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MSI Computer GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC Gaming Graphics Card

World’s Best Gaming Graphics Card

Are you looking for a new high-end gaming PC? Here’s an essential component that you must consider before buying, i.e., Gaming Graphics Card. Many gamers and professionals give their best thought when it comes to buying a GPU for gaming PC. 

Even many researchers claim the importance of GPUs much more than CPUs. It is because of their role in rendering the images, scenes, mapping the surfaces, creating animations and textures, and enhancing the details on your screen.

Many decisions might be easy for you while assembling a new gaming PC for your upcoming stream sessions, but buying a GPU will not be that simple. The reason behind this hectic task is that every game comes with its visual requirements that you need to take care of while keeping in mind the monitor’s specs as well. But a universal rule implies here that higher the numbers, better will be the performance.

Similarly, another important factor that counts is the frame rate per second. If you want a higher frame rate to play competitive and fighting games, then GPUs must be carefully chosen. We all need to be a little more selfish when it comes to setting up a high-end gaming rig as the cost matters a lot. 

But thankfully, we have come with the best performing GPU that will securely fall under your budget, i.e., MSI GTX-1050 Ti. It finds its place in the world’s best gaming graphics card list due to its speedy run, high-end graphics, boosted performance, and all that you need to improve your gaming visuals.

MSI Computer GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC Gaming Graphics Card

In this detailed guide, you’ll have the complete review of the specifications, and in-depth knowledge about the features for this supreme quality GPU from a trusted MSI brand that will be a perfect fit for your gaming rig. 

Key Specifications:

Before a detailed analysis of each feature, we’ll provide you with a general overview to let you know the boundaries and limits of this high-end GPU.

ChipsetNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Video Memory4GB GDDR5
Core Clocks1455 MHz / 1341 MHz
Memory Interface128-bit
Video Output InterfaceHDMI
Form FactorATX
Power75 W
PSU300 W
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Detailed Features

Ultimate Gaming GPU:

GTX will never disappoint you when it comes to most-advanced gaming. It’ll fulfil all the visual requirements you need for the latest game of 2020 to run on your gaming PC. Therefore, discover the limitless performance and higher outcomes with this next generation MSI GTX-1050 Ti 4GT OC graphics card.

Latest technology:

This NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050-Ti features the latest Pascal technology from MSI, providing you with the better display options, higher resolution, and ultra-smooth gaming with a cinematic display. It seems to have no boundaries to follow when it comes to performing best. Like other Pascal-powered graphic cards, it has superior performance with the FinFET support and DirectX 12 features. What else do you need for perfect gaming!

Military Class 4 Components:

Performance depends upon the components straightaway. Building a device with sturdy internal parts will provide you with premium performance and a longer life span. The same is the case with this GeForce GTX 1050-Ti. It comprises the military-grade components that are certified via MIL-STD-810G. This certification ensures a smooth performance and less damage even during intense gaming and high overclocking.

Solid Design:

Continuing the previous subheading, here we’ll provide you with an overview of its design. Physically, this gaming gadget is made from the Aluminium core and the solid CAPs for a stable performance. This ultimate core design also ensures less equivalent resistance (ESR) with a ten years life. Then why does one buy a cheap gadget with a limited lifespan?

High performance with DirectX 12:

Direct X 12 is the ultimate premium feature for this GeForce GTX 1050-Ti. Many games, including Hitman, Rise of Tomb Raider, and much more, which tend to work slower on the DX11, will work ultra-fine on this platform. Maybe you didn’t notice the slowing down but will surely experience the improvement with DX12.

G-Sync Ready:

No one likes the lag issues during gaming! Well, this NVIDIA GeForce 1050 is here to deal with the situation. It offers you with the G-Sync ready option. This option will reduce screen tearing and eliminate the input lag for smooth gameplay.

What’s behind the scenes? To answer this, we’ll get you some details. When you connect a G-Sync supported monitor in your gaming setup, it’ll lock the frame rates with the GPU’s output. What you’ll get then is the smoother, buttery, and an excellent display. Things are not just confined to frame rates. It’ll bring extra detailing on your screen, and eliminates the screen tearing. Therefore, gamers will not have any interference and delay issues in their inputs.


