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Best Corsair Keyboard Review

Are you new to gaming and feel left behind as your hardcore gamer friends have fancy gaming equipment? Well, we feel you! Whether you’re shopping for your gaming PC or building your own, you might spend a lot of pennies on the gaming equipment, including the graphics card, motherboard, PC case, and much more. But have you ever given a thought about the gaming keyboards? If not, now it’s the time.

A perfect gaming keyboard makes the difference between winning and losing. These keyboards provide extra comfort and convenience. Moreover, manufacturers are fully aware of how much time gamers will spend while playing their favorite games. So, these are designed with the wrist rests and padding features. That’s all you need to conquer the battlefield.

But why opt for Corsair Keyboard when you have plenty of options available in the market? Let’s get into a few reasons. Corsair has built these gaming keyboards in a way just as to fit in with the professional environment. You can also customize these using the iCUE software. 

The Cherry MX precisely designs mechanical switches for precision and comfort. A compact design will let you place these keyboards on your table wherever you want. Hence, these can be an essential part of any gamer’s arsenal that can go far beyond the hunt and peck.

After hours of research, we have come up with some of the best gaming keyboards designed by Corsair, keeping in mind the needs of gamers. Let’s dive into their details.

1. Corsair K95 Gaming Keyboard

Aircraft Grade Frame:

We know that gamers spend most of their time while keeping their fingers on the keyboard. This situation requires a framing that lasts longer than usual, even on the rough usage. This Corsair k95 has taken care of this.

The aircraft-grade aluminum frame makes it sturdy and robust enough to see a lot of action daily. Moreover, the anodized brushed case keeps it lightweight as well.

Profile Storage:

Profile storage lets you customize the keyboard as you want and save this setting for future use. This K95 has three memory profiles with a memory of 8MB along with the lightning playback. Well, you might think that these profiles are useless without the software? But that’s not the case as these can be used without any software.

Light Edge:

Gamers like cool gadgets! That’s right. This Corsair K95 Keyboard gives a spectacular sight with the RGB lighting and a light edge. You can even customize by adjusting the color of each key and the brightness level as well. The top edge light bar illuminates in a variety of colors and patterns, giving a dramatic look while playing action games.

Cherry MX RGB Key Switches:

Speed and accuracy are part of life for gamers in their gaming rooms. Therefore, keeping that in mind, this K95 features the Cherry MX mechanical switches that can unleash the speed with 1.2 mm actuation. All the key switches are durable as well.

Game Macros:

Macor keys of this gaming keyboard serve better functions and accessibility during gaming. You can assign each keystroke a separate task and double your speed.

Wrist Rest:

Gamers need to put their fingers on the gaming keyboard for hours. For this purpose, a wrist rest is employed in this K95 with a soft touch to have a soothing feel.


  • 1000Hz report rate
  • 1.2 mm actuation
  • Six programmable G keys
  • Top edge light bar


  • A bit expensive

2. Corsair K65 Mechanical Keyboard

Keyless Design:

Many gamers face placement issues on their tables. Are you one of them? No worries! Here we got the perfect ten keyless Corsair K65. It has a compact shape, a keyless design to provide more room to your mouse. Also, you can place it wherever you want and play like a pro.

Anodized Brushed Aluminium:

Gamers need durable and sturdy equipment. This is because they need to use it all day long. Keeping in mind the gamer’s needs, this K65 has the aircraft-grade premium Aluminium framing. It not only provides you durability but keeps the whole frame intact even after long time usage.

Lighting Control:

Cool designs and spectacular sights cannot be denied. It is always easy and a pleasure to play on a keyboard with lighting controls. It helps you have the bright visuals of the keys and also depicts a spectacular sight in front of you. Large font keycaps will keep you focused and provide dynamic multi color backlighting as well.

CUE support:

You can customize the keyboard as you want. The macro keys can be assigned to even a single function, or you can also make use of a combination of individual keys. Moreover, the lighting pattern, color, and brightness. All you need to do is to set a profile setting and save it for future use.

Unlimited Customization:

Gamers like what they want. That’s what this Gaming keyboard is designed for. You can set the lighting pattern, color, macro keys’ function, and much more with the customizable features.

Cherry MX switches:

The Cherry MX has designed all the key switches for gaming. It provides a low travel distance on pressing and shows a quick response with a 1000 Hz response rate.


  • Red key switches with gold contacts
  • 1000 Hz response rate
  • Tenkeyless design
  • CUE support enabled


  • Keys are sensitive too much

3. Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless Technology:

Are you irritated by the wires on your table? No worries! Here’s the solution for your gaming room. You can utilize the ultra-fast technology of this K63 gaming keyboard with a speed of up to 2.4 GHz. Apart from the speed factor, low latency, and 1ms response are the superfine attributes for this gaming gadget. You can also use the USB wire to connect except the Bluetooth feature if you like.

Cherry MX switches:

Mechanical switches on the gaming keyboard are just like the soul of the body. Without these, the keyboard is quite unresponsive to all the gaming controls. Therefore, to have the utmost precision with lightning speed, Cherry MX Mechanical Switches are here to serve. These switches feature the gold contacts for a fast and ultra-smooth keypress every time.

