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How Does A Gaming Keypad Help You Improve Your Gaming?

Gaming has taken over the world. New and more competitive gamers are emerging everyday. Old ones are finding ways to improve their performance and win more games.A key to do this is using a gaming keypad.

Gaming keypads are actually improved keyboards that are perfect for gaming. They are designed quite differently from traditional keyboards to help improve gaming performance and FPS.With a gaming keypad you will have an increase in feedback and access keys as you want them. Hardcore gamers prefer using gaming keypads because they provide a greater chance of winning and give them more control using the macro keys.

Gaming keypads have numerous benefits and that is why people prefer it over traditional gaming equipment.

We have listed some of the ways in which a gaming keypad will aid you.


Having a substantial amount of control will allow you to save a lot of time while gaming. The traditional keyboard doesn’t offer you to change the function of keys as per your liking. With a gaming keypad you will be able to assign any function to any key. This will allow you to press the keys easily during the game.

Moreover, you can turn up or turn down the volume as you please. You will be able to adjust handset, quick keys, macro buttons all on a single device. In conclusion, it provides you with the perfect gaming environment to win games.


Conventional keyboards were very heavy and difficult to carry. Modern gaming requires lighter equipment that can be handled easily. It is really common for gamers to sit together and play and lighter equipment makes this easier. You can take up your own keyboard to your friend’s house and play. The gaming keypad is very light and easy to carry. They are compact as well. This enables one to pack one of these in a box or a bag and carry it with you.

Lighter weight also allows you to play games for long hours without getting disturbed by the keyboard weight or moving it around too much.


Every gamer has a unique style and needs. A gaming keypad is made to meet the needs of any gamer. Each of the gaming keypads offers different features and options to explore. Gamers find what fits them the most. The versatility of the gaming keypads allows users to find something for themselves that suits their gaming techniques.

Each of the gaming keypads is an improvement from the previous model. They have different comfort points that appeal to different gamers. More versatility means that the market is flooding with gaming keypads. In order to find the perfect one for yourself, you need to keep on looking. You will eventually find a model that feels natural in your hand.


An ergonomic design is very important while buying anything. You need to see if the design aids in its function. With a gaming keypad you will be able to find one that fits your gaming style. Gamers spend an awful lot of hours in front of their screens. They need a keypad that is comfortable and easy to use. Gaming keypads allow gamers to put their hands and wrist in a position where they would not damage them. Constant gaming would not put a strain on the gamers body and they’ll play with more vigor.

Gaming Performance

Gaming keypads are vital in gaming performance. In fact it is the major reason why gamers have turned to gaming keypads. Conventional keyboards are difficult to use and their keys are hard to press. With the modern gaming keypads, gamers can easily press keys, assign macro keys and get a quick response. This all saves them a lot of time while in the middle of a crucial level.

Moreover, a gaming keypad offers better speed and is easy on the eyes. Gamers prefer something that matches their style and improves their game.

Precision and Accuracy

Competitive gamers know the importance of precision in gaming. While in the middle of a battle, even a millimeter worth of precision can take you to the next level. 

Faster response and more accurate shots are the core of gaming and they can not be achieved by traditional keyboards. A gaming keypad allows you to make quick movements and attacks, giving you an edge over your enemy.

Not to mention the wonders this would do to a gamer’s reputation.

Setting it Up

There have been great improvements and innovations in the gaming industry. A gaming keypad is certainly one of them. It does not just improve your speed, control and precision but offers customization. 

Each of these gaming keypads can be personalized by the gamer as per their liking. Gamers can change the profiles according to any game they are playing. This will help them maintain a different setting as well as light colours for gaming. Now, this is very useful when they need different DPI for different games. They will just need to select a profile and not manually adjust everything each time.

Gamers can customize the keypad to their style and liking. This will improve their play and score.

Other Features That Will Be Helpful In Gaming

While gaming keypads have many benefits some of their additional features also make the gaming experience better. The backlit keys allow gamers to sit in the dark and continue their battle to unlock a new level.

An anti-ghosting feature in the keypads allows faster and better gaming. The keys respond more quickly and accurately.

Another important feature is the rubber base. The rubber base makes sure the keyboard stays at its place and doesn’t move too much while gaming.

Recommended Products

Amazon offers a number of gaming keypads that will suit you needs. If you are a hardcore gamer, you need to find yourself one of these keypads pronto. As soon as you buy one of these your gaming performance will sky rocket. 

One of the products is Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad. This is one of the topmost gaming keypads available will 20 programmable keys and a 8 way thumb pad. The keypad comes with a braided cable but it is also capable of working wireless.

It has a keymap indicator with unlimited macro lengths. Lastly, you can build an unlimited number of gaming profiles with this one.

Another great keypad is AULA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  Gaming has never been more interesting. It has 5 pre-lit modes with enhanced colour. The programmable keys are perfect for faster gaming. The ergonomic design allows one to rest the palm easily while gaming. With 100% anti ghosting and sleep mode this keypad is one great choice

Lastly, GameSir GK100 One Handed Gaming Keyboard is one extraordinary keypad. It is easy to use with no need for drivers. This keyboard has 8 pre lit options and 34 programmable keys.It has 100% anti ghosting and 4 dedicated macro keys.  The keyboard is steady and lightweight as well making it an amazing choice.


The market is keyboards and keypads, only gamers know why one is better than the other. A gaming keypad is no ordinary keyboard. It enhances a gamer’s performance and aids them. To enjoy more competitive gaming it is essential to be equipped with the right tools and a gaming keypad is one of them.