NVIDIA has a premium feature to provide the best, and highest overclock speed. This GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OS follows the same. GPU Boost version 3.0 can raise the performance and extract the better outcome, keeping in view the real-time temperature. It keeps analyzing the heat dissipating from the GPU’s core, and if the temperature falls behind the target, it’ll enhance the overclock speed. Your PC will end up having the best performance even during the intense gameplay.


Many games require you to have a minimum of 1080P resolution. If you own a 1080P supported GPU that might work well, but it’s always better to have some extra. This GTX 1050 Ti supports UHD 4K resolution to deal with the minimum 1080P requirement and provide you sharp detailing via its 4K support. Have crisper images and an impressive visual on your screen with this UHD supported GPU.

Twin Frozr VI:

A Twin Frozr VI thermal design pushes the limits of your GTX 1050 to the next level while keeping it under the temperature limits. It’ll help your PC process the tasks with enhanced and boosted performance levels while still minding the temperature targets for your desktop’s overall safety.

Dual Fan Mechanism:

Playing CPU-intensive games that require more power and higher resolutions can increase the heat issues. An efficient heat sinking mechanism is what you need to have in this regard. This MSI based NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti has the dual-fan tool to cover a large area while cooling. Bring in the next level performance while you play and stream by employing this impeccable GPU.

Multiple Ports:

Connectivity seems to be a significant issue for all the gamers while upgrading their PCs. Here’s a solution to their most typical problem. This NVIDIA’s case has all the output ports one needs to have in its high-end PC.

This GTX GeForce 1050 Ti has the following ports in its front panel to solve the connectivity issues.

  • HDMI 2.0
  • DisplayPort 1.4
  • DVI-D Dual Link

CUDA Technology:

Your PC needs something to deal with heavy tasks. That’s how you can increase its speed and smoothly run high-end games. The primary component responsible for this is the CPU, but this GPU can do it for you. Yes! That’s how you accelerate the tasks. NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti not only deals in rendering the images and video but can handle the CPU-intensive tasks via CUDA.


  • No power connector needed.
  • UHD 4K support
  • Dual Fan cooling
  • TWIN Frozr VI TDP
  • Professional grade from factor 
  • Cool and quiet mechanism
  • A high-end card for 4K resolution


  • Doesn’t auto boost to the next level
  • Overclock speeds are not out of the box

Buying Guide:

You might find many guides regarding the gaming graphics card describing the features and factors that you need to look before buying. But what you’ll not find easily is a detailed buying guide with quick and straightforward tips that you can follow as a beginner to find the best GPU under your budget. As promised, we’ve got you the best one we can.

Match the Monitor:

Many of you might don’t know about this, but the GPU alone cannot work fine if you don’t have the supported hardware. It’s more like teamwork inside a gaming PC. Therefore, if you’re opting for a primary 1080P card or a UHD 4K card, your monitor must first meet the requirements.

Refresh Rate is Important:

Every monitor has a specific refresh rate. If your monitors support a triple-digit refresh rate, you might need a high-end GPU to meet the demands. Similarly, a high-speed processor is required to accomplish a faster pace. There’s no benefit in paying extra pennies for a powerful card if your monitor and processor speed doesn’t support it.

Form Factor:

Building your gaming rig is an effort in itself but worth it. As you may have a customized case for your CPU, so you must check the height, weight, and size of the GPU as well. GPUs come in a variety of types, including single slot, double slot, slim or fat. Also, there are multiple types of connectivity options for fitting. Always look for these requirements before you get home a gaming graphics card with you.


Thermal Design Power measures how much heat your GPU can dissipate. It is, therefore, a measure of performance and efficiency indirectly. Keep in mind the overclock speeds and the task you’re going to execute; choose the best one.


The market is fully saturated with useless expensive products. Few meet the user’s requirement and are still easy on pockets. This NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is the best performing GPU that you’ll even have.

Utilizing its high overclock speed while keeping the temperature under limits, you’ll have the maximized performance for a flawless gaming experience.