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Best Buy Gaming Laptops

Gaming has been entirely changed in recent years. Do you know that according to an in-depth research and expert’s opinion, the gaming laptop industry has a market value of 10.96 billion USD in 2020, which is expected to increase at the rate of 7.1% to reach at 17.82 billion USD in 2026?

It is considered as one of the fastest shifts in the entertainment industry. That’s why the technology used for Fortnite is similar to what has been used for blockbuster Hollywood films and TV shows.

All this situation has urged us to revolutionize our gaming rig, too, from the enormous desktop PCs to portable high-end gaming laptops. Like jumbo shrimps, finding a budget gaming laptop that combines extreme performance, sharp graphics, fast RAMs, and a dedicated processor might seem difficult but not impossible! We’ll tell you how? Just keep reading!

A gaming laptop is much more than a device to play games now. It’s a gadget that brings ultra-fast performance and extraordinary visuals to your screen without any lag, which was not possible on the standard PCs. Keeping all this in mind, owning a gaming laptop might ask for some sacrifices too! Because fitting in the massive and high-end components in a light chassis laptop is not a handy job. Those laptops that fit in heavy elements might have premium price tags. That’s why you’ll find this guide perfect in choosing the best buy gaming laptops that’ll enhance your overall gaming experience by remaining in your budget.

Why do you actually need to buy gaming laptops- A great Earning Source?

In recent years, gamers were only confined to board games and associated video games. But now things have changed! It is the era of the digital revolution with a growing industry of gaming and the popularity of gaming laptops. All these changes have commercialized gaming and results in more people opting for this as a profession. This fastest adoption of gaming as a profession requires the gamers and professionals to own the best gaming rig to meet the current demands.

According to research, the overall market value for video games is expected to reach 300 billion USD in 2025. There are approximately 2.5 billion gamers all across the world who are enthusiastic about this new growing business! Then why don’t you try your luck to be a millionaire in this fastest-growing Esports industry, which has now acquired a milestone of $900 million globally? For this purpose, you need to own a perfect gaming rig that will be a profitable investment, of course. 

There are multiple vendors available for the best buy gaming laptops, which made this task hard to accomplish! But we’ve eased your job by providing you with a detailed guide on best buy gaming laptops. This guide is about the factors you need to take care of while buying a perfect gaming laptop. We’ve put light on every component of the high-end gaming laptops to help you choose a gadget you need. Let’s start with the guide!

Some Quick Tips to Follow:

First things first, here you’ll get to know about some quick tips to follow while buying a gaming laptop. Let’s start with this!

  • Opt for a high-end GPU: An upgraded GPU is what you need to play with the Hollywood level technology, i.e., sharp visual effects and extraordinary graphics. Therefore, do not settle for a low GPU.
  • Touch Screens are not for you: As gamers, you must know that you’ll get premium price tags in every component you add. Hence, cutting down some expenses, the touch screen is not mandatory for an improved gaming experience.
  • High Resolution: What’s the point if playing games at such low resolution where you’re not even able to spot the enemies? So, choose a gaming laptop with higher resolutions (minimum 720p or 1080p). It should also be noted that the refresh rates of 144 Hz are only available at the resolution of 1080P.
  • SSD is faster: Make sure that the laptop has a Solid State Hard-drive installed in it, which has faster loading times as compared to HDD.  
  • Get a Good Processor: Intel Core i7-6700HQ is considered the minimum requirement for the high-end games released in 2020. Any higher version that this will be perfect! 
  • Battery life: Gamers need to sacrifice as most of the laptops cannot fit a large battery due to portable factor. But most of the gaming laptops here are equipped with the 8 hours of battery life or more, which is quite good.
  • Additional Features: Look for some other features: the number and type of ports, the comfort of a keyboard and mouse, screen size, and more for an improved gaming experience.

Factors you need to look for best buy gaming laptops:

Size and weight Matters:

The size and screen display are the essential features of a gaming laptop when it comes to portability and on-the-go gadgets. You want a gaming laptop rather than a large PC because you are looking for a portable folding device that you can take anywhere. That’s where the measurements play their role!

You can look for a laptop with a screen size of 14-inches or less if you want an extra handy gadget for your gaming sessions. Along with the display size, another important factor is the weight of the laptop. Traveling can be a lot more difficult when you have a heavy laptop in your backpack. Therefore, always choose the medium-sized laptop with a lightweight chassis for a perfect experience.

Graphics Cards (GPUs) – The Heart of Gaming Laptops:

The heart of a gaming laptop is considered GPUs. Why is it so? It is because many new games have high-end graphics and extraordinary visual effects that cannot be ignored to conquer the battlefield. Therefore, to bring all these sharp visuals onto your screen, a premium and updated GPU version are needed. You’ll get to know how you can choose the best buy gaming laptops in terms of GPUs.

  • Beginner Level Gaming:

Keeping in view the beginners’ requirements, here is the perfect GPU to match their needs, i.e., GTX 1550 or RX 5500M. Both of these will give you the optimized settings for your gameplay on a low budget.

