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Best HP Pavilion Desktop

Best Hp Pavilion Desktop Review

Many of you might think that anyone should buy a full desktop PC in this modern era of laptops? Well, you’ll surely get your answer in the next few sentences. There is no dispute in saying that desktop PCs are faster and smoother with the same parts as the laptop owns.

This is because the PC contains the full-sized parts, especially the processor and RAM. Laptops may include equal parts but lack reliability. By chance, if they match in their speed and task execution, you’ll get a reasonable price for your desktop. Then why would someone pay more to have the same features?

Hard-core gamers and graphic designers have to deal with massive games and software. All those require the updated versions of GPU, processor, RAM, and overall motherboard; so that you’ll not face any lag issues. But wait! What would you do as everyday new applications launch with upgraded requirements?

Are you going to discard your PC? Well, you don’t need to do that once you own a desktop PC. You can upgrade them even at your home. Just buy a compatible part and fit it in.

A gaming desktop is a significant investment that you cannot make without any research. But to save your precious time, we have done it for you.

Amongst all the brands, HP tops the list in the desktop PCs. HP Pavilion series is well-built and fulfills all the needs with their upgraded chassis, speedy RAMs, and powerful SSD hard drives.

Let’s not wait anymore and dive into detailed features of these cheap yet powerful desktop PCs.

1. HP Pavilion Ryzen 5 3400G Desktop PC

Attractive and Powerful:

You just can’t go with a single feature amongst the beauty and power. An ugly case on your desktop PC can ruin the aesthetic of your gaming room. This HP pavilion PC holds your back. It has both the features you need to be a pro: a better look and dynamic power. The case is what adds worth to this device. You can throw at it anything you want, and it can still withstand it like nothing.

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G:

Games and powerful software requires an upgraded processor. Once you have this AMD Ryzen 3.40 GHz processor, you’ll forget about the lags and interferences. The Quad Core processor brings the elite power to play games and create the desired content. The undisputable 7nm leading-edge technology has no limits to follow.

Supreme Graphics:

Visuals are the key to quality. Bad graphics can ruin the fun and joy of anything. But don’t worry. This HP Pavilion Desktop features the AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics along with the 5th generation GC build-up to extract the maximum power out of it. Not just this, but this PC takes the VR gameplays to another level with the super-fine grain-free graphics.


It has the 512 GB SSD hard drive that can yield the extra-fast performance and efficiently deal with the large files and software.


You’ll get an amazing 12 GB DDR4 memory (upgradable to 32 GB), which is fully able to handle the heavy computational jobs and powerful editing software apart from just games. Higher bandwidth and a boosted Performance are the premium features.


  • Realtek Fast WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Vega 11 Graphics
  • 3.70 GHz processor speed
  • 12 GB DDR4 RAM


  • Lags on single thread

2. HP Pavilion 24-inches Desktop PC

Ryzen 5 Processor:

Gamers and professionals worry about speed and lag issues. Many players even stream their gameplays live, which requires even more power. This HP Pavilion AMD Ryzen 5 can tackle both. Ryzen 5 2600H, with its 3.25 GHz processing speed, can run the tasks super-fast. Quadcore technology can make multitasking easier.

Integrated Monitor and Audio system:

You’ll get the complete package, including a 24-inches widescreen monitor and a powerful integrated audio system. The monitor utilizes the upgraded technology as it has the 10-points touch-enabled widescreen and the FHD display. Apart from this, WLED backlit enhances clarity and visuals.

On the other hand, dual integrated speakers help you save some pennies that you are going to spend on buying a sound system. HP Audio Boost technology, along with the tuning B&O play features, produces impressive sound.

Smart Features:

Not just smart, but all the components are upgraded to their best. This desktop PC features the 2TB SATA hard drive, which has a transfer rate of 5400 rpm. An 8GB DDR4 RAM doubles the fun, which you can even upgrade later on.

Operating System:

It comes with the Windows 10 Home edition and a full year warranty and support.


  • Ryzen 5 2600H Processor
  • FHD Display monitor with micro-edges
  • HP Audio boost dual speakers.
  • HP Wireless mouse and keyboard included


  • Webcam housing is large on the monitor

3. HP Pavilion Intel i5 Desktop PC

Quality and Brand:

You can surf, stream, play and edit with the ultra-fast speeds of this branded Intel Core i5 processor. Get your gaming and streaming to another level with all the power you need. Intel Core i5 processor, along with the six cores, helps you handle the multitasking and fast execution of tasks on a go with its 1.80 GHz speed.

12 GB RAM:

Things don’t end up there. This HP Pavilion PC features the 12 GB of RAM in addition to a Hexa-core processor. Both work in conjunction to yield as much power you need to run the heavy software without any lag.

