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How to Choose a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse to Enhance Your Gaming Experience?

You’ve been playing all the advanced games, including Fortnite, PUBG, LOL, Hearthstone, and more, and you’re getting better day by day. But suddenly you just hit the limits and cannot improve further. This is where your gadgets are limiting your performance. It’s time to upgrade them to play like a pro!  

But is it worth buying a high-end gaming keyboard and mouse to play with no limits? The answer might be a big yes in most of the cases. Upgrading to an advanced gaming keyboard and mouse will improve your gameplay, not just because it has more buttons but because these provide a degree of freedom. 

These gadgets will let you do what you want to do, even in a quick manner! That’s where you got perfect esports player tactics.

Does Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Really Impact Your Gaming Experience?

Several gaming systems and gaming PCs have been released in the past, which urge gamers to be more realistic and competitive. In this regard, a piece of high-end equipment is the priority in a gaming rig. 

Whether you’re an FPS or an MMO gamer, a perfect combo of gaming keyboard and mouse will enhance your gaming experience. Both of these gadgets need to be comfortable, quick in action, reliable, durable for heavy use, and precise. Here’re some of the key factors which are common in both the gaming keyboard and mouse. Let’s get into the details.

Factors In Common

Travel Time:

What separates a pro player from a causal one? Quick actions and fast decision making! The faster you can act during intense gameplay, the better you’d be able to handle it. This is where you need to buy a gaming keyboard and mouse with multiple buttons and memory profiles to help you avoid striving for the commands during gameplay.

Quick action and fast decision making correspond to the travel time. The more buttons on a gaming mouse and the mechanical switches on the gaming keyboard will reduce travel time. It may sound odd, but even the millisecond travel time matters!

Imagine pressing a Q button for ability and an A button for attack from the keyboard. At the same time, you can do it from the gaming mouse with just a single thumb! That’s how you reduce the travel time to make a difference between win and loss.


Unnatural positions of your fingers and overall hands will let you feel discomfort during the whole gameplay. You’ll not be able to take the perfect shots and end up losing the game. But no worries! This situation is completely avoidable with an appropriate combination of gaming keyboard and mouse.

An ergonomic mouse will depict a perfect fit in your hands, and you’ll win a game without sweating your palm. The accuracy and precision in shots can be achieved without having strain in your hand muscles. The same is the case with the keyboards. 

Keyboards are also ergonomic to maximize the gaming experience. Some keyboards feature the wrist rests, split design, easy handling, and more to present you with all the comfort you need.

How To Choose A Perfect Gaming Keyboard?

A pro gamer must be equipped just like a soldier on a battlefield. It works in the same way as a shiny word is not for a corroded sheath in the same way it’d not be appropriate to connect a poor gaming keyboard to a top gaming system. It’ll not let your abilities come into use.

When it comes to a perfect gaming keyboard, you cannot just decide by the looks or the brand. Several models are available in the market that feature hundreds of unique functions in a variety of prices. You need to look for a balance between the two. 

This is what this guide is for! We’ll provide you with all the basics and some advanced level knowledge on how to buy the best gaming keyboard and mouse. Let’s start with the keyboard first!

Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Keyboard

Types of gaming keyboards:

You can choose from the advanced backlit top models and the simple ones- it’s completely up to you! You’ll get to know about the types of gaming keyboards that most users still don’t know.

Mechanical Keyboards:

It is one of the oldest and the proficient technology in the gaming keyboards. Its reliability cannot be denied even to this date. These keyboards equip the switches under the keys that work via stem and spring. Registering a keypress and input is quite an easy task with no efforts required.  

Membrane keyboards:

Next in the list is the membrane keyboards that work via a rubber underneath the keys. When the rubber membrane is pressed, the circuit completes, and the key input is registered. These types of keyboards are little less in their cost due to simplistic design. 

The only disadvantage can be lag issues sometimes. This lag is a result of a disconnection between the button itself and the rubber membrane underneath. Therefore, it is the technology that lacks not any brand.

Connectivity Options:

There are mainly two types of technologies right now in both the gaming keyboard and mouse, i.e., the wired or wireless. Let’s have a look at their attributes one by one.

Wired Gaming Keyboards:

Wired gaming keyboards are little ancient ones but still in demand. Wired keyboards have a major advantage for the gamers that they don’t need to key an eye on the battery level. It’ll not ruin their in-game experience in the middle of the battle. There are further two main types of wired connections.

  • USB type: It is the most common, reliable, and a well-known connection type. The only drawback can be the overloading of USB ports, which can also be avoided.
  • PS/2 type: This connection type is hard to find these days, but a higher response and a better input speed can be achieved via this type with no hardware interruptions.

