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Quiet mechanical keyboard

Benefits Of Getting A Quiet Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

Gone are the days when you used to have large gaming PC peripherals to complete your gaming rig. Now, technology has taken over everything. Gadgets are getting smaller and smoother with every passing day. The same is true for gaming keyboards.

Keyboards are essential to have as they deal with every computing task in a much easier way. But what if they produce much noise? This way, not only you’ll get irritated but all the people who are sitting close-by too! Therefore, gamers, coding freelancers, designers and other professionals are keeping their hands on the mechanical keyboards. 

Every one of them is loving these keyboards and how these are fast, accurate, and most importantly “silent”. That’s the reason the market value of mechanical keyboards is expected to reach $1.36 billion by 2023.

If you’re still unsure about the basics of mechanical keyboards, and why any gamer or professional should opt for this! We’re here to help. In this detailed guide, you’ll get to know the benefits of quiet mechanical keyboards. But before let’s get through some basic principles why and how these mechanical keyboards are silent? Let’s start!

How Are Mechanical Keyboards Quiet?

Some years before, keyboards were usually noisy with large keys. Since then, technology has completely changed these peripherals. Components have evolved much to have quiet mechanical keyboards in your gaming rig. Here’s what makes a mechanical keyboard silent, and how?

Types of Switches:

Now you can choose the type of switches while buying a keyboard. Key switches are one of the essential parts of the gaming keyboards as these can reduce the noise while pressing keys. In recent years, keyboards used to have the spring switches, which increases the click distance and also produces sound. While now, the mechanical keyboards come with the scissor keys which let you have quiet mechanical keyboards.

Membrane and Dome:

Another vital factor to look at while choosing the quiet mechanical keyboard is the membrane and dome type. It is also a primary key mechanism that’ll help you get rid of excessive noise while typing, playing games and doing any coding work where you need to press a lot.

KeyPress Distance:

Key distance will be another essential factor that plays a role in reducing the noise. The larger the keypress distance, the higher will be the noise. Therefore, most mechanical keyboards are equipped with specialized scissor mechanisms under the key, which reduces the distance and hence noise.

Benefits of Quiet Mechanical Keyboards:

Gamers, coding freelancers and designers have a large share of interest in buying mechanical keyboards. All these professionals tend to work hard and keep their fingers on keys for many hours during the whole day. Therefore, quiet mechanical keyboards serve them with multiple benefits. Let’s discuss!

Work Anywhere Anytime:

One problem that you might have faced due to long hours of working during the day or night is the disturbance you create for others! That’s right! You cannot work all day or all night if you’re sharing the room or office with others.

Pressing keys on keyboards will produce much noise which will irritate someone sitting beside you and trying to relax. Also, if you’re a gamer, the condition might get even worse as, during the intense gameplays, you’ll press the keys harder and faster!

Silent Mechanical Keyboards serve you with the solution to your problem! Now you can play games or work all day anywhere in your house and the person sitting beside you will have no clue that you’re pressing the keys on the keyboard.

More Durable:

It might seem odd but quiet mechanical keyboards do have a longer life span. We’ll tell you how! The manufacturer keeps the specialized type of keys switches and pads under the keys to make them silent during the keypress.

Therefore, this high-grade construction will make them last longer by reducing the impact of force that you’re applying. You can enjoy up to 70 million key presses easily during the lifetime of a quiet mechanical keyboard and that too without noise!

No wear outs:

Quiet Mechanical keyboards feature the mechanical switches under the keys that make them resistant toward the wear outs. Mechanical switches are much more durable as compared to the ordinary ones in the market.

There are also fewer chances for the key to get stuck or make noise during the gameplays, coding tasks, and more.

Focus on Gameplays:

As our interest lies towards gaming right now, let’s discuss their niche right now. Focus during the gameplays is a must thing to avoid being a bullet sponge and conquer the battlefield. Any irritating noise striking your ears might bring a downfall in your performance straight away.

Hence, to prevent this condition, opt for the quiet mechanical keyboards. These keyboards will produce no noise on pressing the keys and also prevents pain in your fingers for being used for so long.

How To Make Mechanical Keyboards Quiet:

Mechanical keyboards tend to be louder in the past, but this issue is of no importance now. Advancements in technology and certain modifications have made them silent in their operations and provide you with a perfect gameplay experience.

So, do you need to put the keyboard in the trash bin if it’s noisy? Never! There are many ways to make your keyboard quiet and avoid the click-click noise around. We have discussed some of them below to help.

  • Use O-rings:

There come the thick rubber rings that you can place under each key to reduce the impact of force that you’re applying during the keypress. They will absorb the blow between the keycap and the stem to get rid of click sound.

  • Keypads:

Another option is to place the keypads under the keys. These are like foamy clothes which can catch and absorb the sound to make a silent mechanical keyboard.

  • Buy from our List:

All the above methods require much effort and time to make a keyboard silent. What if we tell you that you can buy the pre-built mechanical keyboard that will produce no noise while playing games, typing the long scripts, coding tasks and more? Here are some of the suggested products in this regard!

Recommended Products:

1.   Cherry G80-3000 Silent Switch Keyboard

2.   Logitech G513 Romer-G Linear Keyswitches


No one wants to get irritated by the noise produced by keypresses during the intense gameplay. It’ll ruin your focus and aggravate the persons sitting beside you. No need to worry now! Keep your hands on these quiet mechanical keyboards to eradicate this noise problem.