10-Point Touch Monitor:

Gamers and professional graphic designers are very much concerned about their displays. This HP Pavilion setup features the 10-point touch display with a full FHD screen. The IPS WLED backlit adds more value to this visual system as you can view the sharp and clear graphics even in the bright light. 

A 10-point touch has intelligent sensors employed, which can easily distinguish between the fingers for a better experience. Intel UHD Graphics 630 adds more worth to the monitor’s display by depicting a sharp color scheme.

HP Audio Boost:

Robust audio systems are worthy features of all the HP Pavilion Desktops. HP Audio Boost technology lets you enjoy the rich sounds and notice the details of your enemies’ movements. You’ll end up having the game-winning experience.


  • Intel Core i5-9400t Processor
  • 1.80 GHz Hexa core technology
  • IPS WLED Backlit display
  • Intel UHD graphics 630
  • 12 GB Ultra-fast RAM


  • Low quality mouse and keyboard

4. HP Pavilion Core i7 Desktop Computer

Reliable and Trustworthy:

A reliable PC is a bliss for all the gamers and professionals. Many of them complain about the slow PC problems after two or three months of usage. You don’t need to waste money on these useless products instead buy this HP Pavilion i7.


The ultra-fast 9th Generation Core i7-9700 processor can handle the heavy tasks and multiple applications at a time. The octa-core technology features numerous threads to deal with computing jobs like no other device in the market. 3.0 GHz of speed makes it possible for you to have your hands on the latest games of 2020.

Smooth Graphics:

The ultra-smooth graphics are perfect and let you have the smoothest gameplay of your life that you’ve never experienced before. The pure 4K quality visualizes the sharp graphics and the actual colors on your screen.

Dual Storage:

The 256 GB SSD and 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA harddrive help you store as much as possible. You’ll get the ultra-fast transfer rate and boot times with this SSD drive for your OS and the standard hard drive for fast responsiveness. 


16 GB DDR4 and 2666 SDRAM will help you run the tasks smoothly and in a better manner. Decent speeds and minimal interference are no more dreams now. You get the perfect response from your desktop computer against all the games you run. Everything from gaming to multitasking, it will be a boosted performance.


  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Realtek WiFi 5
  • MU-MIMO Supported
  • 9th Generation Intel Core-i7


  • Wireless adapter will takes up one USB port

Comparison Chart:

ProductsProcessorRAMHard DriveOperating SystemBuy Now
1. HP Pavilion Ryzen 5 3400G Desktop PCAMD Ryzen(TM) 5 3400G12 GB DDR4512 GB SSDWindows 10 Home
2. HP Pavilion 24-inches Desktop PCAMD Ryzen 5 2600H 8 GB DDR4-26662 TB 5400Rpm SATAWindows 10 Home
3. HP Pavilion Intel i5 Desktop PCIntel Core i5-9400t12 GB512 GB SSDWindows 10 Home
4. HP Pavilion Core i7 Desktop ComputerIntel Core i7-9700 16GB 1 TB 7200Rpm SATAWindows 10 Home 64

Buying Guide

Buying a Desktop PC for your gaming, graphic designing, or picture editing setup will require you to look deeply into the features. You can’t just invest in any model you see online or in a shop.  There are plenty of factors that count in the whole process. But don’t worry! We’re holding your back by featuring all those factors you need to consider while buying.

Know Your Limits:

By limits, we mean the table limits here. Many gamers buy a large desktop PC that might ruin the aesthetics of their dorm room, or some might own a small PC that hurdles the upgrade in the future. Both the extremes are not quite right here. You should look for a normal-sized PC that can be a perfect fit for your gaming setup and can hold the great and upgraded accessories for you in the future.

The processor is Important:

Some gamer enthusiasts and professionals call it the heart of computers. They are right somehow as the task execution is in the hands of this small chip called processor. HP has never failed to impress the gamers as it features ultrafast and rugged processors in gaming desktop PCs, which are suitable for a reason.


GPUs are essential when it comes to visuals. You must know which graphics card you’re taking home with these desktop computers as the minimum requirement for your favorite game must be met. Here the universal rule implies, higher the numbers, higher will be the performance.


Many of you might find the finished desktop PCs much costly rather than building your own. But it is worth buying an already finished desktop computed, which is backed by a brand’s warranty and support just like the HP Pavilion series.  


A desktop PC is worth buying for your gaming setup. You cannot deny the quality, rugged performance, and the most important brand’s overall PC’s warranty. For this purpose, HP Pavilion Series is the perfect choice with all the upgraded features and components. Double the speed for your computing jobs today!