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Are HP Gaming Desktops Really Worth The Money?

Gaming desktops are the soul of any gamer’s gaming experience. Without a gaming desktop, a gamer will always be limited to only a few upgradable options. This means that in the long run, they will have to switch to gaming desktop, from whichever device, be it a normal desktop or a gaming laptop, they are using.

There are a ton of companies who make gaming desktops. Some of the most common ones are HP, Dell, Alienware, MSI and many more. If we talk about a HP gaming desktop, we found that these desktops fall mostly into top of the line gaming desktops.

This means that an HP desktop is most likely to be pricey. The price does depend on the components as well, but if you’re in search of some good performance, you must be ready to spend some dollars.

Given the fact that a HP gaming desktop is likely to be pricey. The big question that arises is that is a HP gaming desktop really worth the money or not? Lucky for you, in this article we will be answering just that.

We will list down some of the key components that differentiate an HP gaming desktop from normal computers, and things that you should consider when buying. Moreover, in the end, we will also recommend some HP gaming desktops, so you can easily have an idea of what to expect and buy. So read further.

The Graphics Advantage

The best part about desktop gaming is the option to upgrade. With a console, you can never upgrade, unless you upgrade the console itself and get a newer version. But in the case of a desktop, you have a ton of upgradable options. And more so, in the case of a HP gaming desktop.

A HP gaming desktop, depending on the choice of your product comes with different GPUs that will deliver ultimate performance. Ranging from the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 to the AMD Radeon RX 580, your HP gaming desktop can run all that you like.

Room For Upgrades

Another great thing about a HP gaming desktop is the fact that it has a lot of room for upgrades. You might find many desktops with not enough space to mount three-fan cards and sometimes even dual-fan cards.

But that’s not the case with HP desktops. Most HP gaming desktops come with enough internal space to easily house all the components that you might require, in order to have the perfect build.

This is what makes a HP gaming desktop so desirable in the market. They have a lot to offer, so there’s something for every gamer, according to their unique gaming styles and requirements.

Powerful Performance

Since a gaming desktop is built for customizations and upgradations, you can always keep the on the top most level when it comes to technology. Similar is the case with a HP desktop. You can tweak it to be much more powerful than your best consoles. You can add roughly any processor, GPU, RAM, HDD and connect it to any type of HD display outlet.

Most of the HP gaming desktops come with the latest Core i5, i7 and i9 processors. Moreover, they also have a good amount of RAM. So if you are paying top dollar for a HP gaming desktop, you would most likely not have to make any additional upgrade to it.

Gameplay Options

When it comes to a HP gaming desktop, it is a high performance gaming desktop, which will support most or all of your latest hardware. Gamers like to customize their experiences by using gaming mice, keyboards and even joypads, for different games.

So when you’re getting a HP gaming desktop you can have the comfort of knowing that it will be ready to pair with any device that you bring home. They also have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity which can further upgrade your overall gaming experience.

Not Bound To Gaming

Although a HP gaming desktop is a dedicated gaming machine, you can still effectively perform all your daily tasks and even your work-related graphic designing, video or image editing tasks as well. This means that a HP gaming desktop serves multiple purposes.

To service office or home usage purpose, there are other desktops like HP Pavilion, HP Elite, HP Z Workstation and many others. But a HP gaming desktop can also easily tackle all your work related tasks that you might run on it. This is what makes it worth the money.


OMEN is the flag bearer of HP gaming desktops. This particular premium HP gaming desktop has it all. It’s got amazing looks, a lot of room for upgrades and incredible performance specs that can run almost all the new games. These gaming desktops also have great overclocking capacities.

HP also made a major technological breakthrough in gaming desktops with the OMEN X Compact Desktop. This desktop is a one of a kind HP gaming desktop that you can wear on your back like a backpack and carry around. This is incredible for VR gaming and is definitely going to be a majorly popular, future product.

Recommend Products

In this section we will be listing down some of the best HP gaming desktops that you can buy for yourself, which are totally worth the money.

1. HP Pavilion Gaming PC Desktop Computer

This incredible gaming powerhouse comes with the Core i5 8th Gen Processor, along with the GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and 8 GB RAM, which can be upgraded to 64 GB.

2. OMEN by HP Gaming Desktop Computer

This particular model of the OMEN comes in its unique and flagship OMEN design, with the 8th Gen Core i7 Processor, the GTX 1080, and 16 GB RAM. These specs make it an absolutely outstanding gaming desktop.

3. HP OMEN Gaming VR Ready Desktop

This particular OMEN model comes in a different look and feel but it also has some amazing performance specs thanks to 7th Gen Core i5 Processor, with 8 GB RAM and VR Ready, GeForce GTX 1060.


It is true that an HP gaming desktop might be more expensive compared to many or most other gaming desktop manufacturers. But the quality and the level of gaming experience that HP offers is insane and incomparable to most other gaming desktop companies.