In order to make sure you get the best gaming experience, invest in a gaming PC. A gaming PC is far more powerful and responsive as compared to general purpose computers. Therefore, it can easily support the load of the game and also amplify the graphics and the sound so that the gamer can enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest. 

There are a number of gaming PCs available in the market. Cyberpower and ibuypower are two popular variations which are known for their powerful performance and flawless gaming experience. Due to their features and specifications being so close, many people often get confused regarding the one which they should buy. Therefore, we often find gamers asking cyberpower or ibuypower, which gaming PC will be the best for them?

Both cyberpower and ibuypower come with their own sets of pros and cons. Which one would be the better choice for you depends on your needs and preferences. This article will be a comparison between both the PCs mentioning their specifications and comparing them so you can get an insight about the performance of both the gaming computers and finalize whether cyberpower or ibuypower would be the better choice for you:

1. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element 9260


Processor And GPU:

The ibuypower comes with a Intel i7 9700F processor paired with the Geforce GTX 1660Ti 6GB GPU. It is the result of this powerful combination that the ibuypower gaming computer is able to execute and run the games without any lag. Since it has a powerful processor and comes with amble GPU capacity, one can also use it to enjoy games that are demanding and heavier. 

Warranty Period:

The ibuypower warranty is extremely generous. The warranty period is three years for the labor and one year for the parts. During the warranty period, the company takes full responsibility for any damage to the parts of the computer. Therefore, all the customer needs to do is to contact the manufacturer and the defect will be fixed without any additional cost. 

Complementary Gaming Mouse And Keyboard:

When buying this gaming PC, you will not need to invest in a gaming mouse and keyboard separately. A complementary gaming mouse and keyboard that comes with convenient shortcuts so gamers can get tasks done quickly without any hassle or inconvenience is part of the deal. The two tone keys also help in navigation and are prominent so the gamer can easily get to them. The mouse is also very comfortable and specially designed while keeping the needs of gamers in mind. The ergonomic and curved design is easier to grip and the buttons are placed within the reach of the fingers. Special programmable thumb buttons are also included so gamers can use them as desired. 


  • 16 color RGB lighting case. 
  • Lifetime tech support. 
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti gaming video card. 
  • 1TB hard disk space. 
  • 16GB RAM. 


  • Monitor has trouble receiving signals from the CPU. 
  • Limited upgrade options. 

2. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC


Fast And Responsive Processor:

The cyberpower gaming computer comes with the intel 9th generation Intel core i5 processor. In terms of GPU, it is equipped with the GeForce GTX GPU which is powerful and ensures a seamless gameplay even when playing heavy games. Therefore, you will never find yourself complaining about the speed of the PC when enjoying the gaming sessions on this machine.

Warranty And Customer Support:

The cyberpower computer comes with a warranty period of one year. But this warranty is only limited to the internal parts of the computer. In case the buyer find some issue with the parts of the computer within one year of purchase, they can easily contact the manufacturer and claim warranty. 

Gaming Mouse And Keyboard:

The gaming keyboard and mouse that comes with the cyberpower gaming PC is also very impressive. The mouse is unique. This one is backlit and comes with an optical sensor of 4000 DPI. There are three buttons on the mouse and the LED backlit has seven different colors to choose from. 


  • Window side case panel. 
  • RGB seven colored gaming mouse. 
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM. 
  • Free lifetime tech support. 
  • Complementary gaming mouse and keyboard. 


  • The customer service is not responsive. 

Comparison Chart

Product NameMemoryCPU SpeedHard Disk SizeBuy Now
1. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Element 9260
16 GB3 GHz1 TB
2. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC8 GB2.9 GHz1 TB

Buying Guide

In order to make sure you get the best gaming experience, invest in a gaming PC. A gaming PC is far more powerful and responsive as compared to general purpose computers. Therefore, it can easily support the load of the game and also amplify the graphics and the sound so that the gamer can enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest. When looking for a gaming PC, there are certain specifications and features that one should take into consideration:


If one says that the processor is the heart of the gaming PC, it wouldn’t be wrong. The processor determines the speed of the CPU. It determines how quickly softwares and programs will run on your PC. 

Make sure that you choose a CPU that comes with a powerful processor. The more powerful the processor, the faster the games will run on the PC. There are processors that come with four chips and even six. There are different companies and models of processors as well. You should always compare the processor performances when thinking about which PC to buy. 


GPU stands for the graphical processing unit. Since the gaming experience is heavily dependent on graphics and visuals, you need to be sure that the PC you select can serve the purpose and offer a commendable graphics experience. 

Gaming PCs come with a number of GPU specifications. There are the very basic ones which do just fine whereas there are others which amplify the visual experience and make the graphics prominent, truly amplifying the gaming experience. If you want to be certain that you will be able to enjoy the game’s visual experience to the fullest, make sure that you never compromise on the GPU capacity of the gaming PC. 


Gaming PCs are responsive and fast, but due to all this work, they tend to produce a lot of heat as well. This heat production needs to be controlled and one has to find a way to cool the PC. 

When looking for a gaming PC, make sure that the one you choose comes with a proper cooling mechanism. The most common way of controlling the heat is by using cooling fans. But the cooling fans of the CPU should not be too loud. Otherwise they will continuously produce an irritating buzzing sound. 


Having a gaming PC is not enough. In order to take control of the games, accessories like a gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard are a must have. The gaming mouse and keyboard is specifically designed for gamers.

They are not only designed differently but also come with LEDs that light them up. The buttons of the mouse are programmable so the gamers can change them to add any control that is needed. The gaming keyboard is also color coded so the gamers can navigate to the keys quickly and easily. 

There are many gaming PCs that come with these accessories so you don’t have to buy them separately. This makes a great deal and such gaming PCs are highly recommended. 


One of the most common concerns put forward by gamers is running out of space. Games consist of larger files and they need a lot more space than other data. Therefore, the gaming CPU should have more space. 

In case the CPU lacks ample space, the gamers will not be able to keep all their games on it. As a result, they have to invest in external memory sources. When buying a gaming CPU make sure that the one you choose comes with ample storage so you don’t have to go through any of this hassle. 


Cyberpower and Ibuypower, both companies are pioneer manufacturers of gaming PCs around the world. Both the manufacturers are known for their high performance gaming PCs that offer commendable performance and game execution. 

Gaming requires a special CPU that can tolerate the load of the games. The computer should be fast and responsive. The graphics of the computer should be on point therefore a gaming graphics card is a must. At the same time, there should be plenty of space in terms of memory so one can keep as many games and files as they’d like without ever complaining of memory issues. 

Both the cyberpower as well as the ibuypower CPUs come with their own sets of pros and cons. Therefore one cannot be pronounced better than the other. Which one would be the ideal choice for you totally depends on your needs and requirements.