/Can You Run The Latest Games On An 8GB RAM?

Can You Run The Latest Games On An 8GB RAM?

When buying a computer or a laptop, one of the specifications that people always look for is the RAM. Afterall, RAM is a major component of the PC that contributes to the performance and responsiveness of the computer. 

Gamers are particularly interested in buying computers that come with good RAM so their games can run smoothly and flawlessly. When buying a computer, many gamers are confused about whether the 8GB RAM is enough for them and will be able to support their heavy games or not. Through this article, we will be going over whether the 8GB RAM can run the latest games with ease or not. 

Role Of A RAM:

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the component of the PC that stores all the data that is accessed often and is being processed. Since retrieving such data from the main memory is time consuming, it is moved to the RAM so it can be retrieved much quickly. 

Games are heavier and require more memory space as compared to other files and programs. Therefore, the RAM for a gaming computer should be spacious. A RAM with the capacity of 8GB is more than enough for this purpose. 

The RAM should be responsive with plenty of storage space so the games can be stored as well as fetched as quickly as possible. 

Perfect RAM Size:

An 8 GB RAM is very spacious. Hence it will easily be able to accomodate and store the games properly. This means that the games will be fetched quicker and the user will not be made to wait for the game to be loaded. 

A 4GB RAM does not have that much storage space. A 16GB RAM on the other hand is too spacious. Therefore, in case of a 4GB RAM the games do not load properly and take a very long time to do so. On the 16GB RAM, the games do load quicker but since it has too much space, the games will not be able to occupy the RAM entirely. This will lead to the storage space being wasted. 

The 8GB RAM on the other hand is just perfect. It neither has too little nor too much space. With the 8GB RAM, the users will be able to store all the games needed and load them without any lag or delay. 

Another perk of using an 8GB RAM is the option to upgrade as needed. If at any point, the users feel that the RAM is unable to meet their expectations and gaming requirements, they can easily upgrade the RAM to improve the performance. 

Things To Consider:

Having determined the fact that an 8GB RAM is enough for gamers, there are several other factors that have to be taken into consideration as well. There is a wide range and variety of 8GB RAMs that are easily available in the market. When selecting a RAM for your PC, here are some things that you should be concerned about:

1. Budget And Price:

The prices of the 8GB RAM available in the market vary a lot. Some of them are priced at the higher end whereas there are other options that are a lot more affordable and budget friendly. The choice of which ones amongst the available options is best for you also depends on the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the purchase. Consider a couple of RAM options and then pick one which lies within your budget. 

2. Warranty And Guarantee:

There are some companies which offer some warranty and guarantee period on the purchase of their 8GB RAM. Whereas there are other manufacturers which don’t offer any such warranty or guarantee at all. A guarantee and warranty period is a way of offering security for the buyers. It is also an indication of the fact that the manufacturer has faith in the quality of its product. 

During the warranty or guarantee period, the manufacturer takes full responsibility to any damage or the need of any replacement for the RAM. Therefore the customers can be certain that they have support in case they need. In a nutshell, buying such a 8GB RAM that comes with a warranty or guarantee period is highly recommended. 

3. Game Specific Requirements:

Although an 8GB RAM is sufficient enough to suffice the needs of a gamer, there are certain games that come with a set of requirements of their own. Before going ahead and purchasing a 8GB RAM for your computer, make sure that you go over the requirements to make sure that the RAM will be able to support the gaming needs. 

Also take into account the number of games that you like to play often. An 8GB RAM may be able to support one heavy game but if you add multiple small sized games to the mix, the performance of the RAM may be affected. To be able to determine that the 8GB RAM will be able to fulfill your needs, make sure that you go over the size and other specifications of the games you play often. 

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If you are a gaming enthusiast, having a responsive and spacious RAM is a must for you. Only then will you be able to enjoy your gaming sessions without any sort of interruptions and lags. Many people often wonder about the perfect RAM size for their computers. 

An 8GB RAM is a perfect option as it is neither too small in terms of space nor too large. This means that gamers will not be left waiting for their games to load. The games will be a lot more responsive and there would be no lag or delay. A standard 8GB RAM is the perfect sweet spot that will allow you to run all the latest games with ease and convenience.