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best buy external hard drive

A Complete Guide to the Best Buy External Hard Drive

The digital revolution is here that makes the technology cheaper and effective. Nowadays, even a 50GB storage on iCloud costs just 0.99 USD in the United States. That’s the reason that the slim and compact SSDs are getting cheaper and affordable. The design is way more stylish, compact and rugged than it was once in the past.

iCloud storage may seem convenient but is not always at your fingertips. You need an active internet connection to access, which makes the external hard drives more common. One might think about the reliability of such hard drives when it comes to storage of valuable data and precious files.

According to research conducted by the BlackBlaze, which included several brands, the failure rate of hard drives comes out less than 1.5%. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the loss of files due to hard drive failure issues. But what kinds of hard drives offer such ruggedness when it comes to quality and class; here you will get to know in this best buy external hard drive guide. Keep reading! 

Choosing a hard drive is not as simple as it looks! You cannot determine the cost and durability of a hard drive just from its storage capacity. There are various factors that one needs to consider before buying a quality external hard drive for their PCs. Here in this best buy external hard drive guide, all such factors are well-explained after complete research.Let’s start the guide.

Why do you actually need to spend on the external hard drives- A better storage solution?

There are various storage solutions available, including a USB drive, micro SD cards, CD and much more while all these work only for the smaller files. When you need to handle the large data files, external hard drives come into play.

First of all, why do you need to create a backup? The most straightforward answer to this question might be the security and assurance that your precious data files are not going anywhere if you lost your laptop. Things are not just confined to data safety, but external hard drives serve more than that. External hard drives are better at providing you with the faster data read/write speeds and loads the program faster. Therefore, transferring the data when you change your desktop or laptop is way more manageable now. 

There are many vendors or brands available for the external hard drives that make it difficult for you to make a decision. But no worries! We’ve researched enough to provide you with all the possible knowledge of the external hard drives that you need to find something that suits you. Keep reading this best buy external hard drive guide to hit the sweet spot between the quality and cost. 

Quick Tips to best Buy External Hard Drive:

First thing first, here are some quick tips to follow when you visit the market to buy an external hard drive. These tips to best buy external hard drives will save your time and cost in finding a product that suits your needs.

  • Start with the type: There are mainly two types of hard drives, i.e. HDD or SSD. You need to understand the difference between the two and know your choice. It’ll be explained later in this guide, stay with us!
  • Size and Interface: The next important factor is size. You cannot afford to have a large-sized external hard drive for travelling. There are two form factors mainly 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches.
  • Specs and Performance you need: Then, you should have a look at all the other features, including storage capacity, transfer speeds, access rate, failure rate, and cache memory.
  • Storage: It all depends on your storage needs and how much data you want to save on the external hard drive. HDDs can have up to 16 TB of space while the SSDs can go up to 5TB space only.
  • Transfer Rates: RPMs are the things to consider here. The higher the Revolutions per Minute, the higher will be the data transfer rates.
  • Cache Memory: Cache memory is temporary storage that is utilized during the data transfer. The more, the better mantra implies here also!
  • Failure rate: You can check the failure rates on different websites for each brand and model to know the reliability and durability of any external hard drive before buying.
  • Cost: It depends on your budget and needs. However, you might see various models from different brands that have standard functions but different price ranges. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to look and decide what you want!

Factors you need to consider for best buy external hard drive:

With tons of options available in the market, we’ll tell you where you need to start! Read this complete guide on best buy external hard drives to get loaded with enough knowledge about the hard drives.

Storage Needs- How much space you need:

One of the essential specifications to consider before buying a quality external hard drive is the storage. Many of you are merely purchasing the external drives to free up some space in your laptop or secure some essential data files. Therefore, buying a hard drive having encryption and higher RPMs, but less space will not benefit you much in the future. Also, you cannot choose a hard drive that is far beyond your needs as it’ll not be a smart and economic decision.

  • What size do you actually need then?

It all depends on your needs! If you want an external hard drive to transfer the files from one PC to another, then a one or 2TB drive is useless. You can opt for a 64 GB or more hard drive which will cost you less than $20. But on the other hand, if you’re looking to store large files apart from just data transfer, then a 2TB of the hard drive is a common choice. It is because double the amount of space the more you’ll save on the hard drive. Seagate has quoted some reasonable prices in this regard, ranging from $90 to $165 for 1TB to 5TB of external hard drives.

  • Why do gamers need more space in external hard drives?