LED Backlighting:

Nigh gamers often find it challenging to play and stream their favorite gameplays. LED backlighting feature that possesses LED light under each key will be a bliss for all the hardcore gamers. Large font keycaps enhance visibility much more to keep you focused on the opponent’s movements at the screen. This feature makes it look like the Corsair One but has many more exceptional features that create its fame.

AES Encryption mode:

Safety is a priority. That’s what we have to take care of in this wireless gadget.  128-bit AES encryption mode helps you to protect the wireless eavesdropping and keep your data safe and secure.

Rechargeable battery:

What comes to one’s mind when thinking of wireless gadgets? The battery timing, of course. This K63 special edition gaming keyboard has 15 hours of battery life for the uninterrupted gameplay. However, you can also use the wired USB cable when the battery is down.


  • 128bit AES encryption mode
  • 15-hours of battery life
  • Cherry MX Red key switches
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology


  • The battery doesn’t last long with backlit

4. Corsair K70 MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Extended Durability:

This K70 MK2 mechanical keyboard lets you save some pennies. You don’t need to buy a new gadget again and again. But what makes it durable and sturdy enough to run for the longest time. The anodized frame made up of the aircraft material is the answer. The brushed Aluminium frame keeps it intact even after rough usage.

Profile Storage:

Memory profiles are essential for everyday gamers. Setting up the same things, again and again, will be irritating for most of you. To save you from this challenging work, 8MB memory profiles are employed in this gadget. This profile storage is entirely independent of any third-party software. A total of three memory profiles can be utilized for the macro and lighting features.

Dynamic Multi Colour:

Every one of you might like cool things. Here’s the coolest gadget for your gaming setup. The dynamic multicolor RGB lights not only enhance the vision in dim light but depict a spectacular sight in front of you. Moreover, unlimited customization options keep it simple for everyone to set the color and pattern of their choice.

Key Rollover:

Gamers are fast at their hands. Their mind is fully synchronized with their hands’ movement. So, they press the keys at speed faster than usual. The 104 key rollover helps you register response to all the essentials, irrespective of the pressing speed. Hence, no inputs will be missed.

Mechanical Switches:

Many gamers claim to have a reduced response rate and hard keys in their devices. Their complaints will be sorted out once they buy this K70 MK.2 mechanical switching keyboard. All the mechanical switches are Cherry MX and have gold contacts. Therefore, reliability and accuracy are both undisputable features for this gaming gadget.


  • USB wired connector
  • Corsair iCUE support
  • 104 key rollover
  • Fast response rate (1000 Hz)


  • Wrist rest is not up to the mark

Comparison Chart:

ProductsMaterialResponse RateTechnologyDesignMacro KeysBuy Now
1. Corsair K95 Gaming KeyboardAircraft-grade Aluminium frame1000 HzMechanical104 key designYes
2. Corsair K65 Mechanical KeyboardBrushed Aluminium Frame1000 HzMechanical10-keyless designYes
3. Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming KeyboardPlastic material1000 HzMechanical10-keyless designNo dedicated
4. Corsair K70 MK.2 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAircraft-grade Aluminium frame1000 HzMechanical104 key designNo dedicated

Buying Guide

Whenever you’re going to build a gaming PC of your own, you’ll come across various gadgets that are known for their numbers. Usually, the more significant numbers are better but only for CPU, RAM, and processors. Metrics are entirely different when it comes to keyboards. So, let’s discuss all the factors that you’ll come across while buying a gaming keyboard for your setup.

Mechanical Vs. Membrane:

Usually, the membrane switches are quite famous due to their portable mechanism and pressure-sensitive pads. But gamers are not much satisfied with their speed and accuracy. So, the membrane switches are the perfect choice for them. These types of switches are spring-based and show a better response to all the inputs. Therefore, the keypresses will be smooth and precise.

The Colour Type:

There are two things now. First of all, we’re not talking about the color scheme for RGB lighting, which will be discussed later. Here, the point of consideration is the switches that are manufactured by Cherry MX. These are of Blue or Red type. Most of the gamers prefer the Red keys with gold contacts. They have less distance to travel when pressed.


You cannot choose a keyboard just because of the mechanical switches and the mechanism which is being followed under keys. The layout also matters! You must look for the number of keys and their functions deeply. Many keyboards have the 88 keys while some others even come in 101 and 104 keys design. Keeping in mind space and placement position on your table, opt for a perfect one for you.

Some gaming keyboards have the Macro keys, which you can customize according to your own choice. It’ll help you in making fast responses during intense gameplay.


As we promised, we’ll discuss the appearance later. So here it is. RGB lighting makes the most of it. There are various colors and lighting patterns to provide you with the coolest gadget for your gaming setup. So what else you’re waiting for.


Choosing a perfect gaming keyboard will be quite easy for you after reading our guide. We’ve tried to cover all the best gaming keyboards from the Corsair to help you in cracking a great deal within your budget. Consider what you want, and you’ll inevitably end up having one of the products mentioned above.