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10 Reasons Why A Razer Keyboard Is The Best

Competitive gaming is so much more than sitting in front of your PC all day. It has become so fierce that gamers strive to best one another. A very important part of competitive gaming is the right equipment. Modern gaming tools will give you an edge over your competitors.

Keyboards are vital gaming instruments and improve your gaming performance dramatically. Razer is one of the major brands for PC gamers worldwide. The products are topnotch and great attention is paid to detail. Razer caters to a wide range of keyboards that everyone can find something to their liking. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a low budget gaming keyboard or a high performance one, Razer has got you covered. There are numerous reasons why a Razer keyboard is the best for you. Let’s look at 10 of them:

1. Strong Build

Even though the market is brimming with brands that claim their keyboard is the best, however, people still tend to gravitate towards Razer. A major reason for this is the strong build. The keyboards offered by Razer are worth the money. They will last years before they can be discarded.

Most of them are built with hard plastic with a metal plate on top. Users have appreciated its durability. A Razer keyboard would last a long time and break only when you do serious damage to it.

2. Versatility

Razer keyboards have a lot to offer their customers. They have something for everyone. While cataloging through the Razer website, you will find budget-friendly keyboards, gaming keyboards and office keyboards. Each of these are equipped with their own distinguished feature to serve their purpose.

There are keyboards that offer speed, others offer high customization or silent typing etc. All of these will bring something to everyone. Comfort stands above all. Users look for convenience and products that can fulfill their needs for a good price. A Razer keyboard does all this very well.

3. Tons of Customization

A significant feature of all Razer keyboards is the customization they offer. Users love it when they are able to customize their gadgets according to their need and time.

A way to customize your keyboard is the RGB lighting. The lighting allows you to properly get into the game mood and create a wholesome gaming environment. The Razer keyboards allow you to set RGB lighting per key basis.

Moreover, you can create profiles for different games or work. The profiles will help you switch settings faster. By assigning and reprogramming a few keys, one will be able to use a keyboard faster and more efficiently.

Along with all this, you can set macros on most Razer keyboards.

4. Connectivity

Razer mostly covers wireless keyboards. The reason is simple: they are better than wireless ones. If you want your desk to be clear and clutter-free a wireless would do. However, if you are looking for a faster and efficient keyboard, a wired one is best.

A wired keyboard is directly connected to a USB port eliminating the need for batteries. With a wireless keyboard there is often the problem of the batteries dying in the middle of a game or important assignment. There is also a frequent lag and interference.

With a Razer keyboard, you can just concentrate on your game or work without fretting over changing the batteries.

5. Ergonomic Design

Lying in the same position, gaming or working for hours can adversely affect your body. You might not feel it in the start, but your hands in the same angle might cause muscular pains. In the worst cases a person might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury.

To keep all these at bay, an ergonomic design for a keyboard is important. Most Razer keyboards come with a wrist pad that allows your palm to rest while you play or type. 

Moreover, the keys are arranged in such a format that your hands can stay at a neutral position without putting strain on them. This will significantly reduce tendon and joint stress and prevent inflammation.

Razer Keyboards feature a small padded area for wrists as well as elaborate slopes to offer maximum comfort to their users.

6. A Variety of Key Switches

Most people have little technical knowledge while they go out to buy products. However, they are able to differentiate the workings of a product by what they feel. Switch keys are one of them. We usually hear and see this word a lot in reviews, but have no idea what it is. You might not know what it is but you can feel a different click with each keyboard.

One of the Razer’s most significant features is that large variety of switch options. Apart from dome, scissor and mechanical switches it produces optical and hybrid switches. Each switch works differently and feels different too. It is mainly a matter of choice and what suits you here.

Mechanical switches have great tactile feedback while optical ones offer lower actuation points. A razer keyboard also comes with a hybrid switch which has a tactile feedback like that of mechanical and soft touch of rubber done.

Razer gives you an open choice to buy a keyboard with your preferred switches.

7. Noise Control

Not many keyboards offer low noise levels. If you are in a working place or school, you might prefer a silent keyboard over others. The clicking of keys might just be annoying or distracting.

Razer keyboards are equipped with orange switches that offer great tactile feedback and lower noise levels. The noise levels are further reduced with O-rings so you don’t disturb those around you.

8. Value for Money

Most people usually complain how pricey a Razer keyboard is. The truth is it is great value for money. Albeit a little costly, you will certainly never regret purchasing one. A razer keyboard is very strong and durable. It will last years until it needs replacement. 

If you buy a cheap keyboard it’ll probably break in the first couple of years. It might cost you more money to replace several keyboards at the same time than buying a Razer keyboard. So, purchasing a Razer keyboard is a cheaper and better option.

9. Speed

Along with excellent build quality, Razer keyboards are equipped with amazing switches that give you the speed you want. Gamers especially want to make quick movements and win. The speed is very handy in this regard.

The optomechanical switches generate a very quick response that you would be left surprised. As soon as you press a key, an optical sensor is operated that generates a lightning fast response.

10. Software- Razer Synapse

A software is just as important as the product itself. To ensure you are able to fully customize your keyboard, you need to download the software. The Razer Synapse allows you to change settings, create profiles and so much more.

All your settings will be saved in the cloud drive. The best part is you will be able to download your settings anywhere, on any device without having your own.

A razer keyboard with synapse is much more customizable and powerful.

Recommended Products

Although there is a wide variety of keyboards to choose from, a few of them stand out in their categories.

Razer Ornata Chroma

Razer Ornata Chroma is one of the best budget keyboards by Razer. In just a minimal price you can get all the major features and more. This wired Razer keyboard is entry-level and can be used for almost anything.The build quality is decent and it has a comfortable wrist rest for long gaming or typing sessions.

Moreover, the keys have a low profile that ensures easy typing. The back-lit keys and macro programming are also a great relief.

Razer BlackWidow Elite

If you are a vigilant gamer, you might need a keyboard more suitable to your needs. Razer offers Razer BlackWidow Elite great customization for lighting and recording macros. The typing noise is low and there is a hand rest for working or gaming long hours.

This Razer keyboard offers 3 different types of switches to cater the needs of the user. The short pre travel distance and low actuation are vital for gamers and save them time. The Razer keyboard is very durable and can hold up to 80 million clicks.

Razer BlackWidow Lite

The third keyboard recommended is Razer BlackWidow Lite. Razer BlackWidow Lite is one of the best office keyboards. The Razer keyboard is very light due to its TKL design. The cords are detachable which makes the keyboard very easy to carry around. 

The keys come with orange switches that are exceptionally silent. This makes it perfect to be used in an office environment. The low noise of the typing doesn’t mean the Razer keyboard lacks in tactile feedback.

BlackWidow Lite offers you to customize your keys and create a profile so you can work smoothly. The modern design along with other features make it perfect for office use.


Keyboards are an integral part of a PC. With passing years, the design and features are improved to provide better performance and ease. Razer is one of the top brands with a versatile range of keyboards. If not one of the above, you can surely find one that suits your needs whether it’s for gaming or office. 

In conclusion, Razer’s keyboards are built excellently with a wide range of switches. Some people might find the prices a bit high but it’s certainly worth it. With Razer, you know you’re only purchasing one of the best.