The simple answer to this question is the increasing data and files sizes for the newly launched games. The new gaming world is getting bigger and better! Sharp graphics, extraordinary visual effects, and higher resolution make recently launched games larger. There are plenty of games that suck up way more storage than expected and will make you reconsider whether to buy a 1TB, 2TB or even more. For example, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game occupies 175GB of space alone. In the same way, the Red Dead Redemption 2 holds 105 GB of storage.

Types of External Hard Drive- SSD vs HDD:

There are two main types of hard drives mainly that you can choose to extend your laptops’ or PC’s existence storage or upgrade to a new one. The two kinds for external hard drives, i.e. SSD and HDD always faced a comparison in recent years, and now there is even evidence that which one is better and why.

  • Structure:

The main difference lies between the structures of both of these drives. Hard disk drives (HDD) utilizes the magnetic disk that spins at a specific RPM and stores data. On the other hand, SSDs are the solid-state drives that help you store data via electric pulses. The electrical pulses cause the transistors to run on or off.

  • Which one is better, and why?

One might ask a question that amongst the HDD or SSD which external hard drive is meant for them. The answer lies in the next few sentences. Generally, the SSDs are faster and smoother when it comes to data transfer rates but are expensive on the other hand. Similarly, the HDDs are cheaper but fail more often as compared to the SSDs. Therefore, it is entirely up to you that which one suits you best according to your requirements and needs.  

Data Transfer Rates:

We have already mentioned in the introduction section that the size and capacity of the hard drive are not the only things that decide its cost. There are various factors that are essential while making a decision. Next in this best buy external hard drive guide, we’ll discuss the data transfer speeds, which is a crucial factor.

There are two behind the scene factors that play a role in the speed of your external hard drive.

1.       Storage Technology

2.       Connectors

Storage technology refers again to the SSDs or HDDs. According to the researches and reviews, it has been confirmed that the SSDs are faster as compared to the HDDs when it comes to external hard drives. But the only disadvantage is their high price and low storage capacities.

Connectors- Compatibility of External Hard drives:

In terms of a connector, there is still more for you to learn in this best buy external hard drive guide. Due to various available gadgets, i.e. mobile phone, PC or tablets, there are several options available for the connectors. However, the USB connectors are the most common amongst all.

  • USB 2.0: It is an old connector type and should be discarded now. It’ll only reach up to 490 Mbps of data transfer speeds.
  • Gen 1 USB: Next in the list is USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen1, and USB 3.2 Gen1. All these types work similarly in the same manner and provide you with the same speed, i.e. 5 Gbps.
  • Gen2 USB: These are the Gen2 advanced USB types that include USB 3.1 Gen2, USB 3.2 Gen2 and supports up to 10 Gbps of data transfer speeds.
  • USB Type C: The newest technology that can support up to the speeds of 40 Gbps.

Size Matters- Portability and Durability:

Your needs of accessing the files decide what physical size you want in external hard drives. Commonly, there are two types of external hard drives which we’ll explain in this best buy external hard drive guide.

  • Desktop class external hard drives:

These external hard drives are named so because of their large size and more plates fitted inside the chassis. These hard drives need power from the AC power supply to work and come up to 12 TB capacity. Some of the models now also come in 16 TB capacity.

  • Portable external hard drives:

These types of portable hard drives commonly work on the same principle as the internal hard drives of laptops do. These drives come in a form factor of 2.5-inches and can fit even your jacket pocket easily.

RAID Technology External Hard Drives- A faster and newer experience:

We’ve always tried to develop your knowledge from basic to extraordinary through our guides. The same is the case here. In this best buy external hard drive, we’ve got you the RAID-enabled hard drive technology that you may never have known to you before.

The desktop-class hard drives contain more than a single spinning platter. Therefore, if you’re going to buy that one; here’s a configuration option for you. You can enable the RAID technology via software on different levels. That RAID levels can configure the combination of speeds capacity or data redundancy.

Safety and Security of Data:

If you’re buying the external hard drives to store the precious data files rather than just transfer, then encryption is a good option. Most of the hard drives are encrypted via software, while some are encrypted via hardware.

Recommended Products:

Therefore, keeping in mind all the above instructions, here are some of the products in our best buy external hard drive guide to help you get started.

1.       WD Black P10 Portable External Hard drive

2.       Adata HD710 Pro Portable External Hard Drive

3.       Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

Final Verdict:

All the above features and attributes are worth considering before anything else when you step into the market to buy an external hard drive. You can put your hand on these above mentioned hard drives as these products depict a combination of quality and supremeness.