/Which Is The Most Expensive Gaming Pc?

Which Is The Most Expensive Gaming Pc?

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty much chance that you can afford the world’s most expensive Gaming PC! If not? There are still no charges to look at their specs and wonder what makes them so unique. Let’s find out!

Gamers love to run their favorite games on a high-end PC with some out-of-world specs to enjoy a lag-free experience. Most of the gamers have already settled for what they have got in a standard budget. At the same time, some are still spending out of their limits. 

According to a report, the 2.7 billion gamers will spend $159.3 billion in this industry in 2020. The gaming industry’s market value will surpass $200 billion by 2023, in which PC gaming has a large share.

All this is because gamers are spending dozens of hours looking at the specs sheets, which are upgrading with every passing day. Every month hundreds of new games are releasing with updated requirements, and our tech fanatics cannot sit back without trying. Therefore, here in this guide, you’ll know about the most expensive gaming PCs in the world. 

But before that, let’s jump into a section where we’ll move you through some basics about the Cost of a typical gaming PC that’ll help you understand the ongoing discussion in a better way. Let’s start the guide about the most expensive gaming pc!

How Much Does a Good Gaming PC Cost?

Gaming PCs play an essential role in the revenue that you’re going to generate in the future. The universal rule implies here; the more significant the investment, the more will be the revenue in return. But not every one of us can take such an immense start. Therefore, here’s how much a good gaming PC will cost you! An average gaming PC will cost you around $700. However, as a gaming enthusiast, you can go up to $4000 in this category.

What’s The Best Budget Option For Gaming PCs— Build Or Buy?

This discussion has been ongoing for many years. There’s not a simple answer to this discussion. It depends on the quality you need, the time you spend on buying, and the deals that the market has on those days. You can build your gaming PC to save some pennies by skipping extra parts or buy a pre-built one to save you time as many brands are now offering cheaper deals.

Average Cost of Pre-built Gaming PC:

Buying a pre-built gaming PC can be a safer option if you’re blank in understating the technical terms and the requirements. However, it’ll involve the extra build cost by the brand. Common brands offering pre-built gaming PCs are HP, Microsoft, Cyber power within a range of $800-$1200.

Average Cost to Build a Gaming PC

When it comes to building a gaming PC, the job will get complicated as you need to focus on every part by yourself. It’ll cost you less but requires much effort.

CPU: No one wants to compromise on the gaming quality! Therefore, pair a high-end CPU with your graphics card to enjoy a quality experience. The average cost of a R5 1600 CPU is $160-$180.

GPU: An average GPU, i.e., RX 570, will cost around $171.

Hard Drive: 1 TB of HDD will be $50.

Motherboard: Get a motherboard that’ll support the upgrade in the future. An MSI B450M will cost you around $100.

Is There Any Point in Buying the Most Expensive Gaming PC?

Now you know the basics in every sense to understand the actual factors that count in making a PC super-expensive. It’s time to move you through why someone should opt for the most expensive gaming PC and find out why a gamer should spend this much!

Hardcore Gaming Rig:

One of the biggest issues that most gamers and streamers might face is the lag and interferences, which are the main hurdles in their flow. The magic lies in the components! And the universal law implies, the more the price, the better the components. So, the first reason why a gamer should spend an ample amount of money on the gaming PC is to get the super-fast spend and high-rated performance. The performance that you and your stream viewers will love! Some of the components for your expensive hard-core gaming rig will be as follows.

High-grade Motherboard:

Therefore, for this purpose, a high-grade gaming PC is the priority of a gamer. Hence, one will get for the extraordinary motherboard with more dedicated slots and chips. In return, it will cost your bigger chassis to fit in such a large motherboard, and hence the cost will increase.

Eye-Catching Visuals:

In a similar manner, there comes the GPU. Gaming PCs are known for their GPUs after speed. Therefore, you need to opt for the graphics card that can render the visuals faster and smoother. Moreover, better color accuracy and faster refresh rates will be a plus to have that will obviously cost pennies.

No Lags and Heat Issues:

Have you ever wondered why to put fans in a PC? It would be best if you asked gamers how important they are for your PC and how they raise the cost of your setup. Specialized types of cooling fans are employed in the gaming PC that keeps all the components at optimal temperatures. Otherwise, all your investment for buying expensive processors, high capacity RAMs, premium GPUs will be of no use. There are multiple types of cooling mechanisms with different costs.

  • Liquid Cooling
  • Fan cooling
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Piezoelectric pump and more.

Speedy Performance for Multi-tasking:

Are you wondering that this investment will remain confined only to your gaming room? Well, that’s not the case anymore. No matter in which profession you’re, this most expensive gaming PC will facilitate you. You’ll get the high-speed CPUs to work with heavy editing and designing software, high-capacity RAMs for multi-tasking during the Crypto mining, and premium sound experience for home theatre. That’s a win-win situation everywhere!

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We have tried to cover every fundamental aspect regarding the most expensive gaming PC. We hope you’ve got all the information you need before spending an ample amount of money buying such a costly rig. And it’ll definitely be worth it, take our words!