Wireless Gaming Keyboards:

Wireless technology is getting a bum these days due to its convenient usage. Gamers don’t need to limit themselves with the wire and can play freely.

Gaming Keyboard’s Key Design:

Key design and durability both are important factors while buying a gaming keyboard. Intense gaming and enthusiastic gameplays can ruin the key assembly if designed with the poor grade plastics. There are further two types of plastic material that can provide you enough knowledge about what you want for yourself.

  • ABS plastic: It is an expensive yet durable form of plastic material that provides you a longer run. The labels on the keys will not get erased early. 
  • PBT-plastic: Considerably, a weak material and label can come off after excessive usage. 

RGB Illumination:

Gamers are also impressed by the look. Everyone does! An aesthetically pleasing sight is love to watch while playing your favorite games in your dorm room. Keyboards are backed by the RGB lights, which have more than 16 million colors and abundant memory profiles to save.


Playing for hours requires a comfortable and ergonomically stable design so that you don’t need to set the keyboard very often. Most of the gaming keyboards equip the wrist rest that helps gamers avoid wrist freezing after playing for hours.

You’ll not get any angry texts from your teammates for missing out on the shots in the game due to extra mechanical switches and rubber keys.

Recommended Products:

You don’t need to be confused as the market is overloaded with multiple gaming keyboards. Keeping in mind all the needs and choices of a gamer, we’ve got you the best gaming keyboards available as follows.

1.Steel Series Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

How To Choose A Perfect Gaming Mouse?

Do you lag during the shots and miss your checkpoints during the game? This is where you’re missing out on the controls. A perfect gaming mouse has different sensitivity options and multiple buttons to help you cope with the situations. Gaming mice have an advantage over the ordinary ones, i.e., higher DPI. More DPI levels mean the cursor will move faster and smoother. That’s what you want to perfect gameplay!

Like gaming keyboards, a Gaming mouse cannot only be identified by the brands but their quality and performance. Hence, to know more about the gaming mouse, here’s a complete guide about the factors and key features that you might consider before buying one.

Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Mouse:

Gaming Mouse design:

Design is the most important factor in selecting a gaming mouse. A mouse must be shaped in a way to fit perfectly in a gamer’s hand without any uncomfortable feeling and sweating. In this regard, a smaller mouse is a choice for players who are into the games, which require accurate controls in a shorter time. On the other hand, a flatter design is made for those who are into addictive games and play many hours a day, just like the World of Warcraft.  

Wired or Wireless:

In recent years, wireless gaming mice were discarded due to their slow response time during games. So, a corded mouse was a perfect choice. But now the wireless ones are as fast as the wired ones.

Wired Gaming Mouse:

A corded gaming mouse will still have numerous advantages over the wireless ones.

  • More extended life
  • No need to look at the remaining battery time
  • Cost-efficient

Wireless Gaming mouse:

Gamers will not like it if a wire strands them during the intense gameplay. A single missing shot can ruin the whole gameplay. This is where wireless technology helps!

  • A greater degree of freedom
  • No cords to handle
  • Smooth movement on the table

DPI levels:

As already discussed, the higher DPI levels mean your mouse will move quicker. But as a gamer, you know sometimes the quick movement can also turn the tables for you. Therefore, a gaming mouse comes with adjustable settings. You can even change the DPI levels during the gameplay. It’ll help you play games like PUBG and Overwatch more effectively. Hold a different gun and then quickly change the DPI settings that fit best with the gun’s sensitivity.

Multiple Buttons:

There are multiple buttons available in the gaming mouse that will help you in controlling the whole scenario. It is a thing that you cannot deny as it creates a difference between a pro and casual gameplay. Having more buttons will help you assign quick tasks to these buttons available at your fingertips, e.g., crouching, push-to-talk, and much more. Assigning such abilities to the mouse buttons will give more freedom to use the keyboard for other tasks.

The Weight Dynamics:

A gamer will know the difference between a heavy and a light mouse! Well, if you’re unaware of this fact, we’re here to help you!

The simple physics applies here, the lighter the mouse, the faster it’ll move. But on the other hand, the heavier the mouse, the greater the friction, the better the controls! So, you have to find a perfect balance between the two.

Recommended Products

Just as the gaming keyboards, we’ve reviewed the key features of gaming mice too. Hence, to save you from any confusion, here are the best gaming mice in the market.

1.Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse

2. Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse

The Final Verdict

Many gamers don’t have time to visit the shops and surf online for hours to find a perfect deal for gaming keyboard and mouse. Therefore, we’ve provided a detailed guide on choosing a gaming keyboard and mouse to enhance your gaming experience. We’re sure that we’ve not missed out on any element to help you in this regard. Upgrade to better gadgets to play like a pro!