  • Mainstream Gaming:

For a little higher settings, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2060 comes into play. This graphics card will synch with your laptop’s video memory and help you play most of the newly launched games at the highest settings. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a virtual reality supported GPU, it is on the lowest side.

  • Highest Level Gaming:

Here the VR settings are involved! For the Oculus Rift and HTC VR, an RTX 2070 will be the right choice. However, when it comes to some additional quality effects and smoother gameplay, RTX 2080 Ti series rule the market.

CPU and Processor- The Main Operational Units:

If GPUs are called the heart of gaming laptops, then the CPU can be a brain as it holds power to process every task. The processor is the central part of that brain that controls the task execution speeds depending on the number of cores and threads it has!

Most gamers will opt for the Intel Processors rather than AMD for gaming purposes due to their rugged quality and high-end specs. More than 76% of the players were using the Intel Processors by June 2020. Therefore, we’re mainly including the models for Intel in this best buy gaming laptops guide.

For gaming purposes, the minimum processor considered is Intel Core i7 or barely i5. Moreover, the 7th generation is a little step-up for the latest games, but you can opt for the 6th generation. All the 7th generation Intel Processors start from the number “7,” i.e., Core i5-7200, etc. The simple mantra implies here, the bigger, the better! Therefore, depending on your budget, you can even buy a 9th generation super-fast Intel processor that lets you play seamlessly.

  • What’s the best latest Intel Processor for gaming?

Recently, a new chip has been launched by Intel named as Intel’s 10 Gen Comet Lake. This 10 Gen chip has overruled all the previous models and other AMD competitors with its hyper-threading attributes and a 4.10 GHz base speed. This can be a perfect choice for you to have in your best buy gaming laptops.

  • Clock Speeds:

Opting a simple processor will not sort out all the things as clock speeds matter too! There are various clock speeds available, ranging from 2.2 GHz to 3.3 GHz usually. The same i5 model with a clock speed of 2.6 GHz will be faster than 2.3 GHz. Intel has now also launched the new Skylake chips, which can be overclocked. So, you can adjust the speed via a specialized Intel Tuning Utility Software.

Storage- SSD or HDD:

Next in this best buy gaming laptops guide, we’ll discuss the storage needs of gamers. When it comes to storage, you won’t settle yourself for slower speeds. That’s the reason why most of the gamers and professionals opt for the SSD. Solid State Drives will give you an immense loading as well as file transfer speeds. It’ll reduce the lags and hitches during the gaming.

SSD doesn’t fall under your budget? No worries! We’ve got a solution for you in our detailed guide to buy gaming laptops. You can always opt for an HDD drive, which is of 1TB, and has an RPM of 7200. It’ll be an excellent investment to have in a mid-range budget and still play like a pro.


For any professional job and gaming purpose, a RAM lower than 8 GB is not justifiable. You cannot execute tasks faster and cannot do anything productive at much lower speeds. Usually, RAMs are in sync with the GPUs and CPUs. Most of the gaming laptops with a GTX 1650 or 1660 Ti series typically have 8GB of RAM. While, if you set the limits a little higher, i.e., GTX 2060, then 16 GB of RAM comes into the play. If you’re unable to find the laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM in your desired model or brand, consider upgrading the RAM.  

Display- Visuals are Important:

What’s the point of all those higher GPUs and upgraded Processors when your monitor cannot display the high-end visuals? Therefore, next in our best buy gaming laptops guide, you’ll get to know what kind of displays are essential.


The minimum resolution considered best for a gaming laptop is 1080P. However, the higher the resolution, the better will be the refresh rates and the overall display. If you’re having an RTX 2070, you cannot settle less than 4K resolution.

Frame Rates:

The frame rates or refresh rates are essential apart from just the resolution. Most of the 1080P resolution laptops own 60Hz refresh rates that work for most gamers out there. However, many brands offer more than that, i.e., 144 Hz or 240 Hz. You’ll need to have upgraded GPU settings for this purpose.  

G-Sync or FreeSync:

Both of these technologies are designed to have a tear-free display during gaming. The NVIDIA provides the G-sync, and the FreeSync is by AMD; both are considered useful.

Keyboard and Mouse- Don’t forget:

Many gamers and professionals indulge so much in gaming laptops’ specs that they forget to consider the quality of the keyboard and mouse. Both of these components are as important as any other. So don’t get hung up by different attributes and features and look at the factors that you need to consider in the gaming laptop’s keyboard and mouse in our best buy gaming laptops guide. 

Travel Time:

Essential travel is essential to consider as it’ll decide your speed to kill an enemy or cover a checkpoint. The typical depth ranges from 1.5 to 2 mm.


The amount of force required to press a key plays a role for gamers because they tend to play for 10 to 12 hours a day. A good spring bounce will be a perfect choice!

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The Final Verdict:

We’ve tried to provide you every possible information you need for perfect gameplay experience and conquer the battlefield like a pro. Hence, to save your precious time, purely aspirational machines are also mentioned in this regard that depicts a perfect combination of quality, ruggedness, speed, and performance in our best buy gaming laptops guide. Get a new addition to your gaming rig and grow in this era of E-sports!