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Best Game Cameras Under $100

Best Game Cameras Under $100

Looking for a good quality webcam, but are on a low budget? You have come to the right place! In this article we will review the three of the Best Game Cameras Under $100, to perfectly suit your budget. 

For anyone who has several online conferences to attend every other day, would know the importance of a webcam in his life. The low-quality cameras integrated into the computers don’t really perform well during live sessions. They will either lag or glitch which will result in a terrible first impression during online job interviews. 

To make sure you have a high-quality image and smooth streaming, you must look for three things in a webcam: resolution, mic, and audio chip. So let’s see which product among these have at least two of the aforementioned qualities. 

1. Vitade 960A PC Webcam 1080P HD Streaming Camera

As the name suggests it offers a high-resolution image and video quality with an 80-degree wide-angle lens. Let’s go through its astounding features one by one.


Inbuilt Adjustable RingLight

Dim lighting at home? No more an issue! The three-level adjustable brightness system facilitates you with the inbuilt lighting equipment. You can adjust the brightness from low to high. All you have to do is to touch the lens and the control system will be activated. The ring light enhances your facial features, even more, ensuring a high-level image quality, ideal for professional meetings.

H.264 Encoding Compression

This streaming camera has an ability to compress your video half the size of MPEG while delivering the same quality image resolution. Moreover, it streams the videos perfectly well. Even though the file takes less space but renders no compromise on the faster speed transmission and excellent video performance.

Autofocus and Automatic Light Correction

With its autofocusing ability, you will never be out of focus during the live conferencing or gaming sessions. Moreover, it can also adjust the low light automatically, apart from the ring light adjustability that only you can customize. 

Device Hookup 

The assembly is super quick and easy, takes less than a minute. Just plug it in with your PC, Desktop, laptop, tripod, Xbox, OBS and enjoy the smooth and fast streaming on skype, Youtube, Twitch, Zoom, GoReact etc.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Can sit on a tripod as well
  • Dual noise-canceling microphones
  • No software needed
  • High definition picture quality
  • Offers background replacement
  • Comes with a six-foot USB Cable
  • 360-degree swivel


  • No lens cover included
  • Does not work with PS4

2. Angetube Webcam 1080P HD Streaming Camera

This Angetube webcam with automatic light correction and accurate facial optimization offers a wide-angle view of 76-degree covering more people at once. 


Voiceprint recognition level with Audio Chip

Want to get rid of that distracting sound in the background? This camera is designed to compress all the unnecessary voices. The Facecam reduces the noise curve generating the smooth and crystal clear sound during video chats.

90-degree rotation for broadcast

From horizontal to vertical and vertical to horizontal in no time. This camera instantly autofocus without you having to manually adjust it. The image quality, the lag-free live streaming, the 1080P resolution is highly compatible with all the video calling or recording apps. 

Built-in Privacy Shutter

Say no to spying! This Anti-spy feature lets you have private time in peace. Just slide the cover over the camera, and you are protected from all the anon eyes that might be watching you. This webcam cover provides you with a high-level security system. No more worries about the hackers cyber tracking your routine.

Beauty Enhancement

The beauty effect installed in the device, improves the image quality several times. No more blemishes, no more wrinkles, this beauty feature makes you look more delicate and not-so-fake either. Basically, it can be a replacement to all the beauty filters that make your skin look too unreal. Moreover, it can optimize the facial figures catching the details with no error.


  • Built-in dual noise cancellation mics
  • Beauty effect technology
  • Automatic light correction
  • Privacy cover provides maximum security
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Lag-free streaming
  • Background replacement
  • No drives required just plug and play.
  • Autofocus


  • Customers have had issues with the privacy slider for not implementing it the right way. And once all the dust gets under it, the image will get blurry till you clean the dirt.

3. Castries Webcam 1080P HD With Privacy Cover

This Castries HD Webcam perfect for video conferencing, online teaching, and gaming has a 110-degree wide-angle vision. Let’s dig into its amazing features.


