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Should You Buy Used Gaming Laptops?

Many gamers choose to ignore desktop computers, consoles and go straight to laptops for their gaming needs. And that is perfectly fine as long as the laptop is fulfilling their needs. In fact, in some cases its even great because laptops are known for their portability and you can easily lie down in your bed and enjoy gaming.

Just like everything else, people also tend to buy used gaming laptops. This is possibly due to reasons like lack of availability of funds to buy a new model. Or they’re getting a really good deal on used gaming laptops or maybe they just don’t want to invest that much into a new machine. Either way, buying used gaming laptops come with its own risks.

Now, the big question that arises after that is, should you buy be buying used gaming laptops? The answer to that depends on several things, and lucky for you, we will be discussing all of them in this article. So if you have this confusion in your mind, read further because it will get resolved.

What To Look For

In this section we will highlight some of the major things that you need to look far, be it a new gaming laptop or used gaming laptop, just to be sure of your purchase. This is more important in case of used gaming laptops as they tend to be shadier, compared to brand new products.


If you are looking for used gaming laptops, you must obviously be looking for some portability with it. That is in fact the biggest feature of a laptop compared to a desktop. With this in mind, you will need to figure out how portable do you want it to be.

A 17 to 18 inches laptop has the least amount of portability as it is heavy and has a big size as well. This means that you can usually keep it on a table or on your bed, without moving around much. On the other hand, the most portable laptops are the 13 to 14 inches one that allow you to move around very easily, as the screens are small and the weight is light too.


Used gaming laptops or new gaming laptops, both are good for nothing without good GPUs. A good GPU can last you several years without any update and hence can save you quite some money in the long run. So it’s important to look for GPUs like GTX 1060 or for a higher performance, GTX 1070, etc.

It might be a little hard to find used gaming laptops with the newer GPUs but with some research and asking around, you will surely be able to find a good piece for an amazing price.


Not everything lies in what’s packed inside the laptops body. Keyboards also form a major part of your gaming experience therefore, don’t forget to pay attention to them. You will be using a keyboard to play all day, and an uncomfortable keyboard can really mess your gaming experience up.

And since we are dealing in used gaming laptops, it is even more important to pay attention to keyboards, because they can come with faults and missing or broken keys. When buying used gaming laptops, every little detail counts, so make sure that you check for it.


Like brand new laptops, used gaming laptops also come in different prices ranges. Ranging from anywhere under $500 to even $2000 and more. It basically depends on the type of spec you’re looking for. The higher you go, the higher the price will go as well.

But even then, finding good and cheap deals on used gaming laptops is much easier compared to finding good deals on brand new gaming laptops, so you are at a clear advantage with this particular choice.

Some Disadvantages

Although buying used gaming laptops can get you cheaper deals with amazing performance specs in the laptop of your choice, there are still a few downsides to it. We will be listing down some key disadvantages below.

  • With used gaming laptops, you don’t get a warranty or guarantee of any kind. When you’re buying a used gaming laptop, or used anything for that matter, you’re making a risky bargain. Some dealers give 2 to 3 days for checking, but still you never know. The machine might end up breaking down after 3 days. And you will have no one to make your claims to.
  • Used gaming laptops might come with small problems like overheating, or battery issues. These problems are extremely common and not much noticeable in laptops unless you use it for a while. But problems like these can cause several issues in your gaming experience.
  • Technology usually has a good life of around 4 to 5 years or maybe a little more when used with care. After that, the wear and tear process starts and things start to malfunction. With used gaming laptops, you are basically purchasing something that has already been through its half-life. And that can be a bad investment.

Recommended Products

1. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

This incredible gaming laptop by Acer comes with a power Core i7 processor along with 16 GB RAM, a 144 Hz display, and the amazing RTX 2060 6 GB GPU. These specs surely make it a gaming powerhouse that will last you several years without any need for updates.

2. Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

The Razer Blade Gaming Laptop also has great performance features. It comes with Intel Core i7 Processor with the RTX 2060 graphics card. The laptop overall gives amazing gaming performance and can easily run all your newest titles.

Final Verdict

If you are on a budget or you are looking for portable options, then you should definitely invest some money in used gaming laptops. You can easily get a good deal on them and they will also last you a couple of years so you can peacefully enjoy some game time until your next upgrade. We hope that this article solves your confusion and helps in your buying process.