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A Guide To The Best Buy Gaming Monitors

Many gamers disregard monitors and don’t consider them when they’re searching for great gaming experiences. But in reality, any great gaming experience would be incomplete without a gaming monitor. Running a powerful hardware parallel to a great gaming monitor will give you an unearthly gaming experience. 

A gaming monitor can alone set the mood of your gaming sessions. It is one of the most definitive components that control your gaming experiences. In this article we will be breaking down some best buy monitors and what makes them so essential for your gaming experiences. 

In this guide of best buy monitors, we will one by one look into each and every important component of a gaming monitor and see how and why it is so essential. Moreover, we’ll also talk about how it can impact your games and the interface you see when you’re playing games. To know more, keep reading this best buy monitor guide. And enable yourself to make a great purchase, next time you want a gaming monitor. 

Factors & Features To Consider

Now let’s look into some features and factors that make up a great gaming best buy monitor. 

Types of Panels

Most great best buy monitors come in three major types of panels. We’ll look into each one of the panels individually and see how one is different from the other and which one will be the most suitable for you. 

TN Panels 

TN (Twisted Nematic) panels usually offer the best responsiveness compared to all the other panels. But on the downside, many gamers find their colors to be quite dull compared to the other panels. Furthermore, the viewing angles of a TN panel are not good at all, if not the worst. And they also don’t have a lot of color consistency. 

IPS Panels 

IPS Panels, also known as In-Plane Switching panels are the best when it comes to providing amazing colors and rich graphics. On the downside however, it can never live up to the ultra-high responsiveness of a TN panel. But other than that, the color consistency of IPS panels is unmatched. And they also offer the best viewing angles. 

VA Panels

VA Panels also known as Vertical Alignment panels are a combination of greatness from both the other panels. From color consistency to great viewing angles and an amazing refresh rate, VA panels have got it all. However, they do lack a little when it comes to response times when compared to the other panels. But other than that, they’re probably the best panels you can find in a gaming best buy monitor. 

The Resolutions 

It’s very easy to understand how the resolution of a monitor works. It’s basically the number of pixels that will be displayed on your screen, both horizontally and vertically. Simply put, the higher the resolution of your gaming best buy monitor, the better experience you’ll get. The graphics will be crisp and clear and you’ll have an enhanced gaming experience. 

But keep in mind that the more you increase the resolution the more power will be required from your graphics card. Therefore, you need to make sure that your GPU is strong enough to support high resolutions. 

Flat Vs. Curved Monitors

While we’re at the topic of discussing best buy monitors, let’s not forget a very important aspect. The flat and the curved monitors. Curved monitors were born when the world started moving towards larger and larger screens. The problem with larger monitors is that your eyes can’t catch the entire surface area in one glance. 

Curved monitors diminish this problem with their shapes as they’re able to house much larger screen sizes and pixels, while staying compact enough to be in your field of vision. The final decision comes down to your preference. If you’re okay with normal sized monitors, you’re good. But if you prefer larger screens, then a curved monitor would serve your purpose the best. 

Refresh Rate

When searching for best buy monitors, don’t forget to keep the refresh rates in consideration. Refresh rate basically tells the number of times a monitor’s panel can refresh the image that is running on your screen. 60 Hz or 144 Hz, in this case means that the image will be refreshed 60 times per second or 144 times per second. 

Obviously, the higher the refresh rate, the better experience you’ll get. Most high graphic games that have a lot happening in one particular frame require a higher refresh rate. Otherwise the game starts to stutter and that creates a lot of gaming problems. 

High Dynamic range (HDR) 

HDR also plays a very important role in defining your gaming graphics and experiences. It is also one of the most important considerations you should have when getting a best buy monitor for gaming. HDR technology basically balances off the colors, the brightness, contrasts with the graphics to provide sharp images and crystal clear interfaces.

It helps in giving a much better differentiation between areas with light and areas with no light. The higher HDR number, the better the graphics will be. Playing games on a normal monitor and an HDR-certified monitor is an entirely different experience, one that is very easily visible and differentiable. 

NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync 

Most gaming monitors either have the NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync running in them depending on the graphic card that you’re using. Both of them are great in reducing the overall screen tearing and the stuttering. But G-Sync monitors usually cost more than the FreeSync ones. 

One thing to notice is that G-Sync only runs on DisplayPort while the good thing about FreeSync is that it runs on DisplayPort as well as an HDMI. Nevertheless, both of them are great in their own regard and can do wonders to your gaming experiences.

The Color Accuracy

It is very common to come across the term ‘color accuracy’ when searching for the best buy monitors. The Color Accuracy or the Color Coverage of a monitor basically shows the number of colors that the monitor will be able to display. The higher the Color Accuracy, you’ll experience sharper and brighter colors that will pop on your screen. Giving you a great gaming experience. 

The Response Time

It’s important to keep in mind that response time and refresh rate are two different things. While the refresh rate tells how many times a particular image refreshes each second, the response time is more about the speed of the monitor. The response time is measured in milliseconds and it’s basically a measure of time for a pixel’s cycle of going off, coming on and then going off again. 

Slow response times cause ghosting. Ghosting is basically when the pixels fail to change colors when the images are changing. This leaves a color trail in some situation that eventually goes away. Therefore, having a good response time is also one of the key factors you should keep in mind when looking for best buy monitors. 

Recommended Products

In this section, we’ll list down some best buy monitors that feel can prove to be amazing for your gaming experiences. These products perform well and have great features that will give you an enhanced gaming experience. 

1. BenQ EX3501R 21:9 Ultrawide Curved QHD Monitor

The first one on our list is the BenQ EX3501R Ultrawide Curved QHD Gaming Monitor. This monitor offers a highly immersive, 35 inches, 3440×1440 resolution screen, which is literally built for gaming. 

It has a refresh rate of 100 Hz and it features the AMD FreeSync technology that offers seamless gaming experiences throughout. The Brightness Intelligence Plus technology makes sure that the color temperatures and the screen brightness is in tune with your room’s lighting. All in all, this is a great premium quality gaming monitor. 

 2. Samsung C27HG70 27″ HDR QLED 144Hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor

The Samsung C27HG70 Curved Gaming Monitor is another powerful display machine. With a 27 inches curved screen, the monitor immerses the users in the games. And with 1 billion color support and 144 Hz refresh rate, it is one of the best gaming monitors currently available in the market. Moreover, it also has HDR that gives you crisp and vivid images and a whole new look at your games.

3. LG 32GK650F-B 32″ QHD Gaming Monitor

The LG32GK650F 32 inches QHD Gaming Monitor is also one of the greatest gaming best buy monitors. The monitor literally brings your games to life, thanks to the 1440 resolution and a 31.5 inch screen. Moreover, it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz so you can enjoy your games completely stutter free. 

All in all, the LG QHD Gaming Monitor with its thin bezels and its amazing size, offers one of the best gaming experiences that a gaming monitor can offer. 


Gaming best buy monitors are a huge part of your overall gaming experience. They’re like a lens for your computer, which allows you to see the beautiful colors and the graphics. Therefore, you should definitely make a smart investment in a gaming monitor. And we hope that this guide will help you in doing so.