Smooth Live Streaming

You can now enjoy stable and peaceful streaming during live gameplay or video sessions. Just plug it into your PC, Xbox, Laptops, or whatever device you want to try, and the 1080P HD resolution will not disappoint you at all.  You can easily clip it to the monitor and enjoy the live chit-chat sessions on almost all the video chatting apps. The image it produces will be sharp and clear at 30fps with no glitches.

110-degree wide-angle view

This feature makes this camera perfect for multi-user video conferences or even one-on-one video calls. Additionally, it has a facial enhancement effect to optimize the face and provides you with a smooth and high-quality image during recordings.

Website teaching, Multi-person meetings, and a family or friends video call is no more an issue as this wide field lens can cover a vast area with many people altogether. Furthermore, this camera can adjust the dim lighting automatically with HDR technology and can also autofocus on the screen without you having to worry about it. However, there is no light vision function installed, but that shouldn’t be a big issue, as you can turn on the low lights and leave the rest to the camera.

Noise cancellation

Thanks to the built-in noise reduction microphone, it cancels out all the disturbing background noises. Moreover, it can capture the sound within five meters reach, providing you with a loud and clear sound effect. The automatic noise elimination feature makes it the users best choice for online conferences and video recording.

Privacy Cover

Get rid of that paranoia for being seen when the cam is not in use. The privacy shutter provides you with an ultimate security system keeping you safe from all the unwanted eyes. There is a protective seal or let’s say a protective film on the lens that you have to take off and then conceal it with the webcam cover. 


  • Plug and play
  • No additional drives required
  • Autofocus
  • Automatic Light Correction
  • Built-in webcam cover and microphone
  • Six feet USB cable included
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 180-degree rotation
  • A mounting point for tripod


  • The wide-angle view is not adjustable. So if you are not looking for a camera that covers a lot of space, then don’t invest in this product. 

Comparison Chart

ProductFull HD 1080P360-degree SwivelPlug and PlayItem Dimensions in inchesBuy Now
1. Vitade 960A PC Webcam 1080P HD Streaming Camera
Yes1.9 x 2.5 x 3.0
2. Angetube Webcam 1080P HD Streaming Camera
Yes3.84 x 1.99 x 2.45
3. Castries Webcam 1080P HD With Privacy Cover
Yes6.14 x 3.54 x 1.89

Buying Guide

These are the quintessential features to look for when buying a webcam.

Check the Price

Does it fit well under my tight budget? Well, all the cameras that we have reviewed come under 100$. But once you look upon a website or head out to a store, you will see tons and millions of models with variable price range. Always go for the product that offers value for the money. How would you know that? Again, do your research before emptying your pockets.

Resolution and Frame rate

What is the FPS and maximum resolution of the cam? You need to ask this a thousand times. Your PC, Laptop, Macbook all have an integral camera but not with a very good resolution. An ideal webcam should have at least 640 by 480 pixels and 1600 by 1200 pixels for HD resolution. The Fps should be at least 30 or more for a smooth and accurate video quality.


Some mid-range to high-end webcams have an Omni-directional built-in microphone. Well, you will find a mic or a dual-mic system in all the standard cameras as well.  However, just to be sure, always look for a product that has a perfectly working microphone, since this is a must-have feature and you don’t want to miss on it a big time.


Almost all the cameras have a glass lens now. But to make sure your purchase doesn’t go in vain you should always check the specifications of a product to see if it has a plastic or a well fit glass lens. A plastic lens camera will cost you less but will have a lower quality definition for videos and images. Whereas, a glass cam will definitely cost you more, but will be worth every penny.


A webcam is a must-have in this virtual technology and online gaming era. You need to have at least one such product that offers better quality picture and smooth streaming while you video chats for whatever purpose. Hopefully, this review was of great help for anyone with a limited budget looking for good quality webcams.