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10 Things To Consider When Choosing Gaming Earbuds

It is an undeniable fact that wired headphones can get irritating to use. One has to deal with the cords getting tangled over and over. Even the headphones that fit over the top of the head can cause inconvenience due to the tight ear cups. 

The best thing a gamer can invest in and enjoy gaming with commendable sound quality is a pair of gaming earbuds. Gaming earbuds are specifically designed to offer crisp sound quality and yet ensure that the wearer remains comfortable. 

There is a wide range of gaming earbuds that are easily available in the market. But before you go ahead and buy a pair of gaming earbuds, you need to take a few things into consideration. These factors will ensure that you make the right choice and spend money on buying gaming earbuds that will truly meet your requirements. 

Gaming Earbuds Buying Guide:

Here are ten things that you should surely consider when choosing gaming earbuds:

1. Frequency Response:

Frequency response refers to the range of sounds that the headphones can produce without any distortion. When selecting a pair of gaming earbuds, make sure you consider the frequency response of the product. The gaming earbuds with wider frequency response is always better as they ensure one can enjoy a diverse range of sounds while using the same pair of earbuds.

2. Sound Quality:

Considering the sound quality of the earbuds before purchasing them is a very important factor. After all, the entire purpose of a pair of earbuds is to deliver high-quality sound. Make sure that when selecting gaming earbuds you pick one that offers flawless and detailed sound quality. 

You can go over the technical details like impedance and drivers of the earbuds. But still the best way to judge the sound quality of the earbuds is to try them. Afterall, earbuds are expensive and it would be a complete disappointment for one to buy earbuds that do not have an impressive sound profile. 

3. Noise Cancelling Or Noise Isolating Earbuds:

At times you wish to enjoy your gaming session peacefully but the external distractions and noise levels make it impossible to focus on gaming. This is where a pair of noise-canceling or noise-isolating gaming earbuds come in. 

Noise isolating headphones, as indicated by the name, isolate the external noise. So all the sounds outside the headphones remain outside and you can truly enjoy the gaming sounds to the fullest. Noise cancelling earbuds on the other hand are a bit more technical.

They make use of a microphone to assess the sounds around you and ensure that the external noise can be cut down and the listener can enjoy the gaming audio without any external interruption. 

4. Comfort:

Gamers often end up gaming for a prolonged period of time. When they use headphones for longer time periods, their ears often get sore. The tighter ear cups especially feel like they are cutting through the skin and become the cause of a lot of inconvenience. 

Make sure that the gaming earbuds you select are comfortable to wear. The earpads of the earbuds should be soft and flexible so they fit into the ear perfectly. The earbuds that fit comfortably do not need adjustment. Moreover, they feel very light and easy on the ears so you don’t end up hurting or causing discomfort for your ears. 

5. Microphone:

Some gaming earbuds come with a built-in microphone but there are other variations that lack this feature. The choice of getting earbuds that come with or without a microphone depends on the preference of the gamer.

Some gamers are part of online gaming groups and play games where they get a chance to collaborate and communicate with other players. Therefore, the gaming earbuds that come with a built-in microphone are better for them. 

But if you are someone who does not need to communicate with other people during gaming, you can also get a pair of gaming earbuds that don’t have a built-in microphone. 

6. Connectivity Options:

There are some gaming earbuds that are wired whereas others that are wireless. Some gaming earbuds also offer both connectivity options for the users. With wired earbuds, the users do have to deal with cords. 

The wireless gaming earbuds make use of bluetooth connection to connect with the laptop or gaming PC. You can also opt for gaming earbuds that offer both options. The cord of such earbuds is removable and the user can connect it using the cord or the bluetooth connection as desired. 

7. Device Compatibility:

When picking gaming earbuds, make sure that you select the one which is compatible with a wide range of devices. Some earbuds are only compatible with Windows operating systems whereas there are others that are specially made for Mac OS. 

Although it is great to find gaming earbuds that are for the specific operating system that you use, investing in a set of earbuds that is universal and can be used with all the devices. Such earbuds can be connected with computers and the users can also use them with their mobile phones or tablets as well. 

8. Battery Life:

The gaming earbuds that are wireless and rely on Bluetooth connectivity need to be charged before using. When picking gaming earbuds that are wireless make sure you select ones that have longer battery life. 

This way, you will be able to use the headphones for a longer period of time without having to worry about plugging in the earbuds to charge. Opting for gaming earbuds that charge quickly but the battery lasts longer is highly recommended. 

9. Warranty:

Some manufacturers offer a warranty period for their gaming earbuds whereas others don’t. The gaming earbuds that come with a warranty period offer security for the customers.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer takes full responsibility for any manufacturing defect or any sort of repair that might be needed for the product. Therefore, customers can be sure that they can contact the manufacturer and resolve any issue. 

Offering a warranty period also reflects on the fact that the company has faith in the quality of the gaming earbuds. The products with a warranty are always better in terms of performance and quality when compared to the products that don’t have a warranty. 

Therefore it goes without saying that you should always select gaming earbuds that come with a warranty period so you can contact the manufacturer and easily rectify any issue that you may face when using the gaming earbuds. 

10. Price:

When you start your search of finding a suitable pair of gaming earbuds, the range and number of products available in the market will shock you. With diversity in style, quality, and performance, the price range of the products also fluctuates and changes. 

Always set a budget for yourself when you plan on buying a pair of gaming earbuds. Then start your hunt and look for products that lie within your budget and the amount of money that you wish to spend on the purchase. After finding some options that are suitable, compare their features and performance to finally shortlist the one pair of gaming earbuds that truly meets your needs. 

This process will help you find the best pair of gaming earbuds for yourself without spending a huge sum of money. You will be able to find yourself a decent set of gaming earbuds that lie within the budget range you have determined and are willing to spend. 

Recommended Products:

As discussed earlier, when looking for a pair of gaming earbuds, it is very easy for one to get overwhelmed by the huge range of products that are available in the market. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of some recommendations. Each of these gaming earbuds has commendable performance and surely have the characteristics to be named amongst the best gaming earbuds:

1. Koss The Plug-In Headphones

Koss Headphones are great not only in terms of performance and their sound quality, but are also known for a distinct and attractive design. The silicon tips fit comfortably without taking a toll on the comfort of the ears. The frequency range and volume levels are also great. 

2. Samsung Level U Pros

These magnetized earbuds are great as they easily stick to the headband and prevent any tangles. The sound quality is great and the Level U application can be downloaded to customize the sound quality and features as needed. Despite being wireless, they have a great battery life and can be used for hours without needing to be recharged. 


All in all, a pair of decent gaming earbuds that are specially made with gamers in mind are an accessory that is a must have for all gaming enthusiasts. You will notice a major change in the sound quality and your overall gaming experience when you pick the right gaming earbuds that can do justice to your needs and requirements.