the-fly option that you can utilize to control the DPI levels from 100 to 1000. It will be fast and instant to deal with the gameplay speed.

Breathing RGB Light:

This Redragon M711 has seven programmable buttons that can change the settings as you like. Moreover, these buttons provide easy access to all the functions during the gameplay. The 16.8 million colours breathing RGB backlit enhances joy during the night gaming. The five profiles will help you further in choosing a better colour and pattern.

Professional and Decent:

The Redragon M711 mouse has professional software that makes it a perfect choice for gaming platforms. Not only for gaming, but you can use it for all the professional jobs, including computing tasks, editing, and much more. A fast AVAGO chip ensures accurate cursor flow as well.

Precision at Hands:

This mouse gadget equips the multiple DPI levels, as already discussed. But things don’t end there! It has the 5000 FPS, 100 IPS, and 20G acceleration features to deal with every kind of intense job.

The choice for Gamers:

It has a unique design that allows all the die-hard gamers to aim, shoot, and slash at the perfect time.


It works well with most of the platforms, including Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10), iOS, ME, and much more.


  • 5 DPI levels
  • 16.8 million colours RGB backlit
  • AVAGO fast gaming chip
  • 5000 FPS


  • Not suitable for small hands

Comparison Chart:

ProductsDPIBacklitFPSAccelerationButtonsBuy Now
1. Redragon M602 Wired Gaming Mouse72007 modes450010G7 MMO users
2. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse7200 with 5 levels11 effects400010G6 user Programmable
3. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse10,000 with 5 levels16.8 million colors500020G7 Programmable

Buying Guide

We all know the fundamental difference between the ordinary muse and the gaming mouse, as already discussed in the introduction section to some extent. However, another question that may split the gamers and professionals is choosing the best gaming mouse. Several factors play a role in this decision. Here are some of the things as follows:

Laser Vs. Optical:

There are mainly two types of sensors employed in mouse gadgets. One is the laser, while the other one is an optical sensor-based. The optical sensors are more reactive, while the laser sensors will have a reduced lag. So, you must know your goal and purpose of using the mouse before you opt for one. 

Dots per Inch (DPI):

Another factor that plays a significant role is the DPI levels. Higher the DPI rating, the higher the performance will be. Dots per Inches refers to the moving time of the cursor for a particular distance. For gamers and professionals, it must be higher as they need a more instant response from the mouse.


Backlit is entirely a personal choice. But the backlit feature is quite famous amongst all the gamers. There are various memory profiles in which you can save the choice and pattern of colours for your RGB backlit.

Cost Preference:

The last but not the least factor is the cost of your mouse. It is a universal rule the pricier objects are usually of high quality. But sometimes, you may find a perfect choice for you on a low budget. You must look into the market with the desired features in your mind for a perfect deal.


Technology has groomed enough, and the needs of peripherals for your PC setup become a necessity. You must have the proper setup and the updated gadgets to yield more output. Therefore, a mouse is a must thing to have for all the gamers and professionals out there. Redragon mice gadgets are better at providing you with all the features you need for a